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that was the first time i genuinely felt like i belonged | a harry styles fanfiction by r.c. (please keep in mind that my first language isn't english)


2. one



[     ]


i first saw you, sitting there with a book a few centimeters from your face. you didn't look very smart, you just looked confused by the way you wrinkled your nose, and how you squinted with your eyes. 


but you looked pretty, even though you didn't realise i was looking at you. everyone in the world could've probably looked at you right in that moments without you even lifting your gaze. you didn't realise a thing. i thought it was cute.


everyday you had a different book in front of you. the first day i saw you were reading a biography about abraham lincoln, and the next you had a science fiction books from the eighties in front you, captured by its words. 


i didn't have any courage to talk to you. i've always been afraid, shy.

but you, you scared me to death. i would rather dig a hole and bury myself that i would talk to you, but you were so concentrated and you fascinated me so much.


you had brown hair, light brown - just like milchocolate. and your eyes, they were the best part of the way you looked. they were always full of stories, and they were much older than the rest of your body. dark green as the grass in early fall, og the leaves in late summer.


you had cute chubby cheeks and a little button nose. i really liked your botton nose feature.


oh how i couldn't stop looking at you. i was probably creepy. no, not probably - i was creepy. very. i came to the library, sitting in the cornor and drinking coffee from my snowmanmug while reading books, and every fifteen minutes i would look at her, and she didn't move unless she finished her book.


i liked reading, but i was not very good at it. all my life i had had problems with reading. english had never been my best subject, but i still liked it. 

reading was something i'd always liked but as i told, i've never been good at it. so it took me ages to finish a book, which made me spend more time at the library - which was where i saw her. so it was for my luck in the end that i had absolutely no reading ability.


the librarians where nice to me, and after two weeks of coming there every monday, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday they knew my name. 


i surprisingly quickly felt at home in the library. it was pretty, with a mahogony staircase up to all the historical booksections, and the sofas were imitated leather. 

the shelves were a dark wooden color and full of every type of book. i loved it.


one day i finally picked up all the courage i had.

and i talked to you.


x x x

im currently just sitting here, watching superfruit. hope you enjoyed the first chapter. 

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