How? [A Calum Hood fanfiction]

Kylie was having an amazing life until something happens... But then her best friend saved her life and it gets very romantic and heated from there but things change there life! Read to find out what happens


1. I Almost Died

"ARE YOU READY YET?!" I screamed! "Yes I am God damn!" Yelled one of my BFFs Chloe. We have a Halloween bash tonight! I can't wait we are meeting our other friend Maryaha. It's a tradition in our town for seniors! Oh yeah im also in the running for Halloween queen! And my name is Kylie Swartz! For the bash I wore a old prom dress and ripped it all up and put on some really scary makeup Chloe put on me. It complimented my blonde hair and blue eyes too! She wore something similar but her brown hair was up in a pig tails and she wore these creepy contacts over her green eyes! She looked like a possessed orphan! She looked awesome!

~skip to the Halloween bash~

"After this song we are going to announce the king and queen!" Said our principle in this attempted creepy voice! The stage lit all up! "What's going on?" I asked Maryaha "well holly shit!" She said, "yeah holly shit!" I said in return! "What?....oh!" Said Chloe "LUKEY POO!" She screamed yes they are dating! "This song goes out to my crush along with ash and mikey then Luke's girl friend!" Announced Calum so perfectly! Yes I have a major crush on him I bet im not his crush but I can't help it! I've known him since I was like born his family is really close with mine and we are neighbors! They started singing END UP HERE! That's my favorite song!

~the crowning~

"Now it's time for what we have been waiting for all night! Let's bring up our prom queen nominees!" I walked on stage hoping i will get picked! "Third place out of seven is Macy McCoy!" Macy was a good friends of mine in 8th grade! I clapped politely for her! "Second iiiiiiiisss Jessica Kane!" I relly dont know Jessica shes in my PE class and Math. "We will announce our queen at the same time as our king It's any of these five girls on my left of me!" Oh my god I can get it! "Our king nominees lease come to the stage! Third place is Jason Heaver followed up by Luke Hemmings!" I heard Chloe scream across the room! "Now our king and queen! Please congratulate Kylie Swartz and Calum Hood!"what did he just say? I'm queen with my best friend aka my crush! "Kylie may I take this dance?" ask Cal "of course!" we danced all night he even told me i was beautiful! I told him he was scary! He had cuts all over and he was in like a prince costume so I assume he is a zombie prince! Or king now! Hehehhe!

~after the bash/ trick or treating~

"come on guys" i said as i turned around facing my friends including Cal. Then i heard a car horn i looked and saw lights! "KYLIE!" yelled Calum sprinting to me! Then it was all black...

~Chloes POV~

We have been waiting att he hospital for a couple of hours. Both Ky and Calum. I have been crying all night I can't stop I need to know what happened! Her parents don't even know! Oh my god I need to call them now!

C=Chloe K=Kendra(kylies mom)

C- Kendra Kylie is in the hospital please come!

K- oh no my baby! Oh no I will be there in about 15 minutes I will get her stuff and tell Mrs. Hood!

C- okay see you in a bit! I will tell you if anything happens!

~call ended~

I then started sobbing thinking abut everything! Then I remembered Kylie and Cal won't be able to play football! She's the captain of girls and he's captain of boys! We are ruined then I sobbed harder!


"Mrs. Hood and Mrs. Swartz we need you to calm down! They are both in surgery at the moment! So please sit with everyone else!" Said the nurse at the desk "sorry they both said with a steady of stream of tears going down their face.

Then I saw Ash, Luke and Mikey Rush out of the hospital, Maryaha and I ran after them. "Where are you three going our best friends are in the damn hospital!" Maryaha said shouting so they could hear her loud and clear!

"We're going to find the guy that hit our best friends!" Yelled mikey back with tears rolling down his face. "Okay you three be safe and bring him back!" "We will no worries!"

~Luke's POV~

"Well well look who we found boys!"

"Sir get in the car immediately!" Said Ash

"Okay" he said looking at the ground knowing that he wasn't going anywhere fun!

"We are taking you to the hospital because well you caused this and well there was a stop sign! That you passed and got the prom king and queen or our best friends!"

"I aware i horribly sorry!" "Well I don't give a shit!" Said mikey he was for sure pîssed like all of us!

"We're here!"

We went inside everyone that was there for them was crying then I broke down along with ash and mikey.

"You son of a bitch! You put my son in here along with his best friend you are lucky I don't have the strength at the moment! And if I did you would be dead!" Said Cal's mom.

