What if

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1. What if

 What if one day we are all gone and the only thing we have left behind is our name, the inevitability of that happening is pretty certain might I add. Imagine if we didn't leave behind our personalities, looks, facts, nothing but our names, would the next generation of the human race ever know the difference?

When I look back fifty years ago all I see are people with names in war photographs with no stories to tell, no personality or character. I mean yes, we have all heard old stories but can you truly say that you experienced an overwhelming feeling while listening to them? or was it just another old story before you were born so you don't really have interest in it. How can this be that we constantly ignore this horrible fact. If you hear a story is it not the thrill of it to be able to feel and experience what that character or person is going through? that's where people begin to feel the emotion of love towards story telling and reading. 

Nothing will ever change, this is a scary fact and the realization of this needs to come from within one another and if it doesn't, nothing will ever change or even matter one hundred years from now.

What if we did something so significant in this life that people will remember us one hundred years from now and not just a face from a photograph but an actual presence, what if this special gift is inside each one of us and we just have to find it and release it, I have come to the conclusion that if nothing is ever done about it today, nothing will ever be done about it tomorrow.

What if it is inside of you to change how the world views things. What if we are put on this earth to do one hugely positive thing in this life and when we achieve this nothing will ever matter more than that one positive thing because my friend I urge you, you will be dead long enough.







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