It's 2030 and the One Direction era is over. Kim tries to navigate her family through the busy life Niall still lives. But along the way, something strange happens. She finds herself in a situation, she thought only excisted in films. In a race against the clock she needs to figure out whatever happened to her olderst daughter, while trying to keep her secrets aay from the media.


2. Chapter two


'Are we taking Jake with us to uncle Louis?' Sascha is lying on the kitchen floor with Jake beside her. He's enjoying his breakfast while she tries to get his attention. 'Hunny get off the floor.' I'm about to answer her when Niall picks her up. She laughs and tries to kick him. He finally puts her down and she hides behind me. 'You learned her that.' He tells me. 'I did not!' I bite back. I know it's true, she loves sitting on the ground just like I always do. The ground is comfortable.
'They're all different but somehow they all remind me of you.' He shakes his head. 'I'm actually questioning if they're my kids.' He says with a puzzled look on his face. it makes me laugh, especially because I think they're more like him. 'Aiden and Beau both have your eyes and Aiden also has your smile and somehow your personality.' I point out to him, picking up Sascha. 'But they have my brain.'
Sascha leans her head on my shoulder. 'You tired?' I look at her. She shakes head. 'When are we going?' She looks at my watch. Not that she actually knows what time it is. 'Well we're waiting for Beau..' I walk out of the kitchen still carrying Sascha. 'Beau? Are you finished?' Beau's still upstairs. 'I'm coming mum.' I put Sascha down, she goes to the hall to get Jake's leash.

Where did Aiden actually go? Having three kids in a big house like this can be a bit difficult. Right when I'm about to call his name he comes around the corner of the living room, wearing one of Niall's caps. At that moment he looks exactly like the young Niall, I saw in pictures. I realize I'm staring at my own son when he raises an eyebrow. 'What's wrong?' I shake my head chuckling. 'Nothing.' He shrugs and passes me to the hall. I hear Beau coming downstairs quickly.
'Ok, do we have everyone now?' Niall looks around. 'Yes dad.' Sascha tries to open the door, but can't reach the handle. Beau does it instead and both of them run outside with Jake behind them. 'Someone's gotta hold his leash!' I watch Niall run after them. Aiden is looking at me. 'Are you coming mum?' He looks at me curiously as if he's trying to read my mind. 'Yes hunny, wait a second.' I grab my coat and purse and wait for Aiden to walk outside.


We decided to walk to Louis and Eleanor since we both live in London. Beau and Sascha are running in front of us with Jake beside them. I told Beau that only she's allowed to hold Jake's leash since Sascha would be pulled over as soon as Jake started running. Niall has his arm around my waist and Aiden is holding my hand. Who had thought I'd actually end up like this.. (F.E.E.L.S.)

'Girls wait a second.' Niall suddenly yells when Beau and Sascha reach the last crossroad. At the other side of the street is Lou & El's house. The girls stop and wait for us to catch up.

When we reach the house, Beau immediately knocks on the door. The door is opened by Louis. 'Oh god no! We have enough children.' He shouts, pretending to be scared, when Sascha and Beau run passed him. Niall and I laugh at them. 'Hi mate.' Niall hugs Louis before stepping aside to let me and Aiden in. There's a lot of noise coming from the living room as I hug Louis too. 'Kim, how are we surviving with all these little devils?' Louis shakes his head. 'I think I'm gonna let them live here from now on.'

We follow Louis to the living room where Sascha and Beau are now sitting on the ground with Olly and his two little sisters, Sophia and Allie. Both Eleanor and I had a twin so we understand each other completely. ( You don't ship it? I don't give a fuck) Where is Eleanor actually?

'Does anyone want tea?' I hear a familiar voice coming from the kitchen door. I follow the voice and find Eleanor trying to reach for something in a kitchen cabinet. 'Hey El.' She turns around.
'Hii, how are you?'
'I'm fine.' I say as I help her with the tea. 'And the kids?' She leans against the sink. 'Loud. Except for Aiden.'
I put down the kettle. 'How's that possible with you two as parents.' Eleanor whispers. I give her a hard stare. 'Hey love, the kids want lemonade.' Louis shouts around the corner of the door. 'Alright.'


