The Fantastical World of Liddy LaSore

Liddy is not in her right mind. When her dreams start to become reality it is up to her to save both the fictional and non fictional world of her life.


6. 6.

I hit the floor hard and the constant beeping of my alarm clock is making my head pound. It’s only Thursday. I get up and read the clock, announcing that it is just barely after sunrise and I have to still go to school. I run to the shower and hop into the cold spray, awakening me from the slumber that once encompassed me and my thoughts. I take the time to deep clean my hair, thinking that today might be a good day and I will need it.

    As I step out and wrap the warm towel around me, I look at myself in the mirror and facing me is an unhappy, tired looking face. The thoughts of trying to be positive are gone and have been replaced by the eternal need to sleep. I walk to my room, leaving a trail of drips on the wood floor. Inside my closet, I see the designer names that my mom had bought me for this year, all sparkly and girly. But I shove past them, taking a pair of leggings and the warmest sweater I can find and even dress it up with a scarf. I throw what little effort into my hair with a disgustingly messy bun. But I do take the time to add a swipe of mascara and in the 20 minutes I took to get ready, I still look like I always do; boring, and tired. And I am okay with that.

    I take my keys and my bag, walk into the girls rooms, kiss them goodbye and head off to school. I know mother at least cares somewhat for the twins and always manages to get them to school on time.

The twenty minute drive brings me to school and I walk through the doors at 7:22 with eight minutes to spare before class. I walk the hall ominously, avoiding the swarms of people who have gathered in the most inconvenient places. I watch them, trying to put myself in their shoes. Some people are sadder than others, maybe had a rough morning, others are happy, probably received a good grade. Then there is me; nothing to be sad about but nothing to be happy for. I am just normal. Yes, I don’t have the best home life but it could be worse. My grades are okay I don’t have a reason to be moping around in my own self-created pity when there are more important problems in the world.

So I stop pitying. And someone knocks into me and I am in the floor and pitying myself.

I look up.

The nerdy glasses that are watching me belong to non-other than Sam. He smiles down at me. I smile back.

“Sorry. I really didn’t mean to knock into you. Are you ok?” he asks as he helps me to my feet.

“Yeah, just a little embarrassed” I tell him, cheeks heating up.

“Why are you embarrassed? I bumped into you and you fell. It’s a practically normal high school experience” he responds. His hand pulls me to my feet and lingers there.

“Thanks”, I say, “I am also just clumsy so that factored in.”

“Aren’t we all?”

The bell rings.

“I will see you later, Liddy. Sorry I bumped into you.”

“It’s all good, Sam,” I hesitate but don’t say what I really want to. He turns and walks the opposite way down the hallway. I turn and start to make my way towards class, keeping my head down and keeping to myself. I glance up and see a boy with gorgeous features coming at me and as he approaches, he smiles and I go weak. His face has some scuff on it, but there was something in his hair that was lighter and as he passed and I checked out his backside, I saw wings where a backpack should be.

I blinked.

There is now a backpack on his back.

I shake my head and go back to walking to class. I walk in, take my seat in physics and listen to the droning one of the teacher talking about the something of velocity. All stuff I don’t need in life. My eyes start to drift close and soon I am gone

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