Fixing The Broken?

Emilia Castellano is stuck with a relationship that's rapidly breaking down and a decision that needs to be made: To stay with older boy Josh or get him out of her life as he's just slowing it down. All Emilia wants is for Josh to settle down, even of he's only 18, and show himself a good father to their 6 month old baby girl, Grace. Even though Emilia is still 16 and trying to be a good role model for her child and wants Josh to see that. But with years of Josh swooping back in and out trying to prove himself, will the broken be fixed again ?


6. Let Me Go!

Surprisingly enough, Emilia's meeting was with her parents in the office. She walked in to see her mom and dad sat on two seats in the principals office, Alessandra crying and Michael looking like he wanted to cry but kept his army captain cool. "Oh my god, I'm not doing this here!" She yelled, turning on her heel before Mr Appleton grabbed her shoulder an ushered her to a seat beside her mom and dad. 

"Now Emilia, I hear that you've left home over a little disagreement with your mom and dad." Mr Appleton sternly said. "A little disagreement! They were gonna move me to Minnesota, away from my friends and my baby's dad and my life!" Emilia yelled. "Emilia, I think you should really listen to your parents. For all you know, the news you won't let them deliver might be good for you." "Go on then dad, what's the 'good' news you have to tell me." Emilia said. "Mil, as your mom told you I applied for a transfer close to here so I can commute to work from here everyday. My transfer requests were to San Bernardino, Palm Springs, San Jose, Oakland, here and Palo Alto and I got granted a transfer to Palm Springs, San Jose or Oakland." Michael explained. "So which one did you go for dad?" She asked, scratching her wrist. "Palm Springs. Only an hour away." He said. "That's great dad. But I'm not moving if your going out there and I'm not sure I wanna move back in. I like having some freedom and being able to act like an adult." She explained. "If that's how you feel then so be it. But if something happens between you and Josh, don't expect me to pick up the pieces." He said, walking out of the office leaving Alessandra crying next to Emilia.

"Mom stop crying, dad's an idiot about things like this!" Emilia said, comforting her mom. "No Emilia." She said wiping her tears away. "Your the one being stupid. He's done everything he can for you and your siblings and your just turning him away and not giving him a chance!" Alessandra shouted, leaving the office following her husband. "I'm sorry for the troubles sir. I've leave you in peace." Emilia said heading to class but as she walked along the hallway, the tears came flooding out.

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