dear diary- c.h

my first story in english so sorry if my english is bad.
i hope you will enjoy it. love you ♥


1. when i will be older I'll read it.

.Hey, I know it's silly to write a diary but I don't care
I wanted to write about my life, that when I'll be older I'll read it and laugh about my life.

.I am 17, yes it's weird 17 year old boy writes a diary. But you've already know the reason why i write this
.I'm pretty depressed today
.this day didn't go as I wanted and I failed physics, sucks
.I want to tell you about someone very important to me, her name is Mia
.We are best friends, but I want more than that, I love her
the only problem is that she doesn't see me more then her best friend

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