Just let me sleep for two more minutes" Kelly mumbled to her dad. She was tired and just wanted to sleep. Her mind drifted to the Halloween party at her school last night.

(Flash back)

" hey Shelly can I talk to you for a moment " Daniel came up to them

"Sure Daniel" replied Shelly and she left as me and Amber kept on dancing to the music, that was way to loud.

When Shelly came back Amber asked what it was about. Shelly smiled and said at me "Daniel wants to dance with you" "me?" I said shocked it was my first dance and I was not expecting that some one would asked me and didn't know how to reply. One of my other friends ran over and Suzzie asked said "you said no right" " we've haven't told him" Amber said for me and then Suzzie ran of to him to tell him the news.

(Flash back ends)

Kelly shudders at first she felt sorry for Daniel for rejecting him but later that evening she saw him with his ex girlfriend Katie.

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