The first part in the intense trilogy.

Marciee and Luke have always been good friends. But when their friendship is pushed to the limit, will it survive?

©Jazmin Murray


2. long way home

I'd never been on a plane before. I kissed my mum goodbye, and told her I would be okay, as she wiped the tears from her red cheeks. I picked up my bags and ran through the airport. Luke picked me up, and spun me in the air. "Are you excited babe?" Luke asked. "I cannot wait!" I giggled. "You're sat with me. I'm thinking batman marathon, shit loads of pizza?" He asked. "Perfect." I smiled. Liz sat behind us. She didn't like planes much, so she slept all the way. Luke kept his arm wrapped around me, kissing my forehead every now and then. I couldn't think of a more perfect situation. He was such a warm person, I cuddled into him, as he pulled me in tighter. He whispered "love you." Dozens of times, until I told him to man up, and stop acting like a sissy. He laughed, and put the next batman movie on. This was the closest thing to a date we'd ever been on. Before, when we had our little fling, we could really be public, it wasn't fair on him or his band. But now, no one cared. It was a private plane, so no one was around. Now, we could be us. We could be real.

I was awoken by Luke shaking me, telling me we had arrived. "How long was I asleep?" I asked. "Only about 4 hours, you look so pretty when you sleep." I blushed. He held my hand, and walked off of the lane with me, picking up my luggage as we left. Walking out of he airport, I became more jealous than ever before. Hundreds of stunning girls running, screaming over Luke. I just wanted to scream, that he was mine. That no one else could have him. Like an object I had ownership of, that was mine to love. But he wasn't. Not anymore. Or was he ever mine? We only hooked up a few times, we were never official. He always gave me such mixed signals. However, I was wrapped around his finger.

Luke grasped my hand once we were in the taxi. "They don't mean anything to me, you know?" He said, frowning. It was like he could read my mind. "I know. It wouldn't matter if they did." Lie. "You okay? Just try to relax, babe." Another mixed signal. "I'm fine, just jet lag. We pulled up outside Luke's childhood home. It wasn't anything fancy. It was normal. Which right now, was perfect. It made me forget that thousands of girls were mad about him. He was a normal person, for as long as he could pretend. He was just the normal boy next door kind of guy. He carried my suitcase to his room. "You can sleep in here if you want? I'm cool with the sofa?" "No, it's fine I'll have the sofa." Luke put the suitcase on his bed. "Shut up. That bed, is yours for the next two weeks." He smiled. "Thanks." I replied. He walked downstairs, and told me to make myself at home. His room was filled with band posters, good charlotte, blink 182, it was perfect. It felt like somewhere I'd dreamed of being. He'd been to my house plenty of times; I never thought I'd come here. It was so unreal. Liz came upstairs. "You okay Hun? Foods ready when you want it. Michael's brought pizza." "Okay, thanks Liz."

The pizza was amazing. Salami, triple cheese, it was amazing. Luke sat with his arm around me, whilst Ashton and Calum tormented Michael with the last slice of pizza. "You guys are so cute for eachother." Ashton said. Luke blushed. "No, it's not like that, we're just good friends." He moved his arm away. I felt a little piece of my break. "Yeah, just friends." I smiled. Ashton gave me a look as if to say "you alright?" And I just nodded. I knew the deal between us, however much it hurt. Ashton decided to stay that night, as he'd drunk way to much to drive home. Calum and Michael left, leaving me, Luke and Ashton alone. "Let's play truth or dare!" Ashton clapped. "Marciee, truth or dare?" He asked. "Dare." I replied. "I dare you, to down the remainders of the vodka." There was about a litre left, and I really, really didn't like vodka. "Okay.." I said. It was the most vile thing I'd ever drunk. But, I passed. Ashton laughed. "Okay Luke, truth or dare?" Luke said truth. "If you could have any girl in the world for one night, who? And you have to say why." Ashton grinned. Luke stuttered. "Well, there's only one girl. She's my everything. She really is. I had her before, and I lost her. It was my own stupid mistake. But, I guess I paid for it, ey?" He smiled a little, but not his normal, perfect smile. "Name?" Ashton asked. "I'd rather not say to be honest." Luke said, talking a swig of his drink. "Okay man, um, I need to pee." Ashton said, running upstairs, falling several times. Luke turned to look at me. He kissed me, like he did the first time we met. "Later on, when Ashton's asleep, wait up for me? We need to talk." He smiled. "Okay." I said, kissing in again. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind, but he main one was "shit."

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