It's 2030 and the One Direction era is over. Kim tries to navigate her family through the busy life Niall still lives. But along the way, something strange happens. She finds herself in a situation, she thought only excisted in films. In a race against the clock she needs to figure out whatever happened to her olderst daughter, while trying to keep her secrets aay from the media.


4. Chapter four

The fresh wind blows through my hair as I walk down the path to my car. You can feel that the summer is coming when you walk in the sun. I open my car and get into the drivers seat. When I look back at the house, Niall is standing behind the windows with Sascha. I wave at both of them before starting my car and reversing it. My gaze is locked on the road in front of me while I sing along to an Ed Sheeran song. It's an old one, so it surprises me that I still know the lyrics. I drive through our neighbourhood, into London. Trying to make my way through the busy streets, I end up in front of a traffic light. In the car next to me I see a girl looking out of the window curiously. I can feel that she's staring at me. A few seconds later my thoughts are confirmed, when she calls my name. 'Kim!' I turn my head and wave at them. The girl in the passengers seat waves back excited. I chuckle and focus my attention back on the road. Always weird when people recognize you...


Twenty minutes later I stop my car and get out onto the parking lot in front of a big office. I've never really liked the way it looked. The gray walls are kind of depressing. I cross the parking lot and make my way to the entrance of the building. I'm greeted by a few people while walking through the halls. My office is on the second floor. I decide tot take the stairs since the lift is usually packed with people. Only this Sunday a lot of people are working. Normally it's very quiet here.


On the second floor I see a familiar girl sitting behind a desk. When she notices me, she smiles politely. 'Hi Kim, how are you?' The girl behind the desk looks up at me. 'I'm fine, thanks Rachael.' My assistant stands up following me. We walk through the hall and open the second door on my right. It has my name on it.
'Ok, so I need you to keep these with you.' I say while handing her my drawings. She nods and takes them. On my desk I see a small note which reminds me of something. 'Oh I almost forgot.' I turn around to face her. 'We're going to discuss your design too. So you're coming with me.' The expression on her face changes. 'What do you mean?' I chuckle and open a drawer in my desk. It's filled with papers, but on top in a black map. I take it out and hand it to Rachael. 'We still have place for one last design on the runway.' There's a spark of excitement in her eyes, but also fear.
'I'm probably not going to make it. There are so many talented people here.' Her gaze drops to the ground. 'He Rach. I've seen what you can do. Don't doubt yourself.' I remember the first time I met Rachael. It's a year ago now, and she still has no idea how talented she is. She's been working with me ever since and I see she enjoys working here. Who wouldn't want to work here at only 18 years old? 'Cmon, Rach. We have to go.' I walk around my desk and place my hand on her shoulder. 'In two weeks everybody is going to see your talent.' 


'That was so awesome!' Rachael and I leave the meeting room with the biggest smile on her face. I knew she'd get the job. She's too talented to let go of. 'But now, you need to do something very important.' Her expression changes as she waits for me to continue. 'We need to have the dress, if we want it to be on the runway.' I suggest to her while walking back to my office. She nods.
'You're right. How are we going to do that?' I sit back in my chair behind my desk and think about it. 'Well, I believe you should figure that out yourself. I mean you've been working here for a while, you know how things work.' I hope I didn't sound to harsh, but she has to learn how it works in this business. 'I had to do it too.' I lean back waiting for her response. She seems a little taken aback by comment. 'Em, ok. Anything else you need?' She makes her way to the door.
'No, thanks Rach. I'm going home, I think.' She nods and leaves my office, closing the door behind her. I lean back in my chair again and close my eyes. Maybe I need to get some fresh air. I feel like I'm going to have a headache.
When I open my eyes, my gaze falls on a picture of me and Laura on my desk. It's an old one. I remember when we made this one. It was the day we met. Scary how fast the time goes. I haven't spoken to Laura in a while, maybe I should call her.

I take my phone out of my purse and dial her number. It takes her a while before she picks up the phone.

'Hi Kim!' She sounds excited. 'Hii, are you busy today?'
'No, not really. Want to hang out?'
'Yeah, what about our usual place?'
'Sure, see you there in a minute.' 'Ok, bye.'

I hang up the phone and look at my watch. It's only 2:45. Making my way out of the building, I see that Rachael is busy on the phone. I smile, proudly. She'll be fine without me. Our 'usual place' is not too far away so I can walk. It's a Starbucks where we meet ever since we started living here. I don't know why we always go there, it's just the easiest place I think. I cross the busy road and walk down the street. The sun is still shining brightly. I should have taken my sunglasses...



It's a bit short, I know

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