5 Seconds Of Summer Camp

Tezzy is the high school's 'delinquent'. She is known for her bad behavior but she's also popular, with a lot of friends rooting for her. So why would she stop?

Her parents have never been around to care for her, and the only time they come home they kick her out and send her to a religious summer camp.

At this "boring" camp she meets 2 other boys just like her. What devious pranks or plans await this camp? But more importantly, what will occur between 2 boys and 1 girl?


1. Detention

"Teisha!! How dare you ignore your teacher like that!"

I could hear the whole class snickering in the background, but I just kept my eyes peeled on the suddenly interesting tree that stood right outside the classroom window.

"Teisha!!" Mrs Houndish literally screamed at me with all she had.

"Jeez calm down... Don't want your teeth falling out" I said while rubbing my ear to show her that she freaking blew my ear drums off and I could hear whole the class burst out in laughter.

I looked up at Mrs Houndish and her pale round slightly wrinkled face turned into a bright red color, just like a tomato, and her dark brown eyes started watering due to the frustration and embarrassment I assume. She was about 35 years old and probably had like 2 or 3 grey hairs, she also looked like she had some age issues with herself so that's why I played the old grandma teeth insult on her. I always hit it where it hurts and Mrs Houndish is just too easy.

"You think you're so funny don't you?" She said through her teeth almost sounding like an annoyed 10 year old.

"Well the whole class seems to think so" I said pretty confident in myself and was then backed up with a "the only reason I come to school" from some random guy and then laughter followed in agreement. I did a "see" gesture to show her I was right.

"Well then, why don't you go think of a new 'comedy act' in the principal's office young lady" I could almost see the steem evaporating from her head. This woman really hates me doesn't she.

I enjoy making teachers miserable. They're always trying to keep everything in their hands, under their control. But when I'm present, I show them who really is in control in class, in the whole school even. I've made 2 teachers transfer schools this year just because they couldn't handle a little pressure from a student. All the students at this school love me, love what I do. So why should I stop? I'm popular so I can do whatever I want.

"That's funny but I don't plan out a 'comedy act', I don't need to plan anything. It all comes naturally." I stood up and started walking towards the door until Mrs Houndish decided she wasn't yet finished with me.

"Then why don't you plan out an act of kindness instead and go help the school maid clean out the toilets, huh?" She looked like she was proud of herself with that comeback and it kinda irritated me because she thinks she can just tell me what to do. Like hell I'm going to clean up everyone's daily shit stains on the sides of the toilets!

I tried to calm down before responding so it didn't seem like she'd beat me.

"If it was my shit on the walls of those putrid toilet cabins I would still say 'fuck you'. I walked out the door before she could react to what I just said to her which was followed with an 'oooooooooooohh' and a big fuss in the classroom.

I began my way to the principal's office but I didn't manage to get far as I felt a strong pull on my wrist twisting me around in a 360 to be then yanked by the collar of my school uniform down to Mrs Houndish's level. I'm a bit over 6ft and she was like 5ft2 so it was a long way down.

"Now you listen here you little brat", I could see the devil arising in Mrs Houndish as I looked into her eyes " you're a 16 yr old girl and I'm a 36 yr old WOMAN. You're a student, I'm YOUR teacher. You're an immature brat, I'm a mature ADULT!" She repeated emphasizing on the 'key' words while literally poking a hole through my chest and looked at me for quick second before finishing, " so who do YOU think should respect the other here?!"

She just stared at me still offended by what I said to her earlier, in hope that I would respond with a more decent answer but I chose not to give in... " judging by the you are holding me, reacting in this situation and especially by the way you were 'assaulting' me!" Referring to the poking through my skin, which I must say will almost certainly result into some serious bruising, " I'd say neither one of us!" I think she was too shocked to answer or even fight back because she just stood there blank after I ripped her arm off my shirt and stormed off.

I made my way to the principal's office. And I can honestly say that I can make my way there with my eyes shut the whole way. I know the path by heart which is normal since it's part of my daily routine. I opened the door to the office and greeted the secretary.