~nobody's POV~

"Mrs. Hood and Swartz please come with me."

"Y-y-yes Dr. Of course said Kendra."

"They both are in a coma... Calum broke a arm and his right leg is broken but in 4 places. On the other hand kylie broke her right leg in 4 places and her back had glass in it we took it out but she will have serious pain! They both are lucky. Do they play sports?"

"Yessir kylie is the girls soccer team captain and Calum is the boys" said Mrs. Hood. They will be out for the rest of the season and this will affect their playing. Im very sorry. Once again you will have to take this to court because the man in the car most likely will be paying but you two might end up paying for it." Said the doctor "thank you may we see them?" Said Kendra "yes everyone is able to go and see them now." Thank you again."

~Chloes POV~

"They are in a coma but we can go see them" said Kendra

"K-kylie I love you and Cal you need to wake up! I had pieces of the broken crowns and placed it on the table between them.

Luke took me to his house so we could comfort each other about it. Then everyone left besides Kendra and Mrs. Hood.

~Kylies POV~

Where the hell am I? Wait ow my back hurts like hell! And my leg! My leg! Oh shit! Soccer! Im ruined I can't play with a broken leg! I buzzed the office and i nurse came in.

"Your awake! I am going to get the doctor!"

"Mrs. Swartz you are up!"

"Yeah what day is it?"

"Thursday, you have been out for 6 days. Calum still isn't up yet we are a little concerned."

"Okay. Could you move my bed closer to his so I can be with him?"

"Yes shouldn't be a problem."

"Thanks dr."

"I will be back in a bit hun"

"Okay I will let the nurse know or you if he wakes up"

So the dr. Is starring at me I want him to get the hell out I wanna cry and cry and hold Cal's hand and tell him how I feel even though he can't here me.

"Well I have another patient to go to"

"Okay doc"

As soon as I couldn't here his foot steps I cried into my hands. Not knowing what to do! I guess I can "tell" cal how I feel.

"Calum you saved my life I can never repay you! You are in this hospital bed because I was stupid but it could have been the dàmn driver. But I love you cal i love you so much!" I said crying into his hand then i kissed it hoping he will wake up soon.

~Calums POV~

I hear voices, I think one is ky and the other could be a nurse or doctor.

"Okay, could you move my bed closer to his so i can be with him?" Holly shit she wants to be with me now I need to fake and good!

"Yes that shouldn't be a problem"

"Thanks dr."

"I'll be back in a bit hun"

"I will let the nurse know or you if he wakes up"

Then there was silence, absoulute silence.

"Well ummm I have another patient to go to"

"Okay" said ky

Then I head footsteps going away from where I am. And then a pause of silence...

"Calum you saved my life I can never repay you. You are in this hospital bed because I was stupid but it could have been the damn driver. But I love you cal I love you so much!" Then she started to cry into my hands kissing them. I should open my eyes. Look at her eyes and get lost in them. Now I do know she likes me I wish I did i want to make "the first move" so I will.

"Ky is that you?"

"OH MY GOD CALUM THOMAS HOOD! Your alive!" She started tearing up and that's when I crashed my lips onto hers. She stiffed up but she reacted quickly and our lips in sync. Perfect kiss. We pulled away slowly.

"I kinda heard everything u said to me when I was in a coma" with air quotes.

"Oh umm well"

"I feel the same way. In love with my queen, in pain, wondering how we got all these gifts and how we ended up here closer then I ever thought I would be with you." I said hoping for a good reaction.

"Calum I just can't beileve I waited to tell you, I would jump on you and lay with you but I'm in a a lot of fucking pain right now."

"Me too me too."

" should we call our moms?" She asked looked at our hands.

"Probably a good idea ky."

I grabbed my phone dialing my mom. It rang a few times then I heard my moms voice.



"Are you okay? Is kylie okay? Im comming!"

"Im good she's good to and okay but get Kendra too!"

"Love you baby!"

"Love you too mom!" Then I hung up.

"They will be here in a bit" i told kylie

"Okay sounds good but before they come I want to do this."

She grabbed both my hands looked at my eyes then my lips then my eyes at that moment she crashed her lips onto mine! Amazing kiss... And then we pulled away slowly.

"Kylie will you be my girlfriend?"

"I WOULD BE HONORED CALUM!" I grabbed her hand then layed back down looking at her beautiful yet brused and scratched face. 

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