The first part in the intense trilogy.

Marciee and Luke have always been good friends. But when their friendship is pushed to the limit, will it survive?

©Jazmin Murray


1. fangirl

I danced around my room, singing 'green light' at the top of my lungs. My mum came running in, "Marciee, get ready! You're going to be late for your first day!" It was my first day at Kings Road College, and I couldn't be more excited. I pulled on my greenday tee, and ripped skinny jeans and ran down the stairs. I ran into the kitchen and scuffled through the cupboards for food. All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. I walked to the door, shoving crisps in my mouth as I walked. I swung open the heavy door, to see Luke staring in at me. He was wearing the same Greenday shirt as me, which seemed to happen way to often. "Snap." He smiled. I loved his smile. It was like it could light up a thousand skies. "Should I change? I can change." I panicked. Luke smiled even more. "Don't be stupid! I want everyone to see how awesome we look! Plus, these are pretty hot band tees." I grinned. "Okay, bye mum!" I yelled, slamming the door. "So, what have you been up to?" Luke asked. "I haven't seen you in what, 3 days?" He laughed. "Well, so much! I walked around in my underwear, watched some YouTube videos of cats, and read some fan-fiction." "Sounds fun" luke laughed. His laugh was so perfect. I'd liked him for ages now, but I could never find the balls to tell him so. I guess that was m all over. Ball-less. "Marciee, on Saturday we're having like a a family meal type thing, so mum said get to ours for about 6?" "But, I'm not family Luke?" I was so confused. "Yes, yes you are Marciee." He said, putting his skinny arm around me. "Y'know, I don't know what I'd do without you. I'm so glad I'd found you." "Me too Luke, me too."

I remember the day me and Luke met so clearly. I grew up in London, and lived on Mayfair my whole life. Me and a friend went to see Luke's band when they were first touring with One Direction. We waited by the stage door after they came off, as we had no interest in seeing one direction. They came out, and Luke's face was as perfect as ever. They came and spoke to use for a bit. It was late, about half past 11, and Luke asked us if we'd like to go for a drink. I was only 16, but I was never going to turn this down. We went to their tour bus, and talked all night about so much crap. It was amazing. About 3am, I decided it was time to leave. Luke offered to walk me home. He came in, and sat on the sofa. I sat beside him and he grabbed my hand. We made out for a bit, then he whispered in my ear, asking me if I was okay. Not much talking happened after that. But now, whenever I hear 'English love affair' I think of that night.

We only hooked up two or three times after that. But as their band became bigger, we decided it was better to just stay friends. And that's how it was. Luke Hemmings was my best friend, who I'd slept with a couple times. I guess it had it's upsides.

We both had different places to be. Luke was only their for a day, as part of the music program. I had psychology. This meant that we wouldn't see eachother until the end of the day. Luke kissed my cheek and smiled. "See you in a bit, Marciee." "Bye Luke." I blushed. I watched as he walked towards the music room. I loved having my best friend around.

That day seemed to drag so much. During my lunch break, I could hear him singing in the practise rooms. His voice was so angelic, so perfect. I walked past the window to the room he was in, and waved. He signalled me to wait, so I sat on the bench a few meters away. He picked up a guitar, and played the chords for 'English love affair.' As I started to smile, his smile spread across his face. He was so perfect. I told him I had to go, and he blew me a kiss. I walked back into psychology, smiling like an idiot.

At the end of the day, he waited for me outside. "Did you like your song? I wrote it for you, you know." He said. I blushed. "No way. Of course I enjoyed it!" Luke laughed. "Of course it was for you! You're my world!" I grinned. "I'm only here for 3 more days. And y'know, Skypes not enough anymore, Marciee. So, do you wanna come to Australlia? Just for a week or two? Mum's idea, not mine." Luke laughed. "Omg, yes! If you're sure!" I asked. "I'd want nothing more. Sometimes I wonder if things would be different. Y'know, if we hadn't ended things." Luke said awkwardly. "Hmm.." I replied, not knowing what to say.

Saturday night came so quickly. It went from Luke's family meal, to a goodbye meal with my family and Luke's. Mum was crying after half an hour. "It just scares me to see my baby so grown up. Off to Australia, with some handsome band member. What if she doesn't want to come back?!" I put my arms around her. "I'll always come back to you, mum, always." She smiled. "Right," said Liz. "Let's eat!" Luke order the usually pizza and a beer, whilst I stuck to a coke. "You'll have plenty of time to get drunk in Australia." He laughed. I couldn't wait. It was like a dream. Me, going to Australia with Luke Hemmings. Less than a year ago I was just a fan girl in a crowd of thousands. Now I'm eating pizza with his parents. Luke stared at me. "What?" I laughed. "You're beautiful, you know that? I'm so lucky to have a best friend like you, Marciee. I love you." He smiled, kissing my cheek. I went bright red. "I love you too luke. But I'd love you more if you got me another drink." I laughed. "Two vodka's and coke, coming right up." He said. He walked over to the bar to get our drinks. Liz patted me on the shoulder. "Y'know, I never see him smile like that with anyone other than you. You mean a lot to him, Marciee. He still has a picture from the day you met in his wallet!" She laughed. "I know." I giggled. "He's always been a sentimental person."

That night I could hardly sleep. I was so excited, I'd never been out of the UK before, and Australia seemed so far away. However, the thought of spending two whole weeks with Luke filled me with a feeling words cannot describe. The longest I'd ever get to see him was for a day or two every six months or so, and a Skype call at least every 2 weeks. But this would be real. I promised myself I wouldn't fall any deeper for him, that we we're simply friends. However, I knew with Luke, that was a promise I was willing to break.

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