Kidnapped By 5SOS

Lily, Casey, Mia, and Ally were always together, Best Friends For Ever. They party hard, and crash harder. But, what happens when their all at a party, and dragged out to an ally and kidnapped by Five Seconds Of Summer? Their all paired up with one boy to sleep with. Will they like it, or hate it?


2. Chapter One

Lily's POV-

                I woke up with a pounding headache in a bed I don't recognize. I shrugged it off, and hopped out of the bed. I looked down to see I was in a oversized shirt, a bra, and undies. I ignored it, and walked out of the room and down a staircase. "Ally? Mia? Casey?" I yelled. "What happened last night?"

                "I took you." A voice startled me. I spun around to see a blonde haired and blue eyed HOT boy.

                "And, who are you?" I managed to choke out.

                "I'm your new 'Friend', Luke." He replied, smiling evilly. He laughed, and pinned me to the wall right by the stairwell. Damn me for always being in this position. . . I thought.

                "Hmm, funny you say that. I already have a 'Friend' like that." I lied. He laughed, and pinned me to the wall right by the stairwell. He looked into my sky colored eyes, and his lips were smashed on mine. I hadn't even noticed I was kissing back, but apparently I was. I still had a pounding headache, so I wanna know what the f happened last night!?

                "Luke?" I asked, breaking the kiss.

                "Hmm?" He hummed.

                "May I have some Advil?" I questioned, batting my eyes at him.

                "Of course. On minuet." He said, walking away toward somewhere. When he was no longer in sight, I sprinted down a different hall and ran into a room, closing the door quietly.

                "Luke's done with you that quick?" A new voice questioned. I spun around to see a boy with fluffy purple hair and soft blue eyes.  I gave him a questioning look.

                "What do you mean?" I inquired.

                "Ya know what I mean." He answered winking.

                "Michael?" A familiar voice asked. Then, I saw Mia walking out of a bathroom wrapped in a bathing towel. When her gaze met mine, she rushed to me, and hugged the breath out of me. "I thought you were dead!" She exclaimed. I looked at her, and shook my head. 

                "Yeah, and when I 'Died' you got hooked up with Michael." I giggled. She slapped my arm, and joined me. Luke walked in and started talking to Michael. Then, in the middle of our giggle session, it hit me.

                "Mickey, Luke?" I asked, looking their direction. They both gave me the What-Up? look. "Where's Ally and Casy?" I asked them.

                 "Ally's with Ashton, and sexy Casey's with Calum." Michael answered, making Mia frown.

                "So, I'm not sexy anymore?" She asked sorrowfully. Michael looked very shocked.

                "The- N- I-" Michael started, tongue tied. Michael huffed to get ready to start over. "No, Mia. You're the sexiest girl I've ever laid eyes on." He replied, picking her up and swinging her in the air, making her squeal. It makes me happy that Mia has Michael. He's really sweet towards her, as of for now. I'm hoping they'll stay like that. . . I'm actually hoping to stay here with Luke. . . And have Mia stay with Michael. . .


A/N: I hope you liked it. . . Um. . . It's not my first Fanfic in general, but my first on Movella's. . . Keep going? Comment, 

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