Hemmings Academy

Aria Taylor is stuck at boarding school when her dad dumps her there, to live a his life. When Aria meets three girls (Jesy, Jade, and Leigh-Anne), she joins there band called little mix as the lead singer, but the only other band on campus, 5 Seconds Of Summer, lives right next to the girls and Aria starts falling for the lead singer of that band, Luke Hemmings, and did I mention Luke's parents own the Academy...


1. Chapter One

My mother needs him to take custody of me for one year, after he abandoned us, and his solution- send me to boarding school so he wouldn't have to deal with me -, There's Joseph Taylor for you. Right now I am outside of a fancy boarding school, that is totally old fashioned, and beautiful, but still', This whole Boarding School thing wasn't my thing.

I walked to the administrative office clutching my shoulder bag nervously. I walked up to the receptionist and told her was new.

"What's your name, dear" She asked sweetly.

"Aria Taylor" I said easing my hand off of my shoulder bag.

"Welcome to Hemmings Academy" The teenage boy who I hadn't noticed till now, who was sprawled out on a coach snorted. "Oh Mr. Hemmings will you show Aria to her room please"

The boy rolled his eyes and got up. He must've been the owners son. I scooped up all the stuff the lady had given me, and followed him out the door, across the campus to group of field houses. They were small, but would be perfect for 3-5 teens.

"This is your house he said opening the door, he pointed upstairs your room should be up there, the girls probably put your other luggage in there all ready, and we're in the kitchen, and-" Music started blasting "They are practicing"

"For what?" I asked he looked clearly annoyed

"They made a band, they're called Big Mix, or something like that" He said

"Oh" I said, As I followed him down the stairs, and the girls started screaming and yelling at him to leave.

One with purple dyed hair screamed "Coming to steal our lyrics Hemmings"

"No Jade, and for your information Five Seconds Of Summer is way better than 'Big Mix', and have way better lyrics"

One with red dyed added "It's little mix, get your facts right."

"Well Anyway, Ashleigh, this is Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, your new housemates"

"Its Aria" I said laughing, and the other girls laughed along.

"Goodbye Luke" The girl who must've been Leigh-Anne said, as he turned and walked away.

"Hey so can you like sing" Jade asked pointing to an empty mic.

"Uh-" She can Jesy screamed.

And then Jade came and grabbed by arm and pulled me up to the little stage thing, were four microphones were set up.

You must know Adele? Jade asked, I nodded. "Rolling In The Deep" She said the other girls nodded as she played an instrumental version of it and we all started singing.

"There's A Fire Starting In My Heart,

Reaching A Fever..."

"Girl, you're amazing" Jade Squealed, and I blushed slightly. I hadn't sang since the divorce, it was a talent inherited by my fathers family.

"You need to be our lead" Jesy said, and I nodded nervously.


"Oh my god, are you going to the snow ball" Jade said changing the subject

"The what?" I asked, as the girls gasped.

"She doesn't know" Leigh-Anne muttered

"Oh dear, we need to bring you shopping" Jesy added, as the girls grabbed there purses.

"What now?" I asked

"Yes, are you crazy" The girls said in unison. "I guess so" I thought to myself.


After a half an hour of getting to know the girls, I felt like I'd known them forever, and knew that the year wasn't going to be as bad as I though it was going to be. When we finally got to the dress shop, a woman with red curly hair came over to us, and hugged Jesy.

"Aria, this is my Aunt Talia, but we call her Tally, its a family thing." I smiled and shock hands with Talia.

"Now Jesy told me that you need a last minute gown design fir the ball tonight."

"Yeah I guess I do" I said

Talia walked to the back and then came out and showed me to a dressing room. Try this than call me in, se told me as I took a large bag from her hand.

I slipped out of my t-shirt, and skinny jeans, and into a beautiful blue dress. It was a light blue, almost white at the top, with sequins around the chest and in the same place in the back. Down to my feet was a layering of all shades of blue, and Talia had picked out white diamond heels.

I called out to say I was done and the girls came scrambling in.

"Spin" Talia said, while Jade said "Your hair matches it perfectly, that blonde, with that blue" She babbled.

Talia gave me the stuff, for free (like omg all that stuff free), and we walked back to campus ate and started to get ready for the dance.


I ended up wearing my hair down in curls, and I had a mask that matched my dress, because the Snow Ball, was a masquerade ball as-well. Jesy was in a pink dress that was like a tank top at the top and flowed  down to her knees, where it met ripped black tights that fell into her combat boots, and her red hair was straightened and kept perfectly by a whole two bottles of hair-spray. Jade had a strapless short purple dress that had a pink bow, and dabs of pink around it, and she was wearing matching Galaxy Boots, and her purple hair was in a perfect bun. Leigh-Anne had a long-sleeved strapless gown that stopped at the knees in the front but flowed to her feet in the back, her hair was straightened as-well, and was half up, half down. We all looked stunning.

We stood outside of the ball masks on, gown perfect, and nervously shaking, as Leigh opened the door...



[A/N: Hi Guys Hope You Enjoyed The First Chapter, Sorry its kinda short, but they'll get longer as it grows. I took out Perrie and replaced her with Aria, because Perrie has amazing vocals, and I wanted my character to have the talent, Perrie has... Also please like, vote, favorite, and read- thx.]

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