"It's simple really, I own you."


1. Auction

"Lucy Abraham starting at 400 dollars."



After Lucy is bought I'll be sold. The lady who gave me my stage outfit said I'll be starting at 1,000 dollars because I have a good face and body. I don't know why people like Lucy are so cheap, I think she's beautiful. Once I go on stage there is no going back. My parents are here to get their part of the money, they didn't even say goodbye.

"Sold for 600 dollars!"

I feel someone push me on stage, all I see are lights. Once my eyes start to focus I see at least two hundred people, mainly men but a few women. They all look so evil to me, with so much lust and hate in their eyes. There is one that stands out the most, he has curly brown hair, and even from the stage I can see his green eyes. They're something I could never forget they shine yet they are so dull, from pain. My thoughts are interrupted by the booming voice of the man running the auction. "Emily Prescott starting at 1,000 dollars!" Everything goes so fast my head is spinning I feel like barfing. I close my eyes and open them to the sound of me being sold for 5,000 dollars. I look to see who bought me.

It's the curly hair boy.

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