It's 2030 and the One Direction era is over. Kim tries to navigate her family through the busy life Niall still lives. But along the way, something strange happens. She finds herself in a situation, she thought only excisted in films. In a race against the clock she needs to figure out whatever happened to her olderst daughter, while trying to keep her secrets aay from the media.


5. Chapter five

About 5 minutes later I enter Starbucks. One of the guys behind the counter recognizes me and waves. I wave back waiting for him to take my order. 'Hi, Kim. Same as always?' I nod. He takes my order and leaves to help another costumer. I take a seat by the window and wait for Laura. A few minutes later she walks in, hugging my tightly. I notice she bought Ella with her. Ella is sleeping in her pram. 'Where's Carson?' 'He's with his dad.' She sits down opposite me. 'So how are you?' I shrug.
'I'm alright, I guess.' She raises an eyebrow. 'You're going to be walking the runway in New York in two weeks and you're 'alright.'
I laugh lightly. Should I tell her about what happened to Beau? It's almost like Laura can read my mind. 'There's something wrong isn't there?' She leans forward, staring at me. Before I can answer Daniel comes back with my drink. 'Here you go.' I thank him quietly.
'For you the usual as well, Laura?' She nods and waits for Daniel to walk away. 'Tell me.' I sigh deeply. I tell the story to her. About Beau, and what she told us about that woman. Laura stays quiet until I'm done talking. She takes a moment to think about it. 'Ok, that's kind of weird.'
She takes a sip from her coffee. 'Do you think I should like, talk to someone about it?' She knows what I mean with 'someone' and shakes her head. 'No I wouldn't do that.'



On my way back to my car I think about what Laura said. She told me I needed to give it some time. Wait until Beau did something weird again.. But I don't want her to do something weird again. What if it goes wrong the next time? I really have no idea what I can do... 
'Hee!' I bump into someone in the middle of the street and almost fall on the ground. 'Are you alright?' I look up at the guy, angrily. 'Sorry, Kim.' For one second I wonder why he knows my name, but then I take a better look at the boy. He's a little taller than me, but definitely younger and has light brown hair. But his big blue eyes are the things I recognize the most about him. It's a Horan. 'You don't recognize me anymore?' Theo smiles awkwardly at me. 'Of course I do!' I embrace my nephew.



'I thought you were coming next week.' I say confused when we part. 'Yeah I decided to come a little earlier.'
'And where's all your stuff?'
'In a hotel.' He puts his hands back in his pockets. 'Come on, I'll give you a ride.' I guide him back to the parking lot where my car is. He opens the door of the passengers seat and waits for me to start the car. 'How are the kids?' He turns on my radio and shuffles through the stations. 'They're great. I'm sure they're happy to see you again.'
We drive back to my house and park my car in front of the garage. We get out of the car and make our way to the front door. Before I can put my key in the lock someone opens the door. 'Theo!' Beau and Sascha cry out. 'Hi girls!' Theo lifts Sascha up from the ground and caries her inside. 'Jesus, Sas, you're twice as big as the last time I saw you.' She laughs and shakes her head. 'You're lying.' He puts her down on the ground and hugs Beau.
'Where's your dad?'
'He's outside.' Sascha takes Theo's hand and starts pulling him through the hall. 'Hold on, love.'

I watch as the three of them enter the living room. When I follow them I see Niall standing up from his spot in the sun. 'There's the old man.' 'There's the lil craic.' Theo laughs as he hugs him. I look around, searching for Aiden, but he doesn't seem to be outside. Where is he? 'Niall, isn't Aiden with you?' Niall lets go of Theo. 'No he's upstairs I think.'

'Aiden?!' I go back to the hall, while the girls are telling Theo all kinds of stories at the same time. There's no answer. 'Aiden are you upstairs?' I slowly walk upstairs, wondering why he doesn't hear me. The door to his room is open. I look around the corner and she Aiden standing by the window. He's clearly distracted by something outside.
'Hey, what are you looking at.' He suddenly turns around. I see some sort of fear in his eyes. I walk over to the window to take a look myself. There are a few cars rushing by and a girl with a dog. 'What were you looking at Aiden.' I don't see anything special. 'Nothing, mum.' He walks away from the window. I decide to let it go and turn around. 'Oh by the way. Theo is here.' Aiden's facial expression changes. 'You said he'd come next week.' He runs out of the room to the stairs. 'Be careful!' I shout after him when he rushes downstairs to see his cousin. I take one last look out of the window, but there's still nothing special to see. He was probably just day dreaming or something..



