Someone at your feet


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You bring out the someone,

In me who I want to be.

The someone, tipsy

On the rooftops of Paris.

The someone contented

On a Sunday morning  bed.

 The someone depressed,

On the brink of enlightenment,

On the brink of knowing.

Someone who’s old.

Someone’s who’s wise.

Someone experienced

In the ways of the world.

Destructive love created

A Someone out of me.

Someone to walk on,

To trample, to crush, to destroy.

To make a someone of steel

 And of lust.

A someone worth time,

Worth money, worth oblivion.

What use is it being when

You’re not being exploited?

You’ve given me scars of worth.

What’s worth exploring is the used.

See what someone you created,

Out of me.

What’s worth is seeing  a woman being all she can be

And making more out of her.

How dare you want what’s best for me,

To care for me, to nourish me.

To water my soul-

I want fire.

Just take me already.

Emancipate me. 

Why do you have my best interests at heart?

Just have me at heart.

Have me at soul.

Have me at spirit.

Abandon yourself to me.

You’re my vice, my saviour,

This is my desire,

To be broken by you.

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