How? [A Calum Hood fanfiction]

Kylie was having an amazing life until something happens... But then her best friend saved her life and it gets very romantic and heated from there but things change there life! Read to find out what happens


2. My Life Is "Ruined"

~Kylie's POV~

How can this moment go away? Im soooo happy Calum likes me the way I love him.

"You moms are here" said nurse as she walked in with our mom right behind her!

"MOM!" I said to my mom still holding Cal's hand!


"Me too mom, me too."

"So you too seem umm well very attached" said Mrs. Hood

"Yeah mom we are vast friends and now we are dating isn't this what couples do?" Said call in his amazing kind voice aww man do I love him!

"So we have some new and it's not so good and it's for bit of you." Said my mom handing us both identical looking notes besides Cal's had Calum Thomas Hood and mine had Kylie Laine Swartz. Cal opened his first the. He started to cry then I new it was bad. So I opened mine just because I knew I had too.

Dear Kylie Swartz,

We have heard about the accident and we are sorry to say you scholar ship has been canceled. Once you have recovered me might re-think our choice but you don't have much time until the season is over. We do have our summer camp and you are welcome to come. If we see your playing skills are fine we will give you the scholar ship.

Thank you,

Kansas State

When I was down reading it I looked at Cal and I knew the same thing happened to him because he was crying too.

"W-w-why did t-they do this m-m-mom?!" I was crying and I am confused!

"W-what did we d-d-do wrong!" Said cal I feel worse for him and I am not sure why.

"We had called the university and they said they want a good team and you guys probably won't play the same but they are 100% sure." Said Mrs. Hood

"The high school still wants you two to be captains but you won't be able to play for a while!"said my mom

"When do we get to go?" Asked Cal

"We don't know baby but the doctor does" said Mrs. Hood

~Calums POV~

I want to get out of here! Where is the damn doctor I need to know or I'm gonna go on a rampage! No I'm calling the band to get here and al of our other friends.


"Hey luke get here as soon as possible but get Mikey, Ash, and the girls especially Chloe! So hurry up and if anyone doesn't want to here bad news DONT COME!"

Then we ended the call. Kylie looked at me in a good way like away you look at someone when you want to thank them. What are we going to tell them! I have no clue!

~Chloe's POV~

*ring ring*

Luke's calling!

"Hey babe what's up? Is it about last night?"

"NOOO but that was the vast i ever had! Well cal and ky are up an we are getting everyone to come!"

"Okay I'm On my way to the hospital! Love you babe and we need to talk a bit about last night... Don't worry im not pregnant!"

"Okay love you bye!"

Then we ended the call and we had sex last night! Man it was my fist time but his third and im not phased my it!

~last night~

Luke and I had just got back to his place from our picnic and I had a great time!

"Let's go upstairs babe and have a little it of fun." Luke said smirking at me. So i grabbed his hand and he led me upstairs. I any believe im doing this! We got to the hallway and I crashed my lips on his and we started making out and we was reaching for his door while we kissed. He carried me to his bed while kissing me. Then stated kissing my neck and giving me some hickeys all over until he found my sweet spot. I let a moan out the moment he did. Then I stared taking his shirt of then he took mine off. Then he started kissing my stomach and got to my boobs and started taking my bra off. I took his pants off while he did that he was still in his under wear then he took my skirt off showing my thong. He looked f me weirdly.

"What? Can't a girl looked good for her man?"

"Yes! You are just so good at turning me on!"

Then he kissed me on the lips and we made out for a while then I stated to take his boxers off. He took my thing off and right before he entered me I grabbed my purse and grabbed it and said "safety first!" Then he put it on and stuff happened!

~end of flashback~

~Kylie's POV~


Then I noticed Chloe just walked into Cal and i making out because our moms left to get real food!

"Sorry to interrupt you two love birds!" Said micheal making kissy faces!

"I i its okay! Stay we can resume!"


Then we told them everything! And well nobody left with grins on their faces!

A/N yeah you might be thinking sex already? Yes I know I could wait but eh! Chloe don't get pissed! So hope you like it! And yeah it's kinda short 😬! XOXOXO ~Kylie

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