It's 2030 and the One Direction era is over. Kim tries to navigate her family through the busy life Niall still lives. But along the way, something strange happens. She finds herself in a situation, she thought only excisted in films. In a race against the clock she needs to figure out whatever happened to her olderst daughter, while trying to keep her secrets aay from the media.


7. Chapter seven

'Can we go home now mum?' Sascha whispers with a small nervous voice. 'In a minute sweetheart.' I've tried to keep her and Aiden away from the windows. Away from all what's going on outside right now. Aiden hasn't said anything yet. It worries me. He was standing in front of the window when it happened. Did he see something? I was so scared when I saw him standing there, not moving. It was like he was too scared to do something. Like Beau, when she was standing at the side of the road...

Around me I see people hugging each other, whispering, holding onto their kids. Though everyone is talking there is still some sort of silence in the air. An ambulance rushes by, it's sirens becoming louder and then fading away again. Someone must have been injured. I hope he or she is alright. 



After an hour we're finally allowed to leave the area. They've spoken to everyone in the room. Especially us since we were sitting beside the window that was shattered by the bullet. Niall did most of the talking for me, but we couldn't give them the answers they were looking for. Because Niall wasn't able to look out of the window and I didn't see anything at all. I saw them picking up the bullet from the ground, about a meter from where Niall was sitting. I almost fainted when I realised that. Niall doesn't need to know. I can't tell him that, it would only scare him.


We're directed down the street. Everywhere is now police tape, securing the area. The ambulance left a while ago. I don't really have time to look since they want us to leave quickly. I feel Sascha squeezing my hand. She won't forget this for a long time, even though she doesn't really know what happened.

Across the road is a small crowd gathering around to see what's going on. Some of them take out their cameras. Right before I want to follow Niall out of the secured area, I see someone familiar sitting on the ground. The girl is staring at us, but I don't think she really sees us. Her eyes are empty. It takes me a few seconds to realize why she looks so familiar. But then it hits me. It's one of the girls I was talking to an hour ago. Niall takes my free hand. 'Kim?' I shrug it off moving towards Callie, the girl, slowly. I let go of Sascha's hand. 'Callie?' I whisper, waiting for the girl to respond. She looks up at me confused. Her face is pale and her eyes red and thick. She has been crying. It feels like I'm looking down on a little scared girl. 'What's going on?' I look around me, wondering why they let Callie here.

'She's gone Kim.' A small voice whispers towards me. I kneel down in front of her, not sure what to say other than that I don't exactly know what she means. or maybe I don't want to know.  
'Demi is gone.' She says before breaking into an uncontrollable sobbing. Her whole body shakes as she buries her face in her hands. I sit down beside her, pulling her in. She doesn't protest and cries against me shoulder. Leaving tears on my clothes. Tears for her friend.From this side I can see Niall standing just outside of the police area. Unsure of what to do. He looks straight at me with a worried face while a single tear rolls down my cheek.



Half an hour later we finally make our way home, in complete silence. Sascha fell asleep as soon as she stepped in the car and Aiden still hasn't said anything. When asked if he's alright, he just nods. I look at Niall. His gaze is on the road and doesn't leave it. It has started to rain outside. As if the sky knew this would happen. We brought Callie home. We drove her to her house and waited for her grandma to open the door. Callie walked upstairs immediately, without saying a single word. I had to explain the woman what had happened. The hardest thing I've ever done. She was really friendly though. She thanked us for bringing Callie home and we went back to the car. I wonder what Callie's doing now.. 
What can you do if your friend just got shot in front of your own eyes. That reminds me of the bullet. The bullet that could have hit Niall if things only went a little different. I thank God silently for not letting that happen. 'What's wrong?' I look up from my hands at Niall. I realise we're standing in front of a traffic light and Niall is looking at me. 
I scoff. 'Terrorism, children dying in Africa, people killing each other for no reason. What did I forget?' He shakes his head. 'What's wrong with you?' I look back at the traffic light, wishing for it to become green and interrupt this conversation. But it doesn't. 
'I know there is something you want to tell me.' I can feel his eyes locked on my face. He always tells when I have something on my mind. 
'The window.' I whisper, not sure what to do. Cars in front of us start moving. Niall is forced to concentrate back on the road, but hat doens't stop him from asking me again. 'What window?' He says without looking at me. 
'The shattered window behind you.' It's silent again, for a few seconds. Niall patiently waits for me to continue. 
'I saw them pick up the bullet that shattered it. It was only a little behind the chair you were sitting in. It could have shot you.' 
My mouth seems to have a mind of it's own. I'm shocked by my own words. I open my mouth to say something else, but close it again. Niall doesn't answer. Scared of looking at him, I focus me gaze on the car in front of us.

It's slowing down, coming closer to another traffic light. I close my eyes, feeling our car slow down as well until it's stops. A warm hand is placed on my cold one. 'It didn't, Kim. I'm fine.' I try to hold back a sob. The hand withdraws from mine. I open my eyes. Niall's focus is back again to the road. He doesn't speak but I can see the terrified expression on his face. This is why I didn't want to tell him. 'I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that.' I say regretting my stupid decision. 'It's ok, babe.'



When we get back home I put both Sascha and Aiden to bed. Sascha doesn't even wake up when Niall lifts her out of the car and into the house. I decide to let her sleep in her clothes, since I don't feel like waking her up. I help Aiden quietly. I'm about to switch off the lights in the bedroom when Aiden says something. 
'Is the girl going to be alright, mum?' He's looking at me from underneath the covers. I take a few seconds to respond to him. This is the first thing he has said since the shooting. 'Yes sweetheart. She'll be fine.' I feel guilty for lying to my own son like that. But I figured out that this is probably the worst part of being a mother. The constant lying to your kids, expecting them to always tell you the truth. Ofcourse someone who just lost her best friend in a shooting is not going to be ok. Not for a long time at least. But you can't tell a four years old boy that. So you lie. 'Don't worry about it.' I say before switching off the lights. Worrying is for adults, I'd say. Because I'll be worrying about it for a very long time.

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