Let's go back in time

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*Based on a true story*
The main character, Danna Russo tells the story from her present point of view. She retells her past, and the memories and dreams she lived in what she considered her golden years. When she was 16, and when she met true love in one of the members of the now globally famous band "Five seconds of summer". She recalls how her, and her lovers life was before all the fame and recognition, and explains how her present actions influenced her future.

"If I wouldn't of been so stupid, I would of probably be married to Ashton Irwin in real life today" -Danna Russo


4. Ch.3: When love begins

"Nice to meet you Ashton, I'm Danna" I said. "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl, this is Calum say hi Cal" he said with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my life. "Oh hi Danna! I'm Calum and I'm so glad Ash and I passed by just when you needed our help, I feel like a super hero!" Calum said. "Haha that's what I was thinking! They should make a movie of this huh? Cal and Ash keeping peace in town, that be epic" Ashton said laughing. "You guys are actually kind of funny" I said smiling with my eyes still watery. "Actually? Kind of?" "We are the funniest & coolest lads you will meet around here & I'm not even bragging about it haha" Calum said. "Haha what were you doing here so late and by yourself Danna?" "The city is quite dangerous for any girl out when it's past 8:15 p.m. Haha" Ashton said as we all walked to a restaurant nearby. "Well... Hmmm actually I don't know what I was doing, I mean I don't know what I am doing now, and probably won't know what I'll be doing tomorrow" I said. "What do you mean? Are you okay?" Ashton said. "Not really...I...kinda run away from home..yeah" I said with my voice slowly breaking down. "Wow your mum must be worried, I think you should at least call her to tell her your fine" Calum said, "I mean I know my mum is always worrying about me and calling and stuff, talking about her look she's calling now...haha" Calum said with an annoyed voice as he rolled his eyes at his phone. "Hello? Yup. With Ash. I know but...mum it's cause..ugh but.. Okay just give me 20 min & I'll be there. Yup. Okay bye" "mmm guys this is quite embarrasing...but...I have a curfew hahah won't get of it till I'm 18. I can't wait till I'm 18" he said again with a much more annoyed voice. "Ash, do you think you could give me a ride back home? Haha sorry" Calum said. "Sure Cal, ya don't even have to ask I wasn't gonna let you walk all by yourself past 8:15, it's dangerous remember? Ash said with a sassy tone. "Well guys thanks for everything I think I might get going as well..." I said. "No, no do you seriously think were gonna let you go just like that after what happened? Come with us, let's take Cal back home & on our way think what we can do about this" Ashton said. We all got in Ashton's car on our way to Calum's house I learned that Ashton & Calum went to my school and I had never even seen them in my life before, Ashton is a couple of years older than me and Calum. We're 16 and Ashton is 18. I also learned that they have a band named Five seconds of summer, a pretty clever name I thought, there's two other guys in it Luke and Michael. Our drive to Calum's house was the best thing that happened to me that day. We laughed, we sang and we talked about a bunch of stuff. "Oh man! We didn't even discuss what were gonna do for Danna" Calum said worried as he opened the car door. "It's okay Danna and I will figure something out, don't worry Cal we'll let ya know" Ashton said. "Kay laters, nice to meet you Danna you're very lovely haha hope we see you around again, thanks Ash" Calum said. "No worries Cal, see ya" Ashton said waving at his friend.

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