How? [A Calum Hood fanfiction]

Kylie was having an amazing life until something happens... But then her best friend saved her life and it gets very romantic and heated from there but things change there life! Read to find out what happens


3. Coming Back

~Kylie's POV~

Well we are finally leaving this place today! No more shit food! Yay! But I am in a wheelchair and so is Cal. My back is doing pretty good as I was resting for 6 days and it's been another 5! The cool thing is Chloe pushes me and Luke pushes Cal and it's super cute! Because Chloe and Luke are a couple and Cal and I are a couple!

"You ready?" Asked Chloe right before we walked out of the hospital.

"yes" i sighed and Cal grabbed my hand knowing I was nervous.

~One week later~

So Cal and I have been hanging out 24/7 because everyone else is at school. The doctor doesn't want us at school yet. So we watch movies catch up on homework and kiss.

"Want to attempt making brownies?" I asked cal

"YES!" He screamed. He loves my brownies or the mix I use and add extra butter and sugar!

"Hand me the broom I can't reach the mix!"

"Here YA go babe!" Cal said handing me the broom.

I was able to touch the box wait wait "SHIT!"

"HAHAHAHA!" Cal was laughing at me because the box fell on me and the mix got EVERYWHERE!

"Oh your going to get it now Mr. Hood!"

I grabbed some mix off the counter and chased him in my wheelchair until I was able to throw mix at him. Then I fell out of my chair!

"Oh babe are you okay?" Cal asked me as I grabbed my back because of pain.

"Kinda bit I can't get up and you obviously can't help me!" I cried to him. He rolled closer and i yanked him out of his wheelchair.

"HAHA" I said kissing him. Well then i layed back down on the hard tile. We laid there for a while in a lot of mix, just talking about life.

"What are you two doing?"

"We tried to make brownies! And well it didn't go so well."

"Well let's get you two cleaned up and this kitchen!"

"Okay...umm can we ahhh take umm a bath together?" Asked cal and I just looked at him.

"I don't care not like you haven't before!" I was actually surprised with my moms reply!

"Can you help us out mom?"

"Aaahh yeah!" So she helped us in our wheelchairs and took us to the main floor bathroom. My mom grabbed some of my comfy clothes and dads old clothes for Cal. And just left like there was nothing weird about this.

"She actually said yes!" Cal kinda shouted.

"Yeah, help me get my bags over my cast and I will help you." We really didn't take bath together we just helped each other because we couldn't both fit in the bath tub! Personally I am not a bath person I am a person to shower it just feels better on the back!

~time skip to the first day back at school~

"Get up ky time to get ready!" Said mom pulling my covers off!

"Okay can you get me out some cereal I will be out in a few!" I told my mom.

"Sure thing!" She said waking out of my room.

What should I wear? Well I guess I can look at the weather. 80 degrees okay I will wear some shorts and a tank top with a cardigan! Then I painted my toes mint to match the tan, mint and black cardigan and black tank top. Good thing painting my toes kind makes up for not wearing shoes.

"Hey honey what kind of cereal?" Asked my mom.

"How about captain crunch!"

"Okay hurry up because your breakfast is ready!"

"Okay mom!"

I wheeled out of my room to the kitchen and scarfed down my food so I could do my hair makeup and brush my teeth. So I finished my food and went to my bathroom heated up my curler while I brushed my teeth. I ended up curling my hair and put it in a high pony tail. Then I did some simple makeup eyeliner, mascara, a gold-ish eyeshadow and red lipstick. I wheeled out of my bathroom grabbed my back pack and headed over to Cal's because they have a van and Mrs. Hood said she will drive me.

"bye sweetie see you tonight!" Shouted mom.

"Okay cya later!"

I started heading over to Cal's it can't be! The schools slut was at Cal's! You know it's her car because it is a convertible and it says B3OTCH on the license plate. Mrs. Hood probably think she's just a friend of Cal's. I go up the Hoods ramp open the door and...OH SHIT!

"YOU BITCH! How could you do this and you Calum! I t-t-trusted you! But not anymore you go off making out WITH THE BIGGEST FUCKING SLUT IN SCHOOL!" I then fell off of my wheelchair sobbing! Cal walked over to me trying to help me even though he couldn't!

"DONT EVER FUCKING TOUCH ME AGAIN AND BY THE WAY WE ARE OVER! YOU WILL BE LUCKY IF I EVEN TALK TO YOU AGAIN!" I used my little strength i had and wheeled home as fast as I could still balling my eyes out!

So I called Chloe she always is there for me an like usually then Mikey and Ashton, Ash is like my big brother.

"Chloe please come to my house and we aren't going to school today!" I screamed and cried at the same time.

"Kylie what the hell happened?" She asked in a worried voice

"C-c-Calum cheated on me with Gabby!"

"That bitch! What the fucking hell was he thinking and oh he will know the taste of blood when I'm done with him!" She screamed through the phone!

"Okay u don't have to beat him up but tell all the guys to come over too! I need them here and I need one of them to talk to Cal!" I cried into the phone

"Okay I will! Im gonna get to your place as fast as I can! Cya in a bit!"


Then I hung up.

A/N So kinda a short chapter but I needed to get another one in so YA! Umm hope you are enjoining it! Leave a like and favorite to keep on reading! XOXO~Kylie

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