It's 2030 and the One Direction era is over. Kim tries to navigate her family through the busy life Niall still lives. But along the way, something strange happens. She finds herself in a situation, she thought only excisted in films. In a race against the clock she needs to figure out whatever happened to her olderst daughter, while trying to keep her secrets aay from the media.


1. Chapter one

Kim's POV


I'm woken up from a weird dream when I hear noises in the hallway. I flutter my eyes open to the sunlight shining through the curtains. On my right side I hear soft snoring from Niall. More noises from the hallway. Voices this time. I turn my head to my left side and take my phone from the nightstand. It's 8:30 am on Saturday morning. With a sigh I put my phone back and sit up. The voices now moved downstairs. I take a look at Niall, sleeping peacefully, before removing the covers and standing up.

The hall is dark and quiet, but I can hear laughter downstairs. I chuckle lightly as I slowly go down the stairs. The voices are clear now. I can also hear that the television is turned on. It's probably Nickelodeon. When I enter the living room, I see Beau sitting on the couch with her arm protectively around her little sister Sascha. They're covered in blankets and pillows, staring at the screen. 'Hi girls. What are you doing here so early?' Both of them look up at me. 'We couldn't sleep, but we didn't want to wake you up.' Beau says with an Irish accent. I can feel she's going to be good at all the languages in school. Two weeks with her grandparents in Mullingar and she has a perfect Irish accent. After all those years I still don't. 'Where's Aiden? Is he still sleeping?' Sascha nods and yawns. 'Well, you seem pretty tired too young lady.' I sit down beside them. Sascha crawls onto my lap and leans back. 'What are you watching?' I look at the screen curiously. When I was younger I also watched a lot of Nickelodeon, but this show doesn't seem familiar. 'You don't know it. It's new.' Beau answers. I lift Sascha from my lap and stand up. 'As long as there's not too much weird stuff in it ok?' The girls continue watching without listening to me. I walk over to the curtains and open them. The May sun lights up the room. My eyes need to adjust to the light before I can see clear again. It hasn't rained in a few days and the sky is still blue. 'Hey girls. You wanna go outside today?' Beau jumps up. 'Can we go Lou and El?' She says excited. Sascha laughs. 'You just want to go to Olly, because you like him.' She continues giggling to herself. 'Shut up' Beau bites back. 'Hey! Who learned you that language?' I'm a little taken aback by the vocabulary she already has. 'You did mum.' Oh. Well that explains a lot.

Beau goes upstairs. I decide to follow her to her room. The light is on, revealing her light blue walls. I'm actually glad she's didn't go for pink. I've never been a big fan of pink rooms. It has always hurt my eyes. She's sitting on the side of her bed with Jake at her feet. His head is resting on the floor. When he sees me he stands up and barks. 'Morning Jake.' He leaves the room, clearly thinking it's time for breakfast. Beau doesn't look at me. 'Hey what's going on?' I sit down beside her. 'Nothing.' My arm is wrapped around her shoulder. 'Does it have anything to do with Olly?' I suggest, already knowing the answer. She nods slowly. 'Do you like him?' She nods again. After a few seconds she speaks. 'I doesn't matter anyway. He's family.' I raise my eyebrow. 'Family? Since when is he family?' I shake my head chuckling. 'Well, daddy always calls Louis his brother so Olly is family then.' My mouth forms an 'Oh' 
'Yeah, That's true. But I've already told you that their not really brothers, right?' She looks up at me. 'Yeah that's right.' She whispers. 'So there's nothing wrong with liking Olly.' She nods for the third time.
'But it still feels like family.' She mumbles. I can see she sunk into deep thoughts so I decide to leave her alone. I kiss the top of her head before leaving her room.

I had hoped this wouldn't happen until she was a little older, but since she's a daughter of me, I kind of saw it coming. I open the door on the other side of the hall. The room is still dark, but I can discern two separate beds in the shadows. One is empty. In the other one is a little figure asleep. 'Aiden?' I whisper shuffling over to the window in my bare feet. I open the curtains to let the sunlight fall into the room. Aiden moves around in his bed. 'Hi mum.' He gives me a lazy smile with his eyes still closed. 'Goodmorning.' He opens his eyes slowly. 'Is dad awake?' I open the window. 'No, not yet. Why?' It's not too cold outside even though it's only May. 
'I need to tell him something.' My head turns to Aiden who's now sitting on the edge of his bed. 'You can tell me.' I wait curiously for him to tell me what's on his mind but he shakes his head. 'It's not that important.' Looking at him like this makes me realize how young he actually is. Only 4 years old, but just like Beau he's almost 'mature' for his age. Sascha is different. She's small and usually very loud. For a twin, they're nothing like each other. 'Can I wake up dad?' He's now standing in the doorway. 'Yeah sure.' He grins at me before turning around. 'I'm going with you.' I hear Sascha shout. I watch them as they slowly open the door to my bedroom.

Niall is still lying in the same position as twenty minutes ago. Sascha and Aiden both stand at his side of the bed and count to three. Then they jump on him, laughing. I hear him scream a little when he's woken up. 'Who are these little devils?!' He shouts while trying to sit up. But Sascha and Aiden hold him down. 'What's going on?' Beau shows up from behind me. 'Hey! Why didn't I know we were allowed to sit on dad?' She runs over to the bed and jumps on Niall. 
'You're not allowed to sit on me!' Niall gets a hold of Sascha and starts tickling her. 'Kim, do something before they kill me.' I push myself from the wall and try to get Beau from the bed. 'Ok, I think daddy is awake now. That's enough guys.' Beau rolls from the bed and Aiden finally sits down beside Niall, who sighs. 'Is breakfast ready?' He looks at me. I raise my eyebrow. 'You can make it yourself, if you're hungry.' Sascha laughs. 'I'll help you dad.' She jumps from the bed and starts pulling Niall's arm. 'Ok, wait a second.' He removes the covers and stands up. Before leaving the room, he gives me a kiss on my cheek. 'Morning, babe.' He says with a wink.

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