Fixing The Broken?

Emilia Castellano is stuck with a relationship that's rapidly breaking down and a decision that needs to be made: To stay with older boy Josh or get him out of her life as he's just slowing it down. All Emilia wants is for Josh to settle down, even of he's only 18, and show himself a good father to their 6 month old baby girl, Grace. Even though Emilia is still 16 and trying to be a good role model for her child and wants Josh to see that. But with years of Josh swooping back in and out trying to prove himself, will the broken be fixed again ?


5. New Life

It had anen a week since Emilia moved into Josh's parents house, as Josh cancelled the rent contract in Huntington Beach, and she was finding it weird living with her best friend and her boyfriends sister, Alessia. She was getting ready for school, putting on her Hollister jeans and white tee with a Hollister hoodie and white converses and putting on a bit of makeup leaving her hair down for once, when she got a call from her mom.

"What do you want mom?" She asked as she locked herself in the bathroom put of the way from the stresses of a Alcudio family morning. "Emilia, I want you home. I want you and Grace back where you belong." Alessandra Castellano cryed down the phone. "Mom, I'm not coming home. I don't want to move to Minnesota and leave Josh behind where he will have no chance of seeing Grace." Emilia said. "Emilia, your dads trying to arrange a job here in California. We could just be going out to San Bernardino or maybe even LA if it makes a change. He understands now about Grace not seeing Josh." She said. "Mom, I know your only trying to end me and dads fall out but I've made my decision. And what if the request for transfer is denied? He'll drag me kicking and screaming to Minnesota?" Emilia sarcastically said. "Emilia, please come home. Besides, San Bernardino is only an hour away what of he gets approved?" Her mom questioned. "Mom I'm only coming home if my home remains in Laguna Beach. I've gotta go, I'm going to school." She said. "So your actually going." Her mom said before she hung up and went for breakfast with Josh's family. 

"How did it go?" His mom, Lilliana Alcudio asked. "Fine, Lilliana. I made it clear to mom I belong here and I'm not moving away from Josh anytime soon." Emilia answered, prompting Josh to kiss her. "Do you want a ride to school, babe." Josh asked when he began scoffing his breakfast. "Yea sure, I don't fancy having to drive to my parents if they have another meeting which i won't attend." She answered finishing her food and going to brush her teeth. 

After arriving at school with Josh and Alessia, they headed to homeroom where Miss Branley handed her a note which read 'Go to the office 3rd period for a meeting, it's urgent. Mr Appleton (the school principal) . "What's this about, Miss?" She asked, perching on Alessia's desk where she was going to sit with her today. "You'll find out when you go Emilia, now sit down so I can get on with this lesson plan." She said. "I bet it's your parents, Mil. But you should go, they might have good news but mom and dad said your always welcome if they do transfer to Minnesota." Alessia said. "I know, Al but I'm thinking of finding an apartment round here for Josh, Grace and I until I go to college. I'm thinking of applying to do nursing at Berkeley so I don't have to go far from Josh." She explained. "Mil, you don't need to stay in California for Josh. I know he's Grace's dad but he's not always been the best boyfriend to you." Alessia said. "This new life ahead is stressing me out!" Emilia groaned, banging her head on the desk. 

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