Fixing The Broken?

Emilia Castellano is stuck with a relationship that's rapidly breaking down and a decision that needs to be made: To stay with older boy Josh or get him out of her life as he's just slowing it down. All Emilia wants is for Josh to settle down, even of he's only 18, and show himself a good father to their 6 month old baby girl, Grace. Even though Emilia is still 16 and trying to be a good role model for her child and wants Josh to see that. But with years of Josh swooping back in and out trying to prove himself, will the broken be fixed again ?


9. Minnesota Madness

After the hour-long drive, they got to St Cloud to their parents new home which looked surprisingly nice house. After leaving Marzia in the car with Grace so she could try and fix their problems on their own, her mom answered the door. "Oh my god, Emilia! What are you doing here?" Alessandra asked, ushering her in from the cold Minnesota weather. "I don't have class until Tuesday cos of exam prep so we came to visit." Emilia explained. "We?" She asked confused. "I brought Marzia and Grace." She said. "Bring them inside, they'll catch cold! Go get your bags I'll come and help you." Alessandra said, slipping on some shoes and heading out to their rental car. 

After hauling case after case inside, Marzia went upstairs with Grace to vacate the rooms that would have been there's. "So Emilia, what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?" Her father sarcastically said. "Cut the crap dad, I want to sort things out." She said. "You've broke up with him haven't you?" Michael said. "No, well not yet. He didn't turn up to Gracie's doctors appointment and that proved he's a bit of a deadbeat." Emilia said. "Emilia, I made it clear that I wasn't picking up the pieces if you broke up so I don't think you should be here." Michael said. "Dad just hear me out! I miss you guys and so does Gracie, all I want is for us to be able to visit and fix things between us overtime. Maybe when I finish school, I'll apply for the University of Minnesota to do nursing because that's my dream." Emilia explained. "Emilia, that's great darling!" Alessandra said, hugging her daughter. "No Al, stop. Emilia, no matter how high your planning to strive I'm not having you back in my house after what you've said to me!" Michael yelled before storming out. Emilia then began to cry. "Oh darling. Its all right, dads just upset with you." Alessandra said, comforting her daughter. "God mom, can't you try and change him. I've made a huge mistake and all I wanted was to try and fix me and Josh but it hasn't worked." She sobbed. "Emilia, I just don't think dads up to talking right now. I'm sure whilst your here he will open up more." She said. "You think?" She sniffed. "I'm sure he will. I'll talk to him darling. Now go and get Gracie, I'm sure he'd like to see her." She ordered, Emilia heading upstairs too her room to get Grace and to change.

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