5 Seconds Of Summer Camp

Tezzy is the high school's 'delinquent'. She is known for her bad behavior but she's also popular, with a lot of friends rooting for her. So why would she stop?

Her parents have never been around to care for her, and the only time they come home they kick her out and send her to a religious summer camp.

At this "boring" camp she meets 2 other boys just like her. What devious pranks or plans await this camp? But more importantly, what will occur between 2 boys and 1 girl?


4. Party Confessions

"Oh my gosh where have you been? The bus would have left it weren't for my incredible acting skills"

"What did you do" I asked Christie, out of breath from running here.

"Faked a panic attack from dropping my school bag and 'accidentally' letting the papers fly away"

"Wasn't that a bit overboard?"

"Uh yeh obviously. Why would i ever worry about my schoolwork" I just laughed since it was so true. "So? Where were you?"

"I..um i took the long way here" I said glancing out the window.

"Oh no. What happened? Who are you avoiding?" She said placing her body in my direction. 

"N-nothing. It was nothing" Just a confused and awkward kissing scene with O'Brien.

"Okay now something clearly happened. Spill. Everything now."

I sighed. I don't ever keep things from Christie and neither does she, even if it is really really personal. 

"Okay.. " I told her everything and i didn't see one reaction of surprise or shock or anger or of any emotion at all.

"You're not surprised by all this?"" I asked confused. She nodded and sighed in disappointment like she was ashamed of me. "What?" I asked irritated.

"Well... I guess it wouldn't be fair of me to say anything now.. "

"Are you serious! I just told you everything.."

"I know i know and believe me, i tell you everything but this, this is not my place to say. I feel like it would ruin things."

I looked at her baffled and clueless. What is it?

"But judging by the way things have developed here, i think you'll find out tonight at the party. You should know by then. So i promise to tell you tomorrow if you still haven't found out by then. Okay?"

"*sigh* Whatever. Fine" 

"aww babe i love you!"


"Please? I'll make it up to you! I'll do your whole makeup and clothes set up and as impossible as it may sound, i'll make you more popular than ever!"

I do need help with all that since i suck at girly things. "MmmFine."



*Arriving at Tezzy's house*


"Okay so, Matt's house is right besides the beach so i'm assuming the party would be carried on over there" Christie said bringing out her swimmers from her back pack.

"Oh you didn't hear?"

"Hear what?" she froze to look up at me.

"The party has been moved to Cookies beach coz it's more isolated. So that way we can play the music as loud as we want without disturbing others or others disturbing us."

"That's cool and all but aren't we gonna freeze to death?" We're in the middle of spring and although we're in Australia, at night on the beach it quite chilly.

"Yeh don't worry. My granparents own a vacation house literally on the beach.. I've always had spare keys to the place. It's usually where i run away to"

"Away from what?"


An awkward silence followed, not knowing how to change the subject until Christie shook herself back to reality.

"Anyway, so in the end you're the one hosting the party"

I chuckled.

"Isn't that always the case" I winked at her.

"Well you do have a gift for hosting the best parties" We both laughed remembering the fun times we had from the previous parties.

If you hadn't notice already, i'm known as the school's delinquent but people love me, find me amusing. And i'm most popular for the epic parties i've thrown and the wild things i pull off at each one of these parties, that have become memorable. And i have a feeling that this one is gonna be exceptionally historic.


*skips to midnight*

"Okay time to go the party!" Christie said puckering her lips after applying a dark red lipstick.

"Party time!" I yelled throwing my arms in the air excited. We both laughed buzzing with energy.

Cookies beach was about a 10 minute walk from my place so since we had no one to drive us there we just went by foot. On our way here, we bumped into almost the entire school and more, definitely more. We howled in sync like we were a pack, no army of wolves while admiring the full moon. Obviously we caused some lights to turn on, and a couple of loud voices attempting to quiet us down but we were in the party mood and no one or anything could stop us. We won't be bothering the people around us for long anyways.

We made our through the forest following a rocky pathway that would lead us to the beach. Finally arriving at the beach, we could see everything already set up. My grandparent's mansion, beach house had all windows and all doors opened, lights on with all different colors, blue, red , purple, yellow you name it. Outside on the sand, an enormous bomb fire awaited us to dance our hearts around. As soon as it became visible that we arrived, Matt cranked up the beats and everyone screamed in excitement and jumped to the beat.

3 hours passed feeling like 3 minutes, beer was brought, different music was played, bodies grinding on each other, reckless dares were pulled. This is by far the best party ever. And once again my name will be known for the party of the year.

