The first part in the intense trilogy.

Marciee and Luke have always been good friends. But when their friendship is pushed to the limit, will it survive?

©Jazmin Murray


3. green light

I was more nervous now than ever before. What did Luke want to say? I couldn't stop smiling. He'd kissed me. Again. I couldn't stop smiling. I brushed my hair and teeth a thousand times, re-applied my make up and sprayed my perfume. I sat on Luke's bed, waiting for him to come upstairs. Should I have changed my clothes? "Oh god!" I thought. "You look like a tramp!" I couldn't hear Ashton clashing about anymore, which was a good sign he'd gone to sleep. Then, I heard the door creak open. It was Luke. He came and sat next to me. "Marciee, I'm no good at asking girls out, or flirting or any of that. So this may sound so, so bad. But I want your I've never liked any girl so much. I just want to kiss you, and hold you, and it drives me crazy. Just give me the greenlight, and I swear I won't ever, ever hurt you. You're my world." I blushed. How the hell did I answer him? This was what I dreamt of for months. I kissed him, and whispered "yes, yes I do." In his ear. He lay on his bed, his arm around me. We made out for a bit, and then, well, history repeated it's self I guess.

We were woken up the next day by Ashton throwing pillows at us. "Last time I stay and ruin the fun!" He laughed. I looked at Luke laying next to me, his arm wrapped tightly around my waste. Normally, he would have let go by now. But instead, he pulled me in closer and said: "Sorry Ash, couldn't resist." And flashed his cheeky grin. I smiled. This was all I'd ever wanted. We walked downstairs, in our matching Greenday shirts. "Luke.." I stuttered. "This time, is it...are we..." Luke stopped me by kissing me again. "My girl, always." He smiled, kissing me again. "We'll have to wait a little while before telling the world, but close family and friends will have to put up with this." He laughed. Ashton mimicked a vomiting action, before running up the stairs to actually vomit the remainder of alcohol in his body. "I have to pop into town for an hour, why don't you get yourself ready and we'll head out when I get back?" Luke asked. "Sure." I said. He kissed me goodbye, and closed the door. I watched Ashton pull away in his car, Luke sat beside him. I walked up stairs and showered. I wanted to look hot today, to impress him. So, I wore my 'Alice In Wonderland' dress from hot-topic Luke had bought me as a gift. I waited for him to get back, watching Australia's day time TV.

When he finally arrived back, he pulled out the biggest bunch of flowers I'd ever seen. "Luke, they're beautiful!" I blushed. He smiled. "I knew you'd love them. Come on, let's go out for a bit." He said. He put the flowers into a vase, grapes my hand and pulled me out of the door. "Where are we going?" I asked. Luke looked at me. "Where it all began. The place me and the guys first gig happens, the second greatest day if my life."

"What's the first?" I asked.

"Meeting you."

It took forever to get their. Sydney was so beautiful, I was so lucky to be here. Especially with Luke. He wouldn't let go of my hand, kissing me every chance he got, showing more affection than he'd ever done before. "What changed?" I asked. "I opened my eyes, and stopped being dumb." He kissed me, and I knew I couldn't argue. This was perfect, and I wanted to hold onto this moment for as long as I could. I didn't want it to end before it hadn't even begun. "Promise this is real?" I asked. Her held me tighter, and said: "Marciee, this is all I've ever waned. I was just too naive to realise before. You make me want to be a better person, to treat you better. All I want is to make you happy. If you're not happy, then tell me. And I promise I'll do everything to make it right." He kissed me, but like no way he had kissed me before. I felt fireworks go through my head, and butterflies in my stomach. It was like there was no one else in the world but us. "Why don't we just ditch this, and go somewhere else I know?" He smirked. I nodded, as he guided me towards our new destination.

We went to a field, with several trees dotted around it. No one was around, and it was so far away from any sign of life, it was perfect. We sat against a large oak tree, where Luke began to kiss me. We made out by the tree, before he whispered in my ear, asking me to take of my clothes. I did, and watched as he took of his. I'd never done anything like this before in such an open space. But there was no one around, what was the harm? I'm not going to lie, that was the best sex we'd ever had. We lay under the stars for hours, it was so romantic. About half 12, Luke said it was best to leave, incase his mum got too worried. We got dressed, and held hands all the way home. We tried to subtly walk into the house, but when we did, Liz was sat on the sofa. "Do you two have any idea how stupid you are?! A field?!" I went bright red. " did.." "The media loved it! Did you not think you could be followed? And videoed! What were you thinking?! This could ruin your career Lucas!" She screamed. Luke was white. He let go of my hand, and stepped away from me. "I'm sorry mum, I wasn't thinking.." "No shit! I'm so disappointed in you. Just get out of my sight, both of you!" We walked upstairs. Luke sat on his bed. "We fucked up. I fucked up. How did I ever think this could work?" He said. Part of me dies inside. "What? Are you seriously ending this?" I was trying so hard not to cry. "No, of course not Marciee! I love you. We just need to be more careful. This is exactly what I was scared of to begin with." We lay on the bed, and he held me close to his chest. "You're gonna get a lot of drama from the media, do you think you'll be alright?" Luke asked. "Yeah.." I lied. I had no idea how to cope with this. People I knew would see this. Family, friends. It made me feel sick. But tomorrow was a new day. I cuddled into Luke, and slowly fell asleep.

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