5 Seconds Of Summer Camp

Tezzy is the high school's 'delinquent'. She is known for her bad behavior but she's also popular, with a lot of friends rooting for her. So why would she stop?

Her parents have never been around to care for her, and the only time they come home they kick her out and send her to a religious summer camp.

At this "boring" camp she meets 2 other boys just like her. What devious pranks or plans await this camp? But more importantly, what will occur between 2 boys and 1 girl?


2. Fake Feelings

I heard a loud creaking noise from the door as the principal slowly opened it showing us the way into his office . When I entered the office I felt a light heat flush hit me. I find principal Malwisky intimidating and I respect.. well compared to the teachers I'd say I treat him more like an adult.

He's just so calm and reserve and he doesn't ever seem to overreact to hard situations. Unlike Mrs Houndish over here, who couldn't stop glaring at me. She doesn't know how much of little girl with a grudge, she looks like right now.

Both Mrs Houndish and I sat in the two seats in front of Mr Malwisky's desk while he shut the door behind us and made his way around the desk. I shuffled my seat about a meter away from Mrs Houndish making it quite obvious that I didn't want to be near her and i saw her slowly shaking her head and grinding her teeth in frustration. Man she's just too easy to play with.

"So why don't you go ahead and tell me what happened?" Mr Malwisky started, ignoring the little scene beforehand, "lets start with you Miss Campbell" he said while pointing his hand in my direction.

I re-positioned myself in the seat before beginning and quickly glanced at Mrs Houndish who couldn't take her eyes off me, which was kinda creepy by the way, and then faced Mr Malwisky.

"Well it started with me simply ignoring Mrs Houndish and with me then following up with some comments which i admit were a bit unnecessary and thus i apologize.." i said trying to sound sincere "but i also believe that the way Mrs Houndish reacted to the situation was rather uncalled for. She turned an oral argument into a violent lecture..."

Before i could carry on, Mrs Houndish interrupted me in shock, "Excuse me!! Violent!?"

"Yes! Violent!" i snapped

"You ungrateful-" she started pulling on my chair trying to move me closer to her just making the situation so much more in my favor.

"Now stop right there Mrs Houndish, you know that violence is not a solution to solving problems like this. Especially towards a minor. You're an adult you should know better"

She fell right through my trap, she's too naive. Poor woman. Mrs Houndish winced at his statement and I discreetly glanced at her, telling her with my eyes that i have won this 'war'. I felt my victory approaching.

"Miss Campbell, proceed please" This whole time Mr Malwisky didn't move any muscle beside that of his mouth, if this situation was to be against him, i would have long lost. I nodded and carried on with my story.

"By violent, I meant the act she pulled when I was on my way here, since she clearly told me to come to the office. As I was walking out the door she took a handful of my shirt and dragged me down to her eye level.." i could feel Mrs Houndish staring me down with disgust "so that she could then pierce through my skin with her finger. It was almost like she was trying to hit my heart. She constantly yelled in my face that was inches apart. I feel like as if my human rights have been violated.." I might have exaggerated a bit too much on the last comment but i think i successfully got my point through to Mr Malwisky. Before he could then share his thoughts on everything, Mrs Houndish stood up, enraged, and spat out all the unwanted words inside her head.

"THIS IS NONSENSE!! She is clearly playing with the truth and turning it into something completely absurd!" She fought back the tears. "She is a lying bitch, that finds joy in humiliating teachers!"

"With the way your reacting, you are making it very difficult to side with you!" The principal said trying to calm her down making her sit back down. "Mrs Houndish did you or did you not pull her by the shirt?" he said while leaning towards her and looked at me but i just stared at the ground to maintain the victim role.

She didn't reply.

"Very well. Miss Campbell i'll be giving you a week's worth of detention including lunch break where you will be aiding the school maids." i mimicked a 'what' and saw Mrs Houndish at the corner of my eye, smile in satisfaction. I can't believe she beat me. "I would like for you to now leave the office-" we both stood up and walked towards the door, "Except for you, Mrs Houndish. I wish to continue discussing the issue with you a while longer, if you don't mind" I saw her blank face turn into shock and frightened.

I walked out the office and as i was shutting the door I peaked at Mr Malwisky who was wearing an annoyed expression on his face. She sat down looking so guilty. I just felt so pleased with myself and shut the door while whispering to myself, "I won".

