Fixing The Broken?

Emilia Castellano is stuck with a relationship that's rapidly breaking down and a decision that needs to be made: To stay with older boy Josh or get him out of her life as he's just slowing it down. All Emilia wants is for Josh to settle down, even of he's only 18, and show himself a good father to their 6 month old baby girl, Grace. Even though Emilia is still 16 and trying to be a good role model for her child and wants Josh to see that. But with years of Josh swooping back in and out trying to prove himself, will the broken be fixed again ?


4. Surprise Surprise?

Emilia left school as soon as math class ended and arrived to see her parents, Eduardo, Marzia and her boyfriend and surprisingly Josh who had Grace asleep on his knee. She sat next to Josh and her dad began to talk. "No Emilia's here I can tell you all why it was so urgent for you to be here. I got a call from my base today and as you all know, I've been on a break for 2 years and was planning to stay here to complete all my work here. But as I said, my base called and I'm being stationed out in St Cloud." He explained. "Where's St Cloud dad?" Eduardo asked. "It's in Minnesota son. 28 hours away." He said, Emilia and Josh's jaws dropping. "Daddy, I can't go to Minnesota! What about Josh? He'll never see Grace of I have to drive for a whole day to see him!" Emilia yelled. "Emilia, your 16 and there's no way I'm letting you stay here by yourself. Besides, you can finish school in St Cloud and always move back here." Her dad said. "I'm not moving there! I'll move in with Marzia, I'll get my own place anything but I'm not taking my daughter away from her dad!' She yelled. "Emilia, dont be so rude to your father!" Her mother yelled. "Mom I'm not leaving here. We've been here 5 years and I love it like we've always lived here!" Emilia said. "Erm Mr Castellano, can I just say something." Josh asked her dad. "What Josh?" He asked, seeming interested for once. "I was actually going to ask Em if she and Grace wanted to move in with me when Em came to my place tonight. I'm renting an apartment in Huntington Beach and its perfect for our family." He said. "Josh, I'm not sure that's suitable right now. If I leave Emilia here with you, she won't focus on school and won't get her grades to get into a good college." Her father said. "Dad, can't you find somewhere closer or ask for a transfer." Marzia asked. "I know I won't be coming but I want Em and Ed to be happy and Em won't be by the sound of things." "Marzia, its not that easy. Emilia is going and that's final!" He yelled. "I'm not going without Josh!" She shouted, grabbing Josh's hand and picking up Grace heading to her room. "I'm moving out dad, I'm going to Josh's" she said, bagging up all her room into her suitcase and some boxes before telling Josh to get his car and help her take everything for her and Grace to it. After taking apart Grace's room and putting it into boxes, she slammed the door and posted her key through leaving behind her perfect family life.

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