It's 2030 and the One Direction era is over. Kim tries to navigate her family through the busy life Niall still lives. But along the way, something strange happens. She finds herself in a situation, she thought only excisted in films. In a race against the clock she needs to figure out whatever happened to her olderst daughter, while trying to keep her secrets aay from the media.


6. Chapter six

'Niall!' One of the girls shouts at him. Many others start screaming. Just when I'm about to take Sascha and Aiden inside, one of the girls calls my name. 'Kim! Can we get a picture with you?' I turn around. The girl who called me looks at me hopefully. I look back at my children, hesitatingly. 'Alright. Wait a second.'
'I want to be on the picture too.' Sascha says excited. 'No, you're going to wait here. Don't move.' I command her. She sighs disappointed.

I quickly take a picture with both of the girls while Niall is handing out a few autographs. 'Thank you Kim.'

'I can't wait to see you in the Fashion Week!' She puts her phone back in her pocket. 'We love your work.'
'Thank you.' I say a little distracted, looking back at Sascha and Aiden to see if they are still standing on the same spot, in front of the café. 'I'm Callie, by the way. And this is Demi.' She points at her friend, who seems really nervous. 'Nice to meet you, girls.' 'My grandpa is Dutch as well.' Demi suddenly says. I chuckle. 'That's great.' Behind the girls Niall is trying to make his way to me, through the crowd. 

'Hi, I'm Sascha.' I realise my daughter walked up to us while we were talking and look around to find Aiden still at the same spot where I left him. 'Hi Sascha, I'm Callie.' Callie bends down to look her in the eyes.
'Sascha, I thought you'd stay there.' I take her hand. She looks at me innocent. Sometimes I wish she was more like Aiden. 'But you said you would be right back mum.' Ok, she has a point.
'Can I get my hot chocolate now?' She pulls my arm. 'Yeah let's go.' I look up and see Niall has caught up with us. He lifts Sascha from the ground and guides me away from Callie and Demi. 'It was nice to meet you Kim.' Callie shouts at me as she is forced to take a step back to give us some space. 'Bye girls.' I say goodbye to them before taking Aiden's hand and quickly disappearing inside, shutting out the chatter form outside with the closing of the door. 

Some of the girls stay outside, until  they are being sent away by the manager, others walk away showing each other their pictures. 'I thought you'd wait inside.' Niall says a little indignant. We wait in line to order. 'I was talking to some girls.' I shrug. 'They were nice.' When I look around I see Callie and Demi walk in behind us. They wave at me. 

'Is that them?' Niall follows my gaze. I nod. 'Yeah, they were really nice.' I repeat.
'Dad it's our turn.' Aiden pulls Niall's arm. The people in front of us have left the line.


When we have our drinks and muffins we take a seat by the window. I take Sascha on my lap while she eats her chocolate muffin. Aiden went to the toilet with Niall, much to his protest. He was convinced he could do it himself. 'My chocolate is too hot.' Sascha complains blowing in her mug. 'That's what happens when you order a to chocolate, love.'
She ignores my comment and continues blowing, believing it will help. 'Don't do that, love. They'll be no chocolate left if you do that.' The dark brown splashes are lying all over the table. When she doesn't listen to me I grab the mug and put it out of her reach. 'No that's mine.' She whines. 
'You can get it when it's not too hot anymore.' 

Niall and Aiden have returned to our table. 'Oh god, was she blowing again?' Niall asks the obvious question when he sees the drops of chocolate. I nod. 
'Hey Sascha, where do you think we're going this summer?' Niall asks her when she is done with her muffin. Meanwhile Aiden is walking around the café, examining everyone who passes him by. We always keep our holiday location a secret until like two months before the summer. 'Ireland!' Sascha shouts. 'Yeah, probably to visit your granddad, but that's not the place I meant.' Niall laughs. 
Sascha has a puzzled look on her face, as she's probably trying to figure out what it could be. But she couldn't because she doesn't know it. 


She guesses a few more times, before I bring the news to here. 'We're going to Tur-' I stop in the middle of my sentence because of a loud bang. What was that? I hear a scream from outside and everyone around us is suddenly very quiet, holding their breath. I look at Niall confused. He stares at the window.  There's another loud bang and one of the windows beside us breaks. A few people scream including Sascha. She buries her head in my chest. Gun shots?! 'Under the table quickly!' Niall jumps up and grabs a crying Sascha from my lap.  Behind us people start panicking. I hear the sound of chairs falling over and things breaking on the ground.
 Around me others crawling under the tables too. Outside more are screaming, but I have no idea what's going on. The only thing I can see is the shattered window. 'Aiden!' I turn my head to the place where Aiden is standing in front of the window. 'Aiden, come here.' I cry out. When I try to get up, Niall pushes me down harshly. 'Stay here!' 
Within seconds he gets up from the ground, sprints to a paralyzed Aiden and carries him back to me. I realise I'm crying when Aiden crawls into my arms. Niall takes my hand in his, trying to calm me down. 

Sascha is sobbing quietly in my arms. 'Shhh, you need to be really quiet.' Niall whispers to her. I close my eyes, waiting for another gunshot. All I can hear now is complete silence, except for Sascha. 'I'm scared mum.' She says between sobs. We sit there for what feels like a couple of hours, not sure what to do, before we hear a police siren. I open my eyes. Niall moves around under the table. What is he doing? He sits up on his knees and peers through the window. I want him to sit down, but I'm too scared to say something.

The sirens are really close now and people are yelling at each other on the street. After a few seconds he sits back down. 'two police cars.' He whispers. A few people around us get up from the ground and start walking towards the front of the café carefully. Sascha starts crying loudly now. 'Can we go home now?' She puts her arms around Niall's neck. 'Not yet.' He kisses her hair lightly and hushes her.
Aiden is just staring at the ground, his eyes focused on the pieces of broken glass. 
Finally a man, dressed in a police uniform comes in to tell us that it's safe. A sigh of relief goes through the crowd. Niall helps me get up from the round and I can see what's going on outside: Policemen are running around on the street and there's an ambulance. Did someone get shot?

'I'm right back.' Niall whispers, letting go of me. 'No stay here please.' Tears are rolling down my cheeks. I don't want him to go anywhere. 'Kim, I'm going to see if we can get away with our car and then I'll be right back. Okay?' He hugs me tightly. 'Stay here.' He orders as his  protective arms let me go and I watch him leave. Most people are still sitting on chairs or the ground, trying to take in what happened. A few men left to see what is going on. 'Mum can we go home.' Sascha has stopped crying now, but her face is pale. 'Yes, we're going home sweety.' I kiss her forehead. 'We're going home.'
The policemen continue running around, yelling things at each other. Suddenly I realise something. The girls, who I talked to earlier were just walking outside when I heard the first gunshot.

After about ten minutes Niall comes back with two policemen. 'Can you believe that? We can't even leave!' He sits down beside me. 'What? Why not?' 'They want everyone to stay here in case they need to talk to us.' I sigh deeply. This is going to take a while.

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