*skipping to last bell*

I was making my way to the front doors where i was then stopped by my good friends and also English classmates (Mrs Houndish' class). It was the 'Dylans '(think of Dylan O'brien and Sprouse), they were pretty popular for their stupid but hilarious pranks and also because they hung out with me and other cool kids i guess.

"You rock! I hated that teacher so much! Always giving us so much homework. I bet she's gonna quit just like the other two! This is why i love going to class with you" O'brien said while dragging his arm around my shoulder.

"Yeh its turned into a rumor already that Mrs Houndish was seen cleaning her desk" Sprouse then added bumping into my left arm.

"Either way, at least now she knows not to mess with me.." i said kinda frustrated.

"What's up?" O'brien said concerned

"I still got detention, and on top of that i have to help with the fucking school chores during lunch break for a whole week man!" i said while kicking the entrance doors open.

"I guess its still pretty good considering you did say 'fuck you' to a teacher.. I mean you could have been expelled!" O'brien said trying to comfort me.

I guess he was right. I just nodded in agreement and hopped on the bus. The Dylans lived a couple walkable blocks away so they saw me off with a solute farewell. I saluted them back and went to back of the bus to find myself with a bunch of crazy fun motherfuckers, as usual.

I got off the bus and walked towards my house. I got halfway through my front yard before stopping. I saw both my parents' cars pulled up on the driveway which is rare, more like it never happens since they're never home. Always working, constantly, completely neglecting the fact that they have a daughter to look after. They just leave money on the counter that is never enough, therefore i also have a part time job at the supermarket across the road. No notice of their whereabouts, nothing. I practically live alone. So you could understand the anger that rises within me when i see their cars parked on the driveway because i feel like they're invading privacy. My privacy. They don't live here! This is not they're home anymore!

I calmed myself down. I'm tired and i don't want to be worked up over these stupid people. I walked through the door and headed for the stairs ignoring the presence of my mother in the kitchen.

"You're not going to say hello to your mother?" She said sounding unpleased, i turned to face her and she had her eyes glued on the phone, i just stood silent. My Dad then entered the kitchen just getting off the phone and looked at me emotionless.

"I just got off the phone with your principal, saying you disrespected your teacher and you now have detention for a week"

"Did he also ask you where you have been for the past 4 months?" i snapped back at him.

"That's beside the point." he said while rubbing his forehead. Why don't they ever tell me where they are??

"ugh. Typical" i whined

"You shouldn't treat your teachers like that Tezzy. You have to be a good girl so that you can have a good future" My mom added and she didn't even bother to lift her head up from that stupid phone of hers.

"Like you even give a fuck about me!!" i yelled at them and ran upstairs, i could hear them sigh as i rushed up the stairs into my room smashing and locking my door.

I hate them so much. They show up after 4 months of no notice as to where they have been this whole time and then they think that they can just act like parents to me, like nothing ever happened! i cant stand them! And if they really did give an actual fuck they wouldn't have just let me storm off like that and maybe check on me at least once a week. Bullshit of parents.

I took a long warm shower in hope to get rid of all the negative vibes that my parents create every time they come back. It would be a hell a lot better if they just never came back. When i finished my shower i dried myself and put on some grey nike sweat pants and a large Chicago bulls hoodie that my ex gave me. Don't worry there's no sentimental feeling behind it. And then dove on my bed. I checked my phone that was charging on the bedside table and saw i had over a 100 messages. But i groaned and switched my phone off.

Instead i got my Ipod out of my school bag and grabbed my headphones, turning my music all the way up while listening to some greenday and blink 182. This is how i rid myself from reality, i create a nonexsitant and sadly impossible world where i'm happy and everything is alright. In a world where i am a good respectful student, where my parents actually care about their daughter, in a world where people genuinely cared for me. So many people in my life surround me, but none of them are truly concerned about me. They pretend to be my friends just to help strengthen their school reputation. pff. So many fake feelings surround me, i can no longer stand it.

Okay so here's the second chapter!! It still doesn't have any love romance in it yet but don't worry it's coming really soon!!

I hope you keep reading and enjoy the upcoming chapters!

(Ps I forgot to mention in the last chapter that Jeff is played by Alex Pettyfer)

Ciao ciao~


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