5 Seconds Of Summer Camp

Tezzy is the high school's 'delinquent'. She is known for her bad behavior but she's also popular, with a lot of friends rooting for her. So why would she stop? Her parents have never been around to care for her, and the only time they come home they kick her out and send her to a religious summer camp. At this "boring" camp she meets 2 other boys just like her. What devious pranks or plans await this camp? But more importantly, what will occur between 2 boys and 1 girl?


5. Drawings + characters

Hey guys! Sorry in advance because this chapter does not include the continuation of the story..:/ This chapter is just filled with drawings and characters! So i hope you enjoy anyway ^^


First up is a drawing i did a while back in which i based the school uniform on, sooooo... If you were curious to what it looked like here's a badly done drawing ^^'

There you go ^^

Next drawing is a recent one that i did like just 5 minutes ago. I was attempting to draw Luke hemmings but it didn't turn very well but anyways here's the boys school uniform. (p.s Sorry it's really rough sketch and i didn't color it in):

Now here's just a photo of three characters in the chapter :




This is Kat :p 

Ummm Kat is actually me lol I really wanted to imagine myself in these situations haha ;D 

Anywhoo and finally this is Christie ^^


Sorry it's a lot smaller compared to the others x/ And uh she's just a random girl i found on the internet..



So there you go that's all i have for today!! ^^ I'll be updating for the actual story real soon and i garantee it since i'm working on it right now;)


Ciao ciao ~

TezzyDreams <3

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