Life Happens

This is the second book in the Impossible Love series. What will happen years after harry has left to pursue his adventurous music career as one fifth of One direction and decides to finally return to Julia. Will she except him back into her life, or will she except the fact that life happens and leave what's past in the past.


2. What did you say?

                The rest of that night went by so fast. It was as if the ten years had never happened and everything was the same. Other then the fact that Zayn was now engaged and Niall was a total ladies man. Louis was also dating a beautiful girl. I believe her name is Eleanor. Louis had shown me a picture of her earlier. She couldn't be there because of some type of modeling job that she had in the states. Even Liam is doing well in the dating world. It's a miracle how much they have grown up in so little time.

              " What are you thinking about Jul's?" Niall said happily tapping me on the nose.

            " Nothing." I said unsure of myself. Niall raised an eyebrow at me and I said. " Fine. I was just thinking about how much all of you have grown up since I've seen you last."

            Zayn smiled at me. " Well, it has been ten years and I really only started to grow up when I met Perrie. God, I really couldn't find a girl that could ever even compare to you until I found her." 

          I smiled at him. " Okay, I have to say it." Amanda looked at me like what the fuck are you about to do. " I like how much you've changed Zayn. She's really helped you for the best. I mean your new found cuteness is just killing me." I started laughing and Zayn made a pouty face. 

          " I am not cute." Zayn stated as if he were a two year old.

          " Oh trust me honey. You are." Amanda said quietly as if she didn't mean to say it out loud. Everyone looked at her shocked and her face went bright red. " Oh shit, was that out loud?" Everyone shook their heads as to say yes. " Sorry." She said in a high pitched squeaky voice.

           I could feel her embarrassment flowing out of her body so I said. " Lighten up Manda. I'll be the first to admit that all five of these guys are fit as shit." Everyone started laughing, except for Niall who stayed quiet and just blushed. It was so adorable. " Oh my god, Niall actually still blushes."

          At this all four of the other boys looked over at Niall shocked. " Not usually." Louis said in a whisper. " This is amazing!" He shouted poking Niall making him even more embarrassed.  

         " Stop it." Niall said angrily swatting Louis' hand away. " I guess it's just the ten year tease that's getting the best of me." He said looking at me trying to pin it on me and make it my fault.

        I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. " Do you mind telling me what this one year tease is?" I stated. He got even more red. Did he really expect me to remember something that happened ten years ago? Really back then I was more focused in the love that I had for Harry then anything that happened between the other boys, and I.

       " You really don't remember?" He quizzed me frowning a little bit. " Come on Jul's. Think back to the day we left. What happened?"

       I frowned at him not wanting to remember. " Um... Well.. I was in detention with Zayn over a stupid love letter that he wrote to me. He was talking about the fact that if he was younger he would have kissed me. Then I was walking in the hall and was pulled into a janitors closet by someone and I was freaking scared until they turned the light on. It was you. You said 'I'm sorry Jul's. I just have to.' Then you..." My face went white like I was going to be sick.

       Niall laughed at my and said. " Exactly, I kissed you, and you kissed me back."

       " Well, in my defence I had no fucking idea what was going on. On top of that I was planning on punching you in the face. That was until you dropped the bomb and told me you were leaving. Yay, my angriness was gone and replaced with sadness in 0.0001 seconds." I stated matter of factly trying to defend myself.

       Niall frowned. " It still didn't give you a reason to kiss me back. You could have pushed me away if you really wanted. But, thanks. You were the first girl that I actually kissed, started the chain of possibilities."

       I looked at him now my face turning red thinking of all the poor girls that he likely deflowered because of me. " I think I'm going to be sick." I stated backing up slowly.

       " Do you know what the stupid thing is?" Niall questioned me as he walked slowly towards me. " After all the one night stands and short flings, I still only crave you. Your mouth, your mind, your body, you."

       At this a very angry Harry stepped in. " What did you just say Niall?"

       Niall smirked at Harry saying. " I want to fuck your girl."

       Harry looked at me then back at Niall. " I don't fucking think so. She's mine. Always was, and will be forever."

        Niall gave a deep menacing laugh saying. " We'll see about that."

       Harry looked at me and said. " Lets go. We have a lot to discuss." With that we left leaving Amanda in the mall with the other five boys. Honestly leave it up to Niall to fuck up a good night.  


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