How? [A Calum Hood fanfiction]

Kylie was having an amazing life until something happens... But then her best friend saved her life and it gets very romantic and heated from there but things change there life! Read to find out what happens


5. Update On Us? {this is not a authors note it is a chapter.}

~Calum's POV~ 

I am freaking out right now shes been in there for an hour and a half! The doctor came out some time ago and said that she is getting some surgery and x-ray's done to make sure the glass is out. He also said she lost quite a bit of blood but was lucky she didn't go into a coma. I just want her to be okay and I wish this never would have happened that we could still play soccer but we can't!

"Kylie's family and friends?" said a doctor

"Yes?' said Kendra

"Well she is fine she is just extremely lucky. She needs to be here for a day and then she is free to leave if the follow up opointment goes well. You are welcome to come and see here but only three of you can come." Kendra obviously went and she wanted Chloe and I to come to see here. The good thing is while we were waiting my doctor said I will be getting my cast off anytime! And Kylie has three weeks still.

"Hey" said Kylie I'm surprised that she is still up after all the medication she was given!

"Hi!" Chloe said almost yelling!

"Hey sweetheart I'm happy your doing okay!" said Kendra that means I'm next!

"Hey babe I have some good news!"

"Whoah did you say goo news? Okay please amuse me because all that i have gotten recently was good news!

"Well I can get my cast off anytime and you still have a few weeks for you casts!" I about flipped out after he said that!

"Wow that is good news!" I literally started crying because I was so i happy!

"Come here Ky." Said Calum waving me over to him and i scooted a touch closer to him. "Calum I'm so happy that your mine and I'm yours, also that we are good and made up and we will be out of our casts soon!" I told him tearing up some more. "I am too, I love you so damn much Kylie." He said lightly kissing me on the lips.

~next day~

~Kylie's POV~

I am getting released in an hour and I can't wait! I just want to have a normal life again but that seems impossible. I want one of my dreams to come true but there is always singing. Calum says I'm good but I don't think so but I could give it a try I finally got home and when I got there Chloe was in my room listening to some awesome music! So I started singing along too!

"Kylie I am so happy you are back!"

"Me too Chlo me too." I said looking around my room as if I just had moved in or something.

"Hey want to talk about everything?" she asked with a look of concern on her face.

"Yeah I do, I need too." I told her everything that she might not know, and she told me everything that I am missing and have missed.

"Kylie everyone misses you like a lot. They keep asking about you."

"Okay, well lets do something about that like lets make a video and post it on Facebook and Twitter then put links on our Instagram's."

"I like that idea Ky lets do it." I found my camera and we went outside where it was nice. After we found a spot we set the camera up.

"Wait! Lets get  Calum too he is and was a big part of this." I said so Chloe pushed me over to his and she knocked on the door. Calum answered. "Calum you know how everyone keeps asking about us? Well we are going to answer them so come with me." I told him as I started wheeling towards my house and then Calum followed with Chloe behind us. We arrived to my backyard Calum and I side by side holding hands. "Okay so we are going to answer questions from our friends and a few of you fans we will post the video on YouTube and add them onto Faceboook and Twitter then links on Instagram." I told him. "I like the idea... Chloe hit it!" the camera started and I waited a few seconds before saying anything.

"Hey everyone who is watching you all have been asking questions about Calum and I. We decided to answer some for you." I took a breath and then waited a second to say anything else. "So one frequently asked question was what were you injuries? So I broke my right leg in 4 places and glass in my back, the stitches opened up so I had to go to the hospital the other day. Then Calum broke his right leg in 2 places and broke his arm." I said while pointing to our injuries. 

"One question that a lot of my fans asked are you and Kylie dating? The answer is yes we are dating." He smiled during the last part.

"Another question was when will we be back to school? We are hoping soon." I answered.

"This one was probably the most asked, what is going to happen with soccer? The question was something along the lines of that the most of the time. Well our scholar ships where canceled but the school still wants us to be captains. At the moment most of you know the co-captains are taking over until we are back which still hoping really soon." said Calum.

"So that will be all the questions if you want to know what's going on just message one of us and we will answer! So thanks everyone and hopefully see you soon." I said while we both waved to the camera. Then Chloe ended it. 

"Hey I am going to upload this to you laptop Ky, so you two umm can yea just do whatever, talk, kiss, and well yeah." said Chloe walking away, damn she is weird.

"SO when do you get you casts off?" I asked my Cal Pal

"Well in a week because I want to get the casts off at the same time, then I will have a boot on my leg but my arm should be fine. Well that's what my doctor said." he said smiling a mile wide.

"That's awesome Cal! I have three weeks sadly...then I will also have a boot but less than two weeks to get my stitches out! But when you get you casts off should we go back to school cal?"

"Ky that's not too bad and yeah we need to get back." He said looking at the ground.

"I love you Calum." I said kissing his nose.

"I love you more." He said kissing my lips lightly. I then I kissed him back harder on his lips with more passion this time. How? How am I with this amazing kind guy? We may never know but I know this is true love.



A/N Guys I know is suck I haven't updated any books in a while! I'm soo sorry! but i will try to update them all today! I had a lot of home work and still some more but I am going to finish it tonight! OIf you haven't go check out my other books and please favorite and like! Love Y'all XOXOXOXO ~Kylie

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