Fixing The Broken?

Emilia Castellano is stuck with a relationship that's rapidly breaking down and a decision that needs to be made: To stay with older boy Josh or get him out of her life as he's just slowing it down. All Emilia wants is for Josh to settle down, even of he's only 18, and show himself a good father to their 6 month old baby girl, Grace. Even though Emilia is still 16 and trying to be a good role model for her child and wants Josh to see that. But with years of Josh swooping back in and out trying to prove himself, will the broken be fixed again ?


12. New Home

After 28 long and boring hours on the road, including a stop over in a nice hotel in Wyoming, they arrived at their parents St Cloud home where Emilia was planning to live in for a year before getting an apartment close to them with money saved from a job she was hoping to find to pay her way in the house.

They were greeted by thier mom and dad, who took Grace off her so she could unpack the cars with Marzia and unload the stuff into Emilias reserved room and Grace's newly painted room that wasn't actually going to be hers, it was going to be Marzia's when she visited. 

"So are you excited for starting school after Summer break?" Her father asked. "I'm really looking forward to it. I'm gonna miss my friends but Alessia's coming to Iowa so were gonna meet a few times." She explained. "So where are your friends going to?" Her mom asked. "Alessia- Iowa, Tom, Tori and Mollie- North Dakota so there close to, Charlie- UCLA, Riley- Berkeley and Summer is Stanford." She explained. "Well at least you can see Tom, Tori, Mollie and Alessia more." Her mom said, going into the kitchen to dish up dinner. "So, i never got the chance to apologise Emilia. I'm sorry for hurting you, I should have respected that you loved Josh and that he needs to see his child as well." Her dad said when Alessandra had closed the kitchen door. "Daddy, it's fine. Let's just put it behind us and start afresh." Emilia said, rising up to head upstairs to get Grace before her father suddenly pulled her into a hug. "I'm so proud of you Emilia. I don't say it often but I am." He said. "Thanks dad." She said, after pulling away from the hug and going upstairs. The past was finally in the past for her and her father. 

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