" 'Sup Mary" She looked up without any surprise of my sudden appearance.

"The principal is in an important meeting now, so he can't lecture you right now. " yeah well they never worked anyway.

"So I'll just give you the detention slip now to save time and you can show yourself the way there" she gave me a little pink square piece of paper with detention in big bold letters on the top of the paper. It was also already filled out with my name.

"You came prepared" I said in my attempted batman voice.

"I had a feeling you'd stop by for a visit today" she said sarcastically.

I put my hand over my heart, "I'm truly touched."

She just rolled her eyes at me before I closed the door behind me and walked to detention.

Jeff was the janitor who often took charge of the 'detentionees' and when he saw me enter the empty classroom, his face almost immediately lit up like he just won a bet.

"Surprised to see you here Tezzy" He said in a sarcastic tone. Tezzy is my nickname, only those who like me call me by that name. Lol. Only those who like me, basically including the entire school ( excluding the teachers,principal, etc.) plus some buddies outside of school and not to mention my all so loving-never-show-up-don't-give-a-shit of parents. I'll get back to that later.

Jeff kept my favorite spot polished and spotless. I love sitting beside the window because I can escape reality with all the random distractions happening outside the windows. He walked over to me and then handed me a chicken salad sandwich with mayonnaise and an apple on the side for dessert.

"Omg I'm starving! Thanks Jeff!" I love Jeff he was like my best mate seeing I'm regularly in detention and therefore I spend most of my days with him.

"Anything for my favorite 'student'" he said winking at me.

Jeff was a really young janitor like early 20s that young. He replaced his dad that died a few years back. I think he has some family problems which is why he struggles to find a decent job but I try not to get into that stuff. He's also really tall and I mean really tall. Like I said before I'm over 6ft but next to him I just look like an average heighted girl. He could easily pass as a basketball player with his height and ridiculously massive hands.

When you look up at him all you see is these big bright blue eyes with long golden locks falling down along his squared jawline. I'm certain he is a surfer with the necklace that has a surfboard hanging down and the obvious stereotypes: tanned skin, burnt blond wavy hair from the sun and salt, the anklet and the surfer accent. Yeah definitely a surfer dude.

Obviously he was popular for both his good looks and just his plain awesomeness. He at least saved each student from a difficult situation once or countless times.

Despite him being young, he was an adult. But the coolest adult I know.

"Man that's my first time hearing that come out of a teacher slash janitor's mouth" we both laughed at my comment.

"Yeah well I don't see you as a student, you're-" before he could finish I accidentally cut him off.

"I don't think of you as a teacher anyways. Since they're my enemies. " I said winking at him. " you, you're considered as one of closest friends" I said while giving him a playful punch on the shoulder, " plus you're a janitor" I almost immediately regretted saying that but he didn't seem to be affected by it. But an awkward silence shortly followed and he suddenly bece interest with the floor construction before them shooting his head back up facing me.

" ummmm what are you doing this weekend?" He said nervously. I was surprised by his sudden question but didn't look into it.

"I'm going to a mate's house party. It's going to be epic! You should come. No, you HAVE to come!" I said excited.

"Oh ok sure. I'll come" he seemed a bit disappointed but maybe I was just imagining it.

I hear the door knob clicking and turning so I quickly hid my food and Jeff lightly jogged back to his desk. I looked up towards the door to see the principal with Mrs Houndish hiding behind him like a shy but furious puppy.

"Can you come to my office for a moment please Miss Campbell?" I nodded and stood up following the principal out the door. I glanced at Jeff who was giving me a silent 'good luck' but I just stuck my rude finger at him. Before I shut the door I saw him smirk and nodding at himself. I shut the door and continued walking.

"I wonder how this ones gonna turn out" I sighed

Hi guys!! This is my first fanfic and first chapter! I apologize if it isn't to your liking but I promise that it will get better soon just gotta be patient!

I'll try to update as soon as possible! In the meantime comment what you think! Give me all the deats 😜😘❤️

Ciao ciao~


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