How? [A Calum Hood fanfiction]

Kylie was having an amazing life until something happens... But then her best friend saved her life and it gets very romantic and heated from there but things change there life! Read to find out what happens


4. What The Hell

~Kylie's POV~

I can't stop crying and thinking about what he did! My life is ruined and I mean it this time! I can't handle this I can't I need it I need to cut. I heard it works but I don't know I've never cut. I will just draw. I would go on a run but im kinda disabled. I wheeled to my room grabbed my sketch book and pencils. I didn't know what to draw so I just closed my eyes and let my hands do whatever. I still can't get over him! This isn't working! So I opened my eyes and wow umm yeah I can't get over him! I fucking drew him! So I screamed and chucked the paper across the room.


"I will be out in a minute." I stuttered

I rolled out to see Luke messing with the TV, Micheal and Ash on the couch talking, and Chloe in the kitchen getting out all the ice cream toppings.

"I really think you guys are trying to get me fat sometimes I really do!"

"No! Well I guess you are disabled and can't go to the gym and play soccer." Said Mikey

"Come make your sundaes, and I got yours ky. I know you want chocolate and vanilla ice cream with cookie dough, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, crushed Oreos, and 4 cherries!" Said Chloe

"I think you stalk me I bet there is a camera in this pillow!" I said hitting the pillow.

"I GOT THE MOVIE TO WORK!" Screamed Luke as he was jumping up and down.

"Now pause it!" I said

"Umm suuuure... Got it!"

"Okay sounds good just help me on the couch and let everyone sit down or should you guys go yell at Cal then we watch the movie?" I asked with a shaky voice

"Whatever you want ky." Said ash

"I know what I want and I want luke to come with."

"Umm okay?" Said luke

"I want you to take me to Cal's. We need to talk and I might need you there if something goes wrong like gabby. She might be there!"

"Okay. Let's go. Just put our sundaes in the ice box!"

"Okay bye!" Said Chloe with here booming voice

He pushed me out the door. Good Gabby's car wasn't there! Maybe Calum kicked her out?

"You sure you want to do this?" Ask Luke as we rang the door bell.

"Yes. I can't just cry for the rest of my life knowing I didn't do anything about it." I replied as Cal opened the door.

"Kylie? Luke? Umm come in? And we need to talk like bad!"

I could tell he was crying. He had a tear stained face and like 20 blankets on the couch to engulf himself in. There were shattered picture frames and a few other broken things.

"C-Calum I need to talk to you" i said crying

"I need to talk to you too. Luke could you go to the other room?" Said Calum

"Ahh sure." Said luke in a worried voice

"Kylie it wasn't at all what it looked like I promise you! She came over and started talking about you saying that your not good enough. So I said no she's perfect to me and you need to get out she will be here any second! Then she said oh well! Then you came in and she threw herself on me and started kissing me and I couldn't get her off! Then you were yelling at me and left, she just laughed. I yelled at her saying GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE AND IF YOU EVER CONE CLOSE TO KYLIE OR I YOUR HEAD WILL BE IN YOUR ASS! So she walked out and I just cried and was angry that I let her in! As you can see by the broken things. So please don't hate me. Because u love you with all my heart!"

"Calum I didn't know that's what happened I should have listened to you! But you need to like boil you lips before I kiss you again because that bitch touched them!"

"Yeah I know she tasted like cigarettes and it felt like kissing a dog!"

"Would you want to come over we all are watching movies and eating sundaes!"

"I would love to! LUKE YOU CAN COME OUT NOW!"

"So are you two made up?" Asked luke

" YEP!" I said grabbing Cal's hand. This felt right being with him. I bent down to fix my sock when...

"Fuck!" I screamed

"What?" Asked cal

"Well umm OW HOLLY SHIT! I think my stitches re opened!"

"We have to go to the hospital now! But first I should look?" Said Luke

"Yeah maybe you should look."

"Yeah I will get my car and Chloe then tell Mikey and Ash to follow!"

"FUCKING HURRY! I am like in a lot of pain! Cal get a rag or something!"

"Okay here take this!" He said handing me his shirt

"Like what you see?" He asked

"Yeah I do but get a shirt on!" I shouted holding my back

"Let's go you two!" Shouted Ash pushing me out of the house.

"Lay me in the back seat! Have cal sit by me somehow to put pressure on my back!"

"Okay I will get him!"

~Calum's POV~

I just threw on a shirt I didn't even pay any attention to which on it was!


"COMMING! How bout you push me!"

He zoomed out of the house.

"Oh ky baby calm down Cal Pal is here I am really sorry!"

"Just put pressure on the area okay?"


~Kylie's POV~

I really screwed up why did I have to fix my damn sock! Good thing I have Calum back though. Now I just want to kiss him like a lot! You know what screw it! Since Cal's face is right in front of mine I will just kiss 'em!

"Ky what you th..."

I just crashed my lips onto his he was like a statue at first and then reacted. It was almost a perfect kiss if I wasn't in so much pain. Then he released slowly.

"That is what I was thinking about" i said to him


A/N good chapter? I thought it was and OMG her stitches opened up! What will happen next? Keep reading! -Kylie XOXO

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