Life Happens

This is the second book in the Impossible Love series. What will happen years after harry has left to pursue his adventurous music career as one fifth of One direction and decides to finally return to Julia. Will she except him back into her life, or will she except the fact that life happens and leave what's past in the past.


3. What's wrong?

              I got into the passengers seat of Harry's car and he slammed the door behind me causing me to jump in my seat. I then watched him walk around the car and get into the drivers seat. He started the car and without a word, he started driving down the road.

             " What's wrong?" I asked him lightly caressing his shoulder with my right hand. I had never seen Harry this angry it was weird and alien to me. He just ignored me and kept driving. " Seriously Harry, the silent treatment. What are we three?" I stated removing my hand from his shoulder now angry at him for ignoring me and looked out the passengers side window.

            " Why do you think I'm angry Julia. I mean seriously. I can't believe you actually kissed him, and here I thought that you loved me and that you'd never cheat on me. I guess I was wrong." He said as he continued driving.

             " Harry, don't be ridiculous. I love you more than anything." I said. " But, when your locked inside of a janitors closet and kissed your brain really doesn't have a whole lot of time to process the situation." I looked over at him and it seemed that he had started to relax a bit. " Plus it was just a regular kiss. No tongue I promise." His face started to lift a little and he smiled over at me.

             " I still can't believe that Niall of all people would try to steal my girl though." He said and started laughing which confused me. " No pun intended." He said. " Seriously, he's one of my best mates."

           " Well Mr. Styles, you've got nothing to worry about. No one could ever come close to you in my eyes." I said smiling at him. " Where we going?" I asked looking at the road.

         " To my new house." He said grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers together. " You have to see where you're going to live for the rest of your life."


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