Boyfriends or friends?

A girl named Amalie is starting at a new shool.
she already knows how horrible it's going to be,
but already the first day at school she is suprised.


1. Day one

I took a deep breath before I opened the door. It was my first day at this school and I was coming out of season. By now everyone would be friends and I would just come in as "the transfer student".

I was a title a had just gotten rid of at my old school when dad told us we had to move.

I pushed the door and it opened quietly. "Good morning, Amalie!" I had just stepped into the room when a cheerful voice called my name. I looked up and this tall guy with light curly hair, blue eyes and glasses liked at me with a great smile.

I couldn't believe it, I had been called "the new one" so many times that my name almost seemed unfamiliar.

"Uhm, hi..." I didn't know his name and I could feel my cheeks starting to burn. He smiled at me "let's not be to formal, call me Alex" he said.

Alex showed me my seat and started to describe the class and school. It was a small class with about fifteen girls and only four boys. He describes the teachers and where the different things were.

He really made me feel like I was welcome. As he talked the rest students came in. I realized that I definitely was in the wrong class, every girl coming in the door were more beautiful than the other. And last, just before the bell rang, the rest of the boys came. They fitted the class, they were tall, handsome and all the boys were really getting along.

Most of the day went with me having to introduce and embarrass myself in front of everyone. I could see that they all had found their friends, but Alex had really helped me so much. The day went fast and when I got home, I couldn't help smiling as I unpacked my stuff.

I made my homework, cleaned up a bit and prepared dinner. Dad was really surprised when he got home and it seemed like things would really workout this time.

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