Let's go back in time

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*Based on a true story*
The main character, Danna Russo tells the story from her present point of view. She retells her past, and the memories and dreams she lived in what she considered her golden years. When she was 16, and when she met true love in one of the members of the now globally famous band "Five seconds of summer". She recalls how her, and her lovers life was before all the fame and recognition, and explains how her present actions influenced her future.

"If I wouldn't of been so stupid, I would of probably be married to Ashton Irwin in real life today" -Danna Russo


5. Ch.4: I found home in him

"Ashton, mmmh I really don't want to cause you any trouble, I mean you probably have to go home too right now, I'll be okay I promise" I told him. "Danna listen to me, I am one of those people who wouldn't let others down for whatever reason, I know you need help right now and believe me when I say I'm willing to help you out, do you trust me?" He said with a smile worth a million stars on his face. "Yeah I trust you, I mean what you guys did for me earlier today is priceless, but I don't want to be any trouble I really don't" I told him while I looked down at a picture he had in his car, it looked like him, his mom and maybe his brother and sister. "Hey Danna" he gently grabbed my face to make me look into his eyes. "Listen, if it makes you feel any better, you're no trouble at all I am 18 and somewhat independent, I even have my own house! Of course it's the garage redecorated to look like a cozy place haha! But yeah the point is...nobody is looking for me right now, or will later on, and it's my decision to help you, I WANT to help you" he smiled again while he looked directly in my eyes. For a moment I thought I couldn't catch my breath, his eyes and smile were just something out of this world amazing. "It's about 10:30, now tell me something Danna you hungry?" He asked me while he turned his car on and started to drive. "Now that you ask, yeah I'm kinda hungry hahah" I said. "Great! Because I am too! What would you like to eat pretty girl?" Ashton asked me. "Whatever you feel like eating, I could eat anything right now and honestly wouldn't mind haha" I said. "Alright, that's the attitude! Haha I'm kinda craving burgers, how does that sound to ya?" Ashton said in a sassy tone. "Sounds delicious to me!" I exclaimed. He took me to a famous burger restaurant downtown, on our way there we listened to music, we sang, we talked and we laughed. On the restaurant we did the same, I was honestly having the time of my life with him, we even danced a little bit when they played Rock&Roll music in the restaurant. I had forgotten about everything, my fight with my mom, the fact that I didn't have a home, and that I didn't know what was going to happen to me tomorrow. He made me forget about all that, and he made me realize the simplest things in the world like dancing to "I love Rock&Roll" or singing to Michael Jackson's "The way you make me feel" or laughing at the most stupidest things in the world were the ones that were truly worth while.

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