Wildest Dreams

Georgia was just a girl from Nebraska, going to Colorado for Christmas break with her best friend.

She was the shy type, always doing the good things never once thinking about the bad.

Zayn was all things bad, he smoked, drank, had sex, and was to attractive for his own good.

Now, Georgia would have ran the minute she laid her eyes on Zayn...

But thats the problem, Zayn had saw her first.

And then all the bad suddenly felt so good.


1. // 01 //

Georgia was numb.


She couldn’t even feel her feet as she stepped in the door of the townhouse her Dad had left for her while he was on his business trip over seas. 


The numbness she was feeling was because of boredom. Doing the same thing everyday for the past three months was really getting on her last nerve. Seemed like all she ever did anymore was go to school, study, eat and sleep. 


Even though she only had 6 more months of senior year left then she would be off to college in New York, she felt like she had been following the same routine for decades constantly trying to make her family, mainly her father, proud.


She sighed as she sat down on the sofa, the stillness of the house settling in as she flipped on the television. 


“Finally” She thought to herself as she raked back her brunette hair and put it into a lopsided ponytail “Can’t wait to get out of this place”.


She was going to a ski lodge up in Colorado for Christmas break, with her best friend Lily, and she couldn’t wait for some new scenery.


Georgia was so interested in her T.V show she didn’t notice the multiple times her iPhone’s screen lit up, trying to let her know she had text messages waiting to be replied to. 


A couple minutes later her phone started ringing, the “Old Phone” ringtone, which she found really annoying but never got around to changing it, started blaring, yanking her eyes away from the T.V and down to the screen that read Lily with a bunch of emojis after. Georgia smiled knowing that during one of their many sleepovers Lily had snuck into her phone and downloaded them.


“How did I not notice that?” she wondered for a second before answering the call


“Georgia” she sang onto the line “Are you huddled up onto the couch watching Americas Horror Tales again?”


“Its called American Horror Story Lily” Georgia scoffed “Get with the program please”


She laughed “Are you ready for tomorrow?”


Georgia smiled into the phone “I’ve been ready since August Lil”


“Alright well, I will be there at 9 so we can at least get there by 3, so we can settle in an take a look around and decide what were going to do for three weeks.”


“Alright I’ll see you in the morning, I’m probably going to crash early tonight” Georgia told her looking at the time which read 5:27


“Yeah same, my mom is driving me up a wall about the trip, can’t wait to get away” She mumbled into the phone, as she played with her blonde locks, snuggled into her bed, her mom pacing back in forth in front of her laying down the ground rules for their Christmas plans.


Georgia could imagine Mrs. Thompson just going on and on about the do's and dont's for our trip. 


"Okay Lil I'm gunna get a shower, love you" Georgia finally said after listening in on Lily's mom. 


"Love you too" 


Georgia sat off the couch as the credits rolled for the episode that was recently playing, and walked down the hall to her room, her feet hitting the cold wood floor as she turned the corner into the bathroom. 


She slipped off her clothes and got in the warm water making her shiver as it took away the icy feeling on her skin from the Nebraska weather. 


Her bathroom was quite large for a townhouse, it had a full shower, double sink on the marble countertop, the mirror  took up basically the whole wall, and a large mirror looking out into the streets. 


Getting out of the water she grabbed one of many of her white towels off the rack and wrapped it around her body. 


"Good thing I keep the heat on" she thought looking into the mirror as her wet hair dripped onto the floor mat.  


Grabbing her phone she turned on Pandora, as she wondered around her room finding her pajamas. 


Her room was the biggest in the house, it consisted of light purples and white, her queen size bed centered in her room with her two side tables on either side, her vanity/dresser directly across from the end of the bed. Her body mirror in one corner of the room showing her walking back and forth and her twinkle lights hanging onto the mirror like vines. 


She settled with some sweats that she had to roll over a couple times, and one of her many sweatshirts that she's collected from trips and her years in school. 


She combed through her hair and braided it so it would be wavy in the morning and she wouldn't have to do anything but grab her bag and go. 


Looking at the time it was 8:00 already, and she laid on the bed scrolling through Vine, her all time favorite social media, Instagram, Twitter, and sending out some Snapchats to her friends, she was pretty popular but only really hung around Lily. 


Setting an alarm for the morning she set her phone on the charger and closed her eyes and smiled. 


She needed this trip, and she was glad her dad agreed, as long as she was back in time for school. 


Georgia woke up feeling refreshed but then saw the time. 


8:45 AM 


She had slept through her alarm and Lily would be there any minute, cursing under her breathe Georgia shot up and looked at herself, she looked decent enough for a car ride. Shrugging she found her converse and some fuzzy socks and slid them on, and grabbed her phone, charger, headphones and her suitcase. 


She made her way to the living room and set her stuff down sliding her phone into her sweatshirt pocket and going into the kitchen and grabbing a water and a fruit bar. 


By the time she finished that she heard a honk outside in her driveway, she through her trash away and carried her stuff to Lily's car 


"Wake up the whole neighborhood why don't you" Georgia smirked


"Oh shut up, and get in" 


Georgia put her stuff in the trunk next to Lily's and shut it going back to the passenger side. 


"Are you ready for the best Christmas break ever?" Her best friend smiled over at her 


"Let's just go" Georgia told her, giving back a smile


They backed out the driveway and they were now on the road for 6 hours, they both couldn't help but wonder what the trip had in store for them. 





Thank You so much for taking the time to read this chapter, and this note. I have a lot planned for this story, and it would mean a lot to have some feed back on it! Just leave a comment or anything to tell or show me you want to read more! This chapter was just to get it started and a little about Georgia. Next chapter will be in Georgia's POV so that will make it more interesting. This is a Zayn based Fanfic for the most part and the boys are not famous in this story so even if you don't know them you can still read it! :-) Georgia is portrayed by the beautiful Miranda Keer! And I am not sure on Lily yet so maybe you could leave me some ideas for her??? Idk but thank you! I'm gunna start working on a cover and chapter two soon, xx - Abby 


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