The first part in the intense trilogy.

Marciee and Luke have always been good friends. But when their friendship is pushed to the limit, will it survive?

©Jazmin Murray


5. what goes around

Luke was never the kind of person to leave you hanging. He if thought something didn't feel right, he'd tell you. I remember once, a couple months after we met, he Skyped me at like 3AM, just to tell me he loved me. That was all. But he couldn't sleep without me knowing. That, was the kind of guy Luke Hemmings was. Perfection. So when he disappeared for 3 days without any contact, I went out of my mind. Not knowing where he was, if he was safe, I felt sick. I couldn't eat, sleep, even think. I arranged with my parents to stay and extra week, or at least until Luke had come home. Because I couldn't cope. What made it worse, is I had bigger things to worry about. Bigger things than my boyfriend disappearing, and us having sex all over the internet. My period was a week late. I was desperate to do a pregnancy test, but to worried to leave the house. My head was all over the place. I was only just 17, I couldn't have a child. Luke was at the height of his career, this could ruin everything. This could ruin us.

"Liz, I might go to the shop." I mumbled. I hadn't left the house since Luke went, so it was no wonder Liz looked so shocked. "Okay love, be safe." She smiled. I shuffled slowly, trying to remember the way. Once I got there, I picked up several un-necessary items to draw attention away from the test. I felt sick. Once I got back, I headed straight up to the bathroom. Then all I had to do was wait. I don't know what went through my mind. It's all a blur. The faint memory of phoning Luke stays in my head always. It rang, which was a first, but still no answer. I left him a voicemail anyway. "Hey babe, hope you're all right. Bad news, I'm late. Well, not just late. I'm pregnant. And I am so, so sorry. I think I need to go home now. Let me know when you get this." It was so casual, as if he hadn't been gone almost a week. I went to bed, despite the fact it was only half past one. I just didn't want to see anyone.

Half past 6, I was woke up. By Luke. I slapped him. "Where the fuck have you been?!" I cried. "A friends. The media was too much, our manager said it was for the best. I got your voice-mail. Are..are you really?" He asked. I nodded, almost crying. "Shit." He held me, tighter than ever, and neither of us said a word all night. There were no words to say. Because we both knew we where fucked. The one thing I noticed about it was the simplicity. There was no arguing, not decision making, just simplicity.

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