It's never simple (Dylan O'Brien

Lottie Millers, Just transferred from London. She's completely new, no one knows her, she's looking forward to finding new friends at her new mixed school in which she finds weird considering she's from an all girls boarding school. She plans on working on her grades and getting through the last year of school. She meets Stiles on her first day of school, He leads her in the right direction.
Teen wolf names like Stiles and Scott, Lydia, Allison, Derek and Issac. THIS WILL NOT BE SUPERNATURAL. The story doesn't follow teen wolf, it will only have their charactors, so you don't need to know the story lines:)


1. new girl

Chapter One

Lottie walked through the crowded school corriders, she had no idea what she was doing or where she was going. she brushed past different people trying to find the head office, she has been walking for like 20 minutes trying to find it, been new sucks. she gripped her bag tighter and looked to her left to try find any sign to show her instructions to the main office, she walked straight into someone and fell to the floor. "Oh jesus, I'm sorry, here let me help you, I wasn't watching" she heard a voice say. she looked up to see the biggest brown eyes. "Uh, thanks sorry I wasn't watching either" she stuttered out as she stood from the floor, Lottie could feel the blush forming on her cheeks. He smiled "hey are you new? I'm Stiles" he held his hand out for me to shake, "yeah, I just transferred Im Lottie" she smiled before shaking his hand back. "Oh cool, do you need help or anything?" he asked, "yes actually! where the hell is the head office?" "your going the wrong way" he laughed, "your joking" I sighed, "No, I'm going that way though, I can show you?" he smiled showing his teeth, jesus he is beautiful.she thought looking at him"yes, please " she smiled.

She turned on her heel and walked side by side with Stiles, "So where are you from?" he smiled, "straight from an all girls boarding school in London" Lottie said as they turned down the next and there was the massive HEAD OFFICE sign, that Lottie passed 3 times already that morning. "All girls? seems fun, here you go, do you need me to wait or anything?" he asked. "um, No thank you so much" she smiled. "Well you come find me if you need any help" he smiled before spotting a dark haired boy, "Scott!" he shouted, "catch you later Lots" he shot me a toothy grin before running to the dark haired boy. 'Lots' Nobody has called Lottie that since she left her boarding school 3 months ago. She sat outside the office, she thought about her eventful morning. At least she knew one person.

"Who was that?"Scott asked Stiles as he caught up with him, "Oh, Lottie eh I have no idea what her second name is, she's new here just transferred from London, she seems cool" he grinned, "she's hot man" Scott said, "yes, she is" Stiles smiled looking back to where Lottie had now taking a seat outside the office, her long brown swept to the side she looks deep in thought. "who's hot?" Lydia walked up beside Scott, "the new girl" Scott said pointing back towards the head office, "Oh, have you's met her?" Lydia asked eyeing Stiles, "I have, she's cool" he smiled before stopping at his locker. He unlocked it and grabbed his Econ book. He threw it in to his bag. They headed to their first Econ class of the year. Fun.

Lottie sat and waited until a woman with black hair pulled into a ponytail on her head, wearing a grey knee skirt and blazer. "Hello, you must be Charlotte, I'm Mrs Kelly, You are very welcome here, follow me and I'll get you your schedule" she smiled brightly at Lottie before walking to the office.

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