Kidnapped By 5SOS

Lily, Casey, Mia, and Ally were always together, Best Friends For Ever. They party hard, and crash harder. But, what happens when their all at a party, and dragged out to an ally and kidnapped by Five Seconds Of Summer? Their all paired up with one boy to sleep with. Will they like it, or hate it?


1. Begining.

                Lily and Casey were both already swaying back and forth from one drink they each had. Mia and Ally were trying to persuade them to come home. When they finally agreed, all of them were dragged out to an ally, and shoved into a car's trunk. Lily was hysterically laughing, while Mia was panicking. The car was speeding and then all of a sudden stopped in it's tracks making the rubber wheels shriek. The trunks door swung open, revealing four people cloaked in all black.

           "Which one of you is-" The one on the far left started, until he was interrupted by getting elbowed in the ribs.

           "You," He pointed at them. "Goldie, out." Ally looked at him, and hopped out of the trunk. She looked frantically around, and sprinted down the street. Only, to be caught by two of the four people. Lily, Mia, and Casey were still in the trunk, and Ally was somewhere. All four of them were kidnapped by... Who? 

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