Just when i felt like everything was perfect, i spotted O'brien up stairs with Matt who was organizing the music for the party. At that split second that i found him, even though i wasn't looking for him and i didn't particularly want to see him either, he caught my eyes with his, and his eyes lit up like he had been looking for me this whole time. I couldn't hear his voice but i know he yelled out my name but i ignored him and instantly tried to make my way out from the lights displayed on the sand from the house. I went towards the bomb fire, struggling to walk from being extremely intoxicated and also because it's just a hassle to walk through sand. My legs gave way and i fell to the ground, face planting the floor getting a mouthload of sand. 

"Goddammit!" I yelled in frustration.

"Are you avoiding me?" I heard a deep sorrowful voice and turned around to see O'brien looking at me. I don't know if it was the light from the fire shining in his eyes, but it looked like he was tearing up.

"N-no Dylan. I'm not" I said trying to sound as reassuring as possible.

"Dylan? You never call me that"

"Well it is your name isn't it?" I kinda raised my voice a little too much on that and i saw him awkwardly standing there staring at the ground while kicking the sand around with his feet. I've made things so weird between us. I regretted acting like that. "Dylan, i'm sorry... I'm drunk over my head. I didn't mean t-" I was about to finish until Dylan moved his legs forward closer to me before coming to a stop inches away from my face. It's happening again.

"I'm sorry." His voice sounded so comforting, but why sorry? I looked up at him into his big ocean blue eyes confused. "I'm sorry if you don't like how we are right now-"

"Dylan that's no-" the tips of his fingers kept me from talking.

"but.." but? "I don't want to go back to how we were before, just as friends." What? Why is he saying this, we were always so close "I've never seen you as just a friend, and i'm tired of hiding my feelings." Oh my gosh.

"Tezzy i like you. I like you a lot." He wouldn't take his eyes off of me but he did take his fingers of my mouth allowing me to try and respond to the sudden confession.

"Dylan, i-" but he didn't let me. He delicately placed his lips onto mine. Locking both of his hands to sides of my face denying any escape. He was so gentle with the kiss and he wouldn't go further than the touch of our lips. It was as though he was trying to deliver all of his feelings by that kiss. His feelings for me were gentle, peaceful, sweet. I could tell that he cared for me. Thinking over all the times we were together, he had always been there protecting me in a way. He was my best friend other than Christie. I say he's a friend but why am i so fixated and captivated by the simple touch of our lips.

He slowly pulled away, my eyes opened. Millimeters away from his eyes, he continued to stare into my eyes. I guess i'm allowed to speak now. I thought to myself.

I swallowed and drew my stared to the ground to get away from the awkward distance and the drowning blue eyes.

"Y-you're going to have to give me some time... to think.. about all this... coz it's all quite sudden.. you know.." I felt his hands drop from my face and the distance between us grew as he took a few steps back. I dared to glance at him and saw him hurt, again staring at the ground.

"Okay.." He said rubbing the back of his neck while he tried not to look into my eyes again. What have i done. "Just promise me that you're not going to avoid me for here on out" As much as i wanted to hug him taht would only make things worse.

"I'll never avoid you forever Dylan. Just, right now, i need to be alone to think okay?"

"mm yeh ok" his voice cracked a little.

I couldn't stay here anymore. Another second and i'll end up with my arms wrapped around his neck saying i'm sorry. But i need to seriously take his feelings into thought. I hesitantly walked away back to the house. I pushed and pulled my way through the grinding and sweaty bodies trying to find mt way to the stairs. The loud thumping music was exploding my ears and the constant alternate lights flickering gave me a migraine. I finally reached the stairs and ran up as fast as i could finding my bedroom, locking the door behind me. I didn't bother to have a shower or get undress, i just flopped on the bed.


I had no idea Dylan had those feelings for me. No wonder people call me dense. Now that i think about it, i may even led him on unconsciously. I'm horrible!

I don't know what to do. I mean i've never thought of him that way. And i can't say that i didn't hate those kisses. So does that mean i like him? Though to be honest i've never had a boyfriend, oh and no one knows that, so maybe since it was like my first proper kiss(es) i may have reacted in that way and not because i like him or maybe i do. Ugh! I don't understand my own thoughts damn it! 

The question on my mind, and that will be haunting me for the upcoming days, is the obvious:

"Should i date him?" 









DAmn!! sorry i took so long! i'm not sure if this really that good but hope you like it anyways! 

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