Wildest Dreams

Georgia was just a girl from Nebraska, going to Colorado for Christmas break with her best friend.

She was the shy type, always doing the good things never once thinking about the bad.

Zayn was all things bad, he smoked, drank, had sex, and was to attractive for his own good.

Now, Georgia would have ran the minute she laid her eyes on Zayn...

But thats the problem, Zayn had saw her first.

And then all the bad suddenly felt so good.


2. // 02 //

 I woke to the car jolting back and forth and the ignition going off, “We’re here Georgie!” Lily squealed jumping out of the drivers seat.


I pinched the bridge of my nose feeling a headache coming on I hated road trips.


Getting out of the car I looked around to what seemed to be an eternal white. Snow everywhere and kids, couples and teens skiing and sitting on those little chairs that took you around the property.


“It’s so pretty” I spoke up and Lily smiled at me “I know right? My mom and dad came here for there honeymoon in mid September and it looked just like this” My eyes widened at that, September? Wow it must never stop here.


“But come on, let’s go get our room, so we can hurry up and look around before it gets dark” she instructed handing me my suitcase and duffle bag.


Following her I took in everything.


This place had to be expensive, it was so exquisite and spacious, the colors were different shades of gold and red and just so vibrant and relaxing.


As we reached the front desk Lily took over as she’s the more out spoken and the “not so shy type”


But me? I can barely get a word out in school or in public without stuttering or putting people to sleep, even buying groceries is one of my least favorite things to do, “Debit or Credit?” is a really scary question to me.


“Lily St. Claire” She told her with a smile, and the lady typed away on the computer.


That’s another thing Lily can do that I can’t, actually smile without looking like an idiot, I never smile at anyone anymore in public because one time when I smiled at a little girl at Target she started crying. Literally balled, and her mom gave me the dirtiest look ever, I don’t know what was so bad about my smile but I was terrified.


Never again.


“Here you go sweetie” the woman said handing over a silver key on a little ring with the numbers 410 written on a piece of paper.


“Thank you!” Lily beamed and walked off, and the woman smiled at me and I just sort of stared back.


The lounge was very open and very nice looking, multiple couches and TV’s set up everywhere, a game room, gym area, ski rentals they had everything. I saw a group of guys sitting around one of the many Televisions playing what looked to be Fifa.


One of them was sat with a mop of curly hair and was waiting for his turn to play, laughing at the other who was making a big deal about how there were only two controllers. The blonde one sat there biting his tongue focusing on the game, and another sitting there pouting, with the control in his hand, because he seemed to be losing.


Heading up the stairs I lost hold of my duffle bag and it fell right back down to the bottom of the stairs


 “Really?” I huffed and set my suitcase down walking down to the bottom to retrieve my bag, as I bent to go get in a hand reached down and raised it up.


“Hey tha-“ I tired to get out but then I saw him, and I immediately wanted to just leave my bag with him.


How is that possible? He’s freaking gorgeous, and he’s looking at me as if I’m some piece of meat.


I’m sorry sir but you can’t have me for dinner.


“Then may I have you for breakfast?” He questioned, his caramel eyes pouring into mine, his accent filling my ears.


I said that out loud? Really Georgia?


I tried yanking my bag away, but his grip just got tighter “So?” he asked again


He was serious? Are you kidding me?


“Let go of my bag,” I ordered.


That was surprising even for me; I could never sound so serious especially in front of a guy like this.


“Say please” He sang to me, I don’t really care for his attitude though.


“No it’s my bag, and I said let go of it” My voice getting louder.


What was this place doing to me? This is the loudest my voice has gotten in awhile.


The boys plastered to the TV looked back and they all got up coming over to the guy in front of me.


“Come on mate leave her be” The blonde one said


“Yeah leave me be” I demanded of him tugging on my bag, he still wouldn’t let go.


He narrowed his eyes at me as if he was trying to decide on something, then he smiled.


“Make me” He shot back, my temper was rising, he really was trying to push my buttons, and my buttons aren’t usually being pushed often, so this is new for me.


“Why should I, its my bag, my property”


“Well this is my property your on so I think were even” He told me, wait he owns this place? He doesn’t look like the rich type, and he doesn’t sound native to Colorado either.


“Come on Zayn, let’s go ski or something, stop messing with the girl” one of them spoke up, and interrupted our stare down.

“Liam, I can handle this” He replied waving a hand over his shoulder.


“Just let go!” I yelled and yanked hard, still wouldn’t move


His smiled grew bigger “That the best you can do?”


I was boiling; I swear I would explode if this guy didn’t leave me alone.


“I will wipe that stupid little smile off your face, if you don’t let go in 10 seconds” I said angry obvious by my tone of voice.


“Man maybe you should jus-“ The curly boy tried but got interrupted by the loud mouth “Harry no I want to see this”


“What are you going to do about it?” he taunted me, laughing.


“10” I started




“Oh my, she’s counting Zayn just let it go”


“This is great Harry, want some popcorn, it’s fresh”


“Louis no, you idiot”




“We could be doing something productive right now, like me beating Liam’s ass in Fifa or going skiing but no”


“Stop bragging”


“I am not an idiot Harold”








“I wonder what she’s going to do”


“I hope she slaps him”


“True he’s an ass anyways”




Why can’t he just let go? Does he really just want me to hurt him? Cause I will, and it won’t be pretty.


“3” his grip tightened and he pulled on it just a little


“2” Ready Georgia? Lets show him whose boss.


“Shhhh everyone, this is it, the moment of truth!”


Then it happened, my foot collided with his package and his grip was gone and my bag was free.


The loud mouth and curly were laughing, Liam was tending to him and the blonde was heading back to the TV and said “You should have let go Zayn” a smile evident in his voice.


Zayn, the annoying jerk was on the floor pain in his eyes, I smirked.


I don’t do that often, either.


“Maybe next time instead of being a self assured prick you will let go when a women asks you to” I spat at him taking my bag and walking back up the stairs, his eyes burning a hole in my back.


I don’t know hat just happened, but I had never something like that before in my life, and I didn’t like it.


Sure I was sticking of for myself but that doesn’t mean it was good to do that.


I’m not bad I don’t do bad things.


I need to stay clear of those five boys.


Sighing I went in search of Lily and our room.


This was going to be a long three weeks.








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