Life Happens

This is the second book in the Impossible Love series. What will happen years after harry has left to pursue his adventurous music career as one fifth of One direction and decides to finally return to Julia. Will she except him back into her life, or will she except the fact that life happens and leave what's past in the past.


1. Keeping the promise

        " Julia." I heard my friend Amanda shout from down stairs. " It's almost time to leave." She screamed at me from the top of her lungs.

       " Give me a second." I insisted. It was so like Amanda to be pushy and demanding all the time. But, when you don't have any other friends, you learn to put up with it. I ran down the stairs at high speed almost knocking her over.

   " Seriously," She complained. " You aren't a teenager anymore Juls you're a freaking adult. Start acting like one."

    " Okay Mom, whatever you say." I snapped at her annoyed. Ever since Harry left I developed an attitude. I knew that since he couldn't protect me anymore, I had to protect myself. That was the only way I really knew how. " So, where are you taking me? You never quite said."

     " It's a surprise." She told me her eyes lighting up like she was about to go down the first drop of a roller coaster.

      " Really." I rolled my eyes at her. " Who's acting like the teenager now?" I stuck out my tongue at her and she rolled her eyes at me now.

      " Still you." She laughed at me. " Now get your ass into my car or we'll be late." She demanded pushing me out of the door. She really knew how to be a total bitch when she wanted to. I slowly made my way to her car, and slowly settled myself into her front seat. We drove for about 25 minutes in complete silence. Neither of us wanting to break the irritated tension that was evident. This always happens when we are in a rush because she is way to overly punctual. She believes that if you don't arrive at least 30 minutes early then you're late. To tell you the truth it's just annoying.

      We pulled up to the mall and I looked at her as to say. " Really, this is your surprise. You take me to a freaking mall and expect me to bow down to your feet in joy. Ha yay no." She sighed and said. " It's not the freaking mall you idiot. Well, it is the mall but, we're not going shopping. It is something that will make you one thousand times happier."

     I said. " Okay. Now I'm intrigued. What's so important that's in the mall."

    " You'll see." She smiled kindly at my cooperation. 

      We both got out of the car and she grabbed my arm dragging me quickly towards the entrance of the mall. As we walked through the heavy steal doors, I noticed to lines of girls. " What is going on?" I ceased in panic. As we walked towards the line that had said VIP. There was about 20 other girls in this line and we were all lined up in front of a large store with white paper covering all of the windows. All of the sudden the doors opened and a big built security guard lead us into the room.

      I closed my eyes for a second as I entered the room and took a deep breathe in. Amanda leaned into my ear and said. " Juls, open your eyes. Everything is okay." I opened my eyes slowly and there he was, standing in front of me, the love of my life. I started backing up towards the door in shock. He hadn't seen me yet so maybe I have time to escape.  

     Just then he turned around and his eyes caught mine. " Julia," He said in a whisper. " Is that you?" At this the whole room went silent and everyone turned to face me.  

     I didn't know what to do so, I just stood there frozen in place. I glanced over at Amanda as to say 'help me.' She understood immediately and said. " Yep, that's her. Hi, I'm Amanda, her best friend."  

    Harry Smiled at me and all of a sudden I felt someone practically jump on my back. " Julia I missed you so much!" Louis shouted in my ear. I started to cry to myself and Louis turned me around quickly wiping the tears from my eyes. " What's wrong Juls?" He said anxiously. Louis really hadn't changed at all since he left. He was still his carefree usual childish self. I loved this kid so much. Well, I guess I really can't call him a kid anymore he is 33 after all.

     I smiled widely at him and said. " Nothings wrong Louis. I'm just really happy to see you guys. I missed you all so much." Out of nowhere I felt two strong familiar arms wrap around my body and immediately knew it was Harry. " Hi" I said smiling up at him. " How's life?"

       " Suckish without you." He said making me smile like my 17 year old self. He kissed my nose and I closed my eyes missing the feeling of his lips. I showed him the ring on my finger and he smiled letting a tear slide down his face. He then showed me a ring on his finger that had my name engraved into it. " I had it made in L.A to remind me of the promise we made. I wear it everyday. Every time I look at it I wander 'what is Juls doing right now?' and just imagining you at home waiting for me, gets me through the day."   

       " Just curious," I said smiling up at him. " How much longer do I have to wait? When are you coming home, for good?" I suddenly felt a sick feeling filling up in my stomach afraid that he would say never or I don't know.

         The anticipation was killing me until he smiled widely at me kissing my lips saying." Juls, no more waiting." I looked at him confused and he kissed my lips again before saying. " We're back. I'm home." 


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