A few minutes later we're set down in the living room with tea and cake. Our kids are sitting at the table in the playroom behind us, drawing and painting. 'Never thought we'd get all of them quiet..' Louis turns his head to look at them.
'Never thought Jay would ever get you quiet.' Eleanor adds while taking a sip from her tea. 'How are Perrie and Danielle doing? I haven't spoken to them in a while..' I ask Eleanor as Louis is about to respond to her comment. Perrie and Zayn moved to countryside a while ago. Danielle and Liam live in Los Angeles half of the year. I miss both of them . 'They're doing great. And Laura as well, I believe.' She leans back in her chair.
'I don't like that new girl Harry is dating.' Niall suddenly speaks up. 'She has a bad influence on him.' I nod in agreement.
'That's what Laura told me too. Sara likes a party.' Since Harry started dating a model named Sara Hammonds, he also started partying again. She's a few years younger than he is. Laura told me she isn't to keen on her, especially with Carson staying over at Harry's house when Sara's around. But what can she do, Harry is Carson's father.
'I do like Johnny though.' Eleanor admits. Johnny is Laura's boyfriend. He's a lawyer and a very nice guy. They've been dating for three years and they have a daughter, Ella. 'Well, they're all grown up so I'm pretty sure they can take care of themselves.' Louis adds.


I do think they can take care of themselves, but I understand why Laura is worried. Sara's young and I don't think she's ready to be a stepmother yet. I'm glad that Laura and Harry can still get along very well. It's sad though, that they got a divorce so soon after Carson was born.


'So does someone have something interesting to tell?' Louis looks around. Niall laughs.
'We have to get up early on Monday, but you know that.' Louis sighs. 'I hate getting up early.'
'Then why the hell did you become a radio DJ?' Eleanor raises an eyebrow.
'Do you miss it?' I suddenly say. I was thinking about the past 8 years and all the things that happened and changed. One of them is that One Direction decided to break up. 'Miss what?' Niall takes another slice of the cake Eleanor made. 'Being in One Direction, I mean.' I look at both of them, curiously. Ofcourse they miss it. I can see it on their faces.
'We all miss it sometimes, but it was the best decision. We couldn't continue travelling around the world like that.' Niall looks behind him. Sascha, Sophia & Allie are finger painting on a big white paper. They put it on the ground and they're walking around with all different colours of paint. 'Not now we have them.' Niall adds after a while.


'Hey, where did Beau go?' The girls are still finger painting on the floor. Aiden and Olly are playing songs on Eleanor's piano. Well, they're trying at least. 'I don't know mum.' Sascha answers me without looking up.
'Aiden?' I turn my head waiting for a reaction. He shrugs. 'I don't know mum.' I frown. Where did she go? Maybe she's upstairs. 

I'm about to walk to the stairs when I notice the front door is not locked. Did she go outside? 'Beau?' I open the door and look around me. There are a few cars rushing through the street, honking. I notice a little figure in at the end of the road, staring at them. 'Beau get back here, right now!' She's standing dangerously close to the road. The cars continue rushing by, but Beau doesn't respond. I start panicking. Just when I'm about to go outside, I hear a worried voice behind me. 'Beau?' Niall pushes me away from the door and runs outside. I hit my head against the door, when he does so and everything around me becomes dizzy.
Beau still doesn't notice us, when a lorry appears around the corner. I look at Beau confused, holding on to the front door. Why doesn't she hear us? At that moment Niall pulls her away from the street and she falls backwards. A few seconds later the lorry comes by. A sigh of relief escapes my mouth when Eleanor and Louis appear behind me. 'What the hell is going on?' Louis walks outside. When he notices Beau and Niall sitting on the pavement, he sprints down to the street.  I close my eyes and breath heavily.
She almost got hit by a lorry. My daughter almost got hit by a lorry. 'Kim come inside.' I feel Eleanor guiding me back into the house. I slowly walk to the living room barely breathing and unable to find my balance. Eleanor pushes me down on the couch, gently.  A few seconds later Niall comes in carrying Beau. Both of them look paralysed. I gladly take Beau from him, holding here tight.
'Why did you do that Beau? Why?' She starts sobbing loudly, but doesn't answer.
'One more step forwards and you would have been hit by a car. What the hell were you thinking?' Niall speaks up angrily. I give him a hard stare. This is not the moment Niall. 'I'm sorry mum.' A small voice answers me. 'It's alright, but never do something like that again.' I close my eyes again and kiss her hair. 
My head hurts and I rub it carefully. 'Are you hurt?' Niall kneels down beside me. 'It's fine, Niall.' He leans his head against mine. He's breathing heavily. 'We're all okay.' I whisper to him.

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