Kidnapped By 5SOS

Lily, Casey, Mia, and Ally were always together, Best Friends For Ever. They party hard, and crash harder. But, what happens when their all at a party, and dragged out to an ally and kidnapped by Five Seconds Of Summer? Their all paired up with one boy to sleep with. Will they like it, or hate it?


3. Chapter Two

Casey's POV

                I woke up to squealing next door. I tried to sit up, only to be pulled down by Calum. He shifted around to get comfortable, and pulled me closer to his warm bare chest. I'll admit, I actually like it here in his arms, although I literally just met him a few hours ago.  The Calum Hood from 5SOS 'Kidnapped' me. Honestly, I don't even care that 5SOS 'Kidnapped' us. I started to trace the outlining of Calum's ab's out of boredom. Then, I whispered in his ear, "I love you Cal," and kissed him on the lips. I felt him kiss back, and smile. When we broke the kiss, it was as if the world stopped, except for the fluttering sensation in my stomach.  

                "I love you too, Casey." He replied, looking into my eyes, breaking the haunting silence. I couldn't help but smile, and I could feel my cheeks go warm. We lied down on our sides so we were still facing each other. He played with my brown locks, while I played with his 'Bed Head' hair.

                "Cal?" I asked him. He looked at me with raised eyebrows and tired looking eyes. "What are we gonna do today?" He then shrugged.

                "I dunno Cas. . ." He replied, sitting up and leaning his head against the headrest. He then lifted me up off of the bed, and set me on his torso. Our hands were clasped together, with our fingers intertwined. Calum opened his mouth to say something (I'm Giving Up On you. . .), but was interrupted my Michael and Luke coming in the room. Calum stood up, and carried my Bridal Style.

                "Oh, I'm sorry, are we interruption something?" Michael asked, winking. I sucked in a breath, and bit my lip.

                "CALUM! Your cheating on me?!" Luke questioned in a scream.

                "No, Michael. And, Luke, you're cheating on me with Lily!" Calum pretended to sob on my shoulder, sending vibrations through my arm and down my spine, making me giggle.

                "Oh, well, the others are in the living room waiting for us." Michael said, breaking the awkwardness between Luke and Calum. We all nodded in agreement and we walked out of Calum's room, and down the hall into the living room. 

                "CASEY!!!" The girls cheered, running up to me and having an Old Fashion Group Hug, like we always did, as the boys did the same. We talked for a little while, and agreed we wouldn't try and 'escape', or ask to leave, or be absolute bitches to the boys. "Girls?" I heard Ashton ask. We all walked over to see the boys sitting in a circle. Calum patted a pillow placed down next to him, gesturing for me to sit. I did, sitting on the fluffy, cool pillow.

                "Who want's to play Truth or Dare?" Michael chirped. We all cheered out loud. "OK, who want's to go first?"

                "MEEEEEEEEE!!!" Luke squealed, raising his hand and bouncing up and down on his knees.

                "Luke it is. . ." Michael huffed. "Truth or da-"

                "WAIT!!!" Ally screamed, making us all look at her as if she were insane. "We have to sit by our partners cause that's just what we have to do." She smirked evilly, a tint of excitement in her eyes. 

                "So, Luke Truth Or Dare?" Michael continued. And I'll tell you now, this was gonna be a looong and interesting game.


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