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in which she spills water on him during a concert. [all rights reserved]


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finally, she would be seeing her favorite band, in downtown, for the first time in years. she had been the biggest fan they had ever had. she had their merch, she had her songs purchased legally on her phone, and her room felt like a temple for them. 

but she was scared. she only had one ticket, since her bestfriend didn't have enough money to buy the seats she had. her older sister didn't like the downtown. she would be going alone. 

"nova!" her older sister, noelle, screamed at the top of her lungs from downstairs. she closed up her small stringbag and opened it once again while jogging down the stairs to see if she had her essentials inside. her polaroid, her wallet, her phone and a small water bottle just in case. 

"you're, like, 2 minutes late," noelle told her little sister, checking the tip of her nails if they were broken or not. nova checked the time on the clock near the fridge if they were already late. 

"c'mon, the concert starts at 8 pm."

"it's 6:10."

"you two should go now," their mother, miriam, encouraged as she emerged from upstairs with their youngest brother, nathan, in her arms. he waved at his older sisters. 

noelle sashayed towards the car, and nova followed lamely after her extravagant sister. noelle was her designated driver, since nova was only 17. she was turning 18 on november(hence her name nova) and that was in 10 months. nova had no driver's license, since she was too lazy to get one. 

the venue was 30 minutes away. at 6:40 they will be there and she will have an hour and 10 minutes to wait. 

on the way there, noelle had sung horribly the lyrics of popular the 1975 songs. in addition to that, she even said the wrong lyrics. nova couldn't wait for the moment she would step out of the cramped car. 

"bye elle," nova said nonchalantly and slammed the door shut when she stepped down the car in front of the stadium. she pulled out her wallet and slung her stringbag on her shoulders, making her way into the small food stands. it was only 6:45 and the doors will open at 7:20. from outside, she could hear the live melodic voices of the 4-piece band rehearsing. she saw many devoted fans like her, both men and women, outside waiting. she got a hotdog and sat down, scrolling through her twitter feed whilst waiting for addy, her best friend, to reply to her. 

addy: yo slr hi nova

addy: ur there alrdy??? omG

nova: no shit sherlock

addy: i'm soRRY i couldn't go

nova: it's alright!!!!!!

nova: i hope i find a friend here ??

addy: tru

addy: ugh my brother is forcing me to go wth him to ian's house tf gtg

nova: goodbye adelaide

nova: hope u get adeLAIDe

addy: pls stop

addy: ian's 20 


addy: bye supernova

nova: thx

nova continued eating her hotdog whilst finishing a fanfic in wattpad. finally, it was 7:15 so she lined up and while lining up, she had talked to a few fans about how hot brandon, the bassist, was. others talked about the drummer, james, and the guitarists, drake and jake.

the concert hasn't even started, yet she was already having fun.



my first chapter!!! oh god, this is some total new shit for me, since i'm used to wattpad.


wattpad: teasingluke

twitter: baimoji


alright, see ya'll later!!!! :) -v

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