'Are you going to stay here Theo?' Beau pushes away her empty plate as she looks at Theo hopefully. 'I can't little lady. I have all my stuff at the hotel.' She looks disappointed. 'Well, we can bring it here.' I suggest looking at Niall. He can give Theo a lift. We have enough rooms in our house anyway. Theo came to London to record some demo's. He was so excited when he told Niall. Ever since he saw Niall play at a concert he wanted to become a singer himself. And I've got to admit that he's pretty good. 'You're alright with me staying here?' He asks politely. 'Yeah, sure.' I say when I see the excited look on both of their faces.


The next day both Niall and Theo leave early for their work. Theo goes to the studio to talk to his manager and Niall obviously has to go to the radio station. Sometimes it's a bit difficult, that he has a job like that. He has to go to bed early and stand up early. Then I have to take care of the kids and head to work myself. It's confusing sometimes. Luckily, today I don't have to work. Maybe with Theo around things will get a little easier.

I drive down the road to Beau's school. She's in year three and is learning a lot. She still enjoys school, but that probably won't be for long. While I'm driving I wonder if any of my kids will become singers later. 


'Mum, can we go to dad later?' Beau opens the door and steps out of the car. 'Well, when you come home from school he's already back hunny.' I look behind me. 'But you're going with Sascha and Aiden aren't you?' She looks a bit disappointed.
'Yes I am, but I can't just take you with me.' Beau doesn't answer me.
'Next time maybe, ok?' I get a small nod. 'Ok, hurry up. You're going to be late.' I watch her walk onto the school yard before driving off to BBC Radio 1. Sascha is singing along to the radio in the back. When the song ends, we hear a familiar voice speaking through the radio. 'It's daddy!' Sascha squeals.

Niall and Louis end the show and a new DJ plays the next song. Just at that moment I stop the car on the parking lot. Sascha immediately tries to open the door. 'Sweety, wait a second.' I quickly unlock my seatbelt and get out of the car to stop her from walking away. 'You can't open the door without asking me ok?' I take her hand and wait for Aiden to get out. I need to let Niall put that child-proof lock on the car doors again.

I take Sascha's and Aiden's hand as we cross the parking lot to the entrance of the building. Once inside, Sascha runs to the elevator. 'I want to push the button.' She tries to reach for it, but it's too high.
'Let me do it.' With much protest from her, I push the button and wait for the elevator. We go to the second floor where Niall usually is after the show. We've been here before so I know the way. 'Where's daddy?' Sascha looks around. I point towards a door. It's the canteen. 'He's probably there.'
Aiden, who hasn't said much since we left the house, suddenly let's go of my hand and follows Sascha inside. I hear voices come from inside when they open the door. One of them is clearly Niall. 'Hi guys, what are you doing here?' When I enter myself, Sascha has already found her way onto Niall's lap. And Aiden found the food. 'Hi, babe.' Niall kisses me on the cheek when I sit down beside him. 'They missed you.'
'Oh and you didn't?' I shake my head. 'No, not really.' Niall chuckles.

'Are you coming with us?' Aiden speaks with his mouth full of whatever he's eating. 'Aiden, stop it.' I say referring to him eating all the food.


'Just like his dad.' I realize Louis is sitting at a table behind us, with two other guys. I only recognize their faces. 'Hey Lou, are you coming with us?' I turn around to face him. He shakes his head. 'No, I've got things to do.'

Niall lifts up Sascha and places her back on her feet, before standing up. 'Ok, let's go then.' I nod and stand up as well. 'Aiden are you coming?' I reach out my hand for him. 'Bye uncle Lou.' He waves at him while we leave the room. 'Bye guys.'


'Shall we go to Starbucks?' I'm now sitting in the passengers seat of my own car. We realized that it wasn't very useful for us to come with the car, since Niall also came with his car. But Niall decided to leave his own car at the station. 'Yes I want hot chocolate!' Sascha shouts from the back seat. 'Oh you mean the hot chocolate that you never drink until it's cold.' I tell her.
'You don't understand her. It's the idea of having hot chocolate, Kim.' Niall teases without looking at me. We stop in front of a Starbucks and see a group of girls outside. 'They're obviously going to recognize you.' Niall shrugs. 'You can wait inside, with the kids.' We get out quickly and try to get inside without being seen, but obviously we fail.

(Forgive me, I'm a white girl)

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