Let's go back in time

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*Based on a true story*
The main character, Danna Russo tells the story from her present point of view. She retells her past, and the memories and dreams she lived in what she considered her golden years. When she was 16, and when she met true love in one of the members of the now globally famous band "Five seconds of summer". She recalls how her, and her lovers life was before all the fame and recognition, and explains how her present actions influenced her future.

"If I wouldn't of been so stupid, I would of probably be married to Ashton Irwin in real life today" -Danna Russo


3. Ch.2: When love begins...

The bus ride calmed me down a bit, my mind was clearer, I knew what I was doing was the correct thing to do. The bus left me in the middle of the city, it was still raining, and it seemed that just when I didn't want to think about my mom everything reminded me of her. Families laughing and having fun in this city restaurants. Mom's protecting and hugging their kids from the rain, girls my age shopping in this city stores with their moms. I always wondered why I never got along that well with my mom, she's everything I had actually and the fact that we could never had a decent conversation for more than 20 minutes got to me, and that's were my heart shrunk in helplessness again. I couldn't keep my eyes from getting watery and my breath heavier and heavier. I was just slowly breaking down in the inside again. I sat down in a bench in this park. Nobody was there since it was too cold and wet to be outside. So I decided to let myself cry and cry until my eyes were dry and couldn't let another tear drop from my face. It was getting darker and I was actually starting to get scared. These dudes a couple of meters away from me sitting in another bench were just staring at me, to be honest they were starting to intimidate me. I knew they wanted something from me I could see it in their cold eyes. I decided to get up, I grabbed my purse and without looking at them I walked towards a big building were I saw some people walking around still. It's was around 9 p.m. I was kinda hungry sad and scared now, how could this get worse right? Well it did. The ugly dudes walked behind me and I could almost hear one of them say "you grab her from behind and I close her mouth". So I found myself screaming for help as I was running faster towards a restaurant with bright lights and people outside, "HELP! Help!" It seemed to me that nobody was even listening and the dudes were getting closer and closer to me. They weren't running though, just walking fast because people would suspect something. "HEY! What's your problem huh?" "What do you need from our friend Daisy?" Some guys came out of nowhere and pushed the psycho dudes around, I then stopped running and stood there to see what was going on. "What, you tough guys need problems or what the fuck are you guys looking for from our friend Daisy?" The blonde guy told the psycho dude. "You guys better leave if ya don't want any trouble with the police man" the other dark haired guy told them. "Fine fine! Nothing happened! We cool, we cool, we leaving now" "But tell your Daisy to stop fucking with us next time" one of the psycho guys said, while they slowly walked away from us. I almost felt like my soul came back into my body again, I took a deep breath. "Are you okay? Did they harm you?" The blonde guy asked me. "No no, thank you so much for what you did, seriously I have no words to describe how scared I was and how thankful I am now, thank you!" I said with tears running down my face again. "No problem! We weren't gonna let those fuckers do anything to you" the dark haired guy told me. "Don't cry pretty lady" the blonde guy told me as he wiped the tears down my face. "You're safe with us now huh Calum?" He said. "Nice to meet you beautiful, my name is Ashton, Ashton Irwin".

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