It's 2030 and the One Direction era is over. Kim tries to navigate her family through the busy life Niall still lives. But along the way, something strange happens. She finds herself in a situation, she thought only excisted in films. In a race against the clock she needs to figure out whatever happened to her olderst daughter, while trying to keep her secrets aay from the media.


3. Chapter three

Niall please, I just put her to bed.' I'm standing in front of Niall, blocking his way. 'I want to know what the hell she was doing outside.' He whispers angrily at me. He never likes it if I disagree with him. 'Don't you want to know?' I open my mouth to defend myself, but I don't really know what to say. Of course I want to know why my daughter was suddenly standing on the side of the road, staring at the other side. But can't it wait till tomorrow morning? Niall pushes me away, gently this time, and opens the door to Beau's room. It's dark and quiet in the room, but I know Beau's awake. I put her in bed only 5 minutes ago.
After what happened we didn't stay at Lou & El's too long. Beau didn't speak and I decided that we'd better wait for tomorrow to talk about it. Niall switches on the lights. 'Beau?' Sitting down on her bed he waits for her to respond. She slowly turns around and faces her dad. I lean against the door, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. 'Are you going to tell us what you were doing outside?' Beau stares at me, instead of looking at Niall. I can see she's afraid. 'She called me..' Her lips move slowly as she speaks. Niall turns his head to me, confused. 'Who called you?' He continues his interrogation. 'The woman outside.' Beau is now staring at the closed curtains. 'She wanted me to come outside.'



I walk downstairs slowly, thinking about what Beau just said. What woman was she talking about? I still don't understand it, but I knew that Beau didn't either. Niall is not very happy. I hear him talking behind me, but I don't really pay attention until he says my name.
'Kim?!' I look up at him. 'Are you even listening to me?' I sigh deeply and sit down on the sofa. 'I don't understand...' I say shaking my head. 'What do you suggest?' Niall opens his mouth to answer me, but suddenly closes it. He's looking at something behind me. 'Hey Aid, what are you doing here?' I turn my head towards the door and watch the little figure enter the room. 'I couldn't sleep, because you're mad at Beau.' He crosses his arms in front of his chest. I stand up and kneel down so I can look Aiden in the eyes. 'We're not mad at her.' I brush his hair out of his face.
'We're just frightened.' He gapes loudly before looking back at me. 'She'll be fine mum.' I watch him turn around and walk away. 'Goodnight mum.' He disappears in the shadows in the hall. I turn back to a worried looking Niall. 'Aiden is right, hunny.' He frowns at me. 'I know you're worried, but there's nothing we can do about it. Let it go, for now.' He nods slowly, agreeing with me. 'Yeah, I guess you're right.' I walk back to him and hug him tightly. He sighs as he pulls away. 'Do you want to watch a movie?' I nod excited. 'A horror movie I suppose?' Niall knows how much I love horror movies. He, himself doesn't like them as much as I do. He sometimes has nightmares after watching one.

We spend the rest of the night on the couch, with a big bowl of popcorn. By the time we go to bed I almost forgot about what happened that day.



The next morning when I wake up I know exactly what kind of day it is. Yes, it's a Sunday obviously, but this one is very exciting. Today we organized an extra meeting at the office for the New York fashion in three weeks. Together with a few of my colleagues, I'm asked to represent Topshop on the runways. I've been working at Topshop for ten years now. Last year, we weren't at the New York Fashion week, so this time it has to be amazing. Not only did I design part of the collection for this year, but also I'm going to walk a runway myself. That might sound a bit weird: Walking a runway for another fashion brand than the one you're working with but I really don't care. I'm just excited.

(Oh how I love fanfic lifes. They can seriously do anything haha srry)


I realize I'm staring at the sealing above me and chuckle. Maybe I should get out of bed. Niall is still sleeping when I leave the room. Before going downstairs I open Beau's room to see if Jake wants to come out. After a few seconds I notice him standing up and gladly follow me out of the room. He goes downstairs quickly. It's very quiet in the house. The only noise is Jake barking in the kitchen, asking for food. 'Shh, Jake.' I reach for the cabinet above me, where we keep his food.


After I've given him his breakfast, I go to my design room. We basically have a room for everything. That's what you get when your husband is sort of rich. The room in not only for designing, I also use it to paint. I've always loved painting and drawing since I was little. After Beau was born, I decided that I really wanted to do something I loved. So I came to designing and charity work. Part of the money we raise during the 'fashion months' goes to different kinds of charities. This time we picked an apes rescue center in Thailand. If I'm lucky I may even visit the center this year.


I try to eat my breakfast in between stopping Sascha from playing with food and Niall's stories about the radio. Beau's sitting without saying anything, barely touching her eggs. Only when she sees me or Niall are watching she pretends to be eating. I really wonder what's going on in her head right now. It reminds me of what she told us the night before. Who was she talking about?

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