The first part in the intense trilogy.

Marciee and Luke have always been good friends. But when their friendship is pushed to the limit, will it survive?

©Jazmin Murray


4. never be

I remember when I was 6, my mum took me to London zoo. I found it so fascinating, all the animals I'd never seen before. However, the best part of that day, was some movie star walking through one of the enclosures. I have no idea who they were, but I can remember all the media going crazy. When we got home, my face was all over the news. Well, not centre of attention, but in the background of a picture of the celebrity. I thought it was amazing. Yet now, the idea of having my face over the media made me feel physically sick. But not anymore sick than the thought of someone watching and recording me having sex with Luke. I didn't want to face the world. The thought of facing Liz scared me enough, let alone my own parents. I didn't want people to find out like this. No one was suppose to know yet. We both agreed, close friends and family. Now we're practically porn stars. Kinda.

Luke started to wake up, about 3 hours after I gave up trying to sleep. He kissed my forehead, and whispered "morning babe." I replied "morning." But he must have noticed I wasn't myself. "We can get through this, Marciee. Together." He held me close to him, and we lay there for another hour, until Liz came in and threw an Australian chat magazine at us. "I hope you're pleased. 'Luke5sos field and a fan' someone even said that you forced her! I swear to god, if this ruins you, neither of you will be welcome here!" Liz yelled, before leaving and slamming the door. "One day at a time.." Luke muttered. I couldn't believe the mess we'd made. Luke's phone was filled with messages, asking about TV interviews, friends asking him what happened, and a text from Ashton that simply said 'LAD'. Luke couldn't help but laugh at that. "Trust it to be Ash that says something like that." He laughed. He pulled me in, and lay on the bed. "We're gonna get through this. I swear." He kissed my forehead, before going for a shower.

I lay in his bed, wondering what I was going to say to people? "It was a mistake." "It wasn't me." "What does it have to do with you?" So many ideas came into my head, but none could fix any of this. I pulled on my jeans and blink-182 tee, and shuffled downstairs to face what we had done. Liz didn't talk to me. She put my breakfast on the table, and walked back upstairs to her room. As her door slammed, Luke came into the kitchen. "Someone's in a good mood."he laughed sarcastically. "Okay then babe, what's the plan for today?" I frowned. "C'mon Marc, we just have to carry on like normal. The media will have a field day if we curl up into nothing." He hugged me. "It'll all work out, I promise. I'm gonna pop to the shop, I won't be long." He kissed my forehead and left. I went and sat on the sofa, my eyes were strained from the little sleep I'd had. I felt like shit. I lay on the cool leather sofa, and must have drifted off. It was a much needed sleep to be fair.

I must have slept for about 3 hours. When I finally woke up, Liz was at work, and I had no idea where Luke was. I checked my phone. One new message, reading: "taking the long way home, paps are everywhere! Love you xxxxxx" from Luke. The shop was only ten minutes away, and he'd sent this two and a half hours ago. I was so worried, but tried to tell myself it was nothing. I rang him, but his phone repeatedly went to voice mail. I felt sick now. Where was he? Had something happened to him? Why wouldn't he answer the phone? It was then I realised, I had become the clingy girlfriend.

I was going out of my mind. He'd been gone almost 4 hours, and I was so worried. I rang Ashton, who said he'd be straight round. No one had herd from him, and his phone was now off. What the actual fuck. Ashton was at Luke's house within half an hour of me calling. "he's probably just got distracted, you know Luke." He smiled encouragingly. "have you rang Liz?" "I couldn't get through. I left a few messages though. I'm so worried, especially after everything that's happening" I ft like crying. Ashton put his arm around me. "He's going to be fine. Now, let's get you out of this house before you go insane. Nando's on me." He smiled. I forced a fake smile, I really didn't want to go out. But I knew he was trying, so I guess I had no choice. I didn't feel like eating. I just wanted to know where Luke was. That he was okay. Not because I was clingy, because I was worried.

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