5 Seconds Of Summer Camp

Tezzy is the high school's 'delinquent'. She is known for her bad behavior but she's also popular, with a lot of friends rooting for her. So why would she stop?

Her parents have never been around to care for her, and the only time they come home they kick her out and send her to a religious summer camp.

At this "boring" camp she meets 2 other boys just like her. What devious pranks or plans await this camp? But more importantly, what will occur between 2 boys and 1 girl?


3. Awkward heart beats

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. I rolled over struggling to battle the fatigue and swung my arm onto the alarm almost breaking it, and turned it off. I strived to open my eyes to view the time and noticed that it was already 8:18am , realizing the bus passes through South Durras (my village) at 8:25 am. I threw my blanket across the room while trying to escape my bed and sprinted towards my wardrobe tripping a few times just as though i was one of those girl victims running away from serial or monster killer who is only walking, so yeah i felt like a retard. I grabbed my school uniform and quickly put it on. Sliding my legs through the grey skirt, then shoving the white collared shirt with the school logo on the right top corner side, over my head and down my body, it was two sizes too big. Slipped on some white knee level socks and just tied my red jumper around my waist and raced down the stairs. 

I took a glimpse at the time to see it was now 8:23. There's no time to eat. I bolted out the door and darted for the bus stop. I also noticed that my parents were still here which is really bizarre but i had no time to worry about that, so i continued sprinting to the bus stop hoping i'd make it on time.

I was about 100 meters away where i spot the bus already shutting the doors and starting up the engine. I ran with all my might to make in time since walking to school is not an option (to get to Batemans Bay high school from South Durras is about a 20 minute drive). The bus had already began driving off but i didn't give up i ran up next to the bus, bashing on the sides trying to make the bus driver hear me but he didn't. Though, a couple of kids sitting on that side of the bus, noticed me literally punching the bus. Finally. I screamed out to them:

"Open the doors!!"I smashed the bus as hard as could.

They looked down at me and i could recognize their faces. They obviously knew who i was because they just waved at me while mocking me until I then saw a girl named Christie open the window.

"Tezzy? " she said confused and then snickered, "What are you doing?" she was totally making fun of me now.

"Oh just taking a nice refreshing jog.. what the fuck Christie!!" I yelled at her but it took a lot of my breath and i started falling behind. i collapsed my hands to my knees struggling to get breaths out and looked up at the bus driving away and dropped my head down. Fuck!

Suddenly i heard a distant loud voice.

"Well? We can just leave you here if you want" I looked up again and saw Christie hanging her head out the window with her arms dangling outside.

I only had enough energy to run to the bus doors, climb the steps and nod to the bus driver as if to say Thank you before i then collapsed onto the nearest empty seat. I was too tired to respond to all the laughing in the background.

"You looking fine babe"  I glanced up and saw Christie smirking at me. I came to remember that i had come out of the house with a naked face, bed hair, uniform all out of place and no shoes on (she still grabbed them though, they're just in her bag).

"Yeah thanks bitch" I said while grabbing my shoes out of my bag.

"Woah what did i do?" she said throwing her arms up like she was innocent but i just rolled my eyes. "Gotta admit that was really funny though" she started laughing while picturing me chasing the bus making a fool out of myself i'm pretty sure. She sat beside me and pulled out her makeup bag and a brush.

"What the hell, you bring this stuff to school?" 

"Hey! It's hard work being this beautiful and popular" she flung her long straight hazelnut hair over her shoulder and started wiping my face with baby wipes. "i always come prepared for emergencies... like this one! So thank me" she said while applying mascara.


Christie and i have actually known each other since primary school, only when we first met we absolutely detested each other. We made everything into a competition against each other and sometimes it was really just plain stupid. Like one time we both entered the bathroom but there was one empty stall and seriously neither one of us needed to go we just wanted to beat each other at something, so we both raced into it. I gotta say we always ended up tying and then arguing afterwards for hours until we lost our last breath. But when we grew older and a 'bit' more mature in the head, we came to realize that this whole thing was just ridiculous but laughed at our stupid battles and soon became the bestest friends, 2 years later that is.


"Hey umm, i was wondering if i could come over to your house tonight, so we could choose an outfit and do a makeover, not that we need one" she winked "and then go to Matt's party together since you live near him. " 

"Yeh sure. I could probably use your help anyway with the outfit and everything" I'm really bad with choosing nice clothes and doing my makeup, so it's always been Christie who's helped me out.

"Omg seriously you need my help" she said dramatically while finishing my makeup.

"yeh yeh.. you're the fashion queen and everyone thinks so" i said rolling my eyes.

"Everybody knows so" she gave me a mirror to look at her 'masterpiece' and she did a natural look. There was a dark shade of brown eye shadow on my eye lids and a black eye liner traced around my eyes making them pop out more. My eyes had the asian type look to them (naturally also) but of course i'm not asian. I'm polynesian which is why i also have dark skin and long thick wavy black hair (look at the cover girl). 

"I only did your eyes because, although i hate it, your skin doesn't need any foundation. You lucky zit free bastard." She said while giving me a light slap on the leg.

"I can't help the fact that i was born with heavenly skin" i said sneeringly 

"pfft bitch"

"you're a bitch"

I plugged one earphone in my right ear sharing the other with Christie and listened to a Nirvana playlist for the rest of the way to school.


*arriving at school*

"Okay well ciao bitch see ya after school" i said waving goodbye to Christie.

"what i'm not going to see you at lunch?" She said also waving back.

"nah i've got a Malwisky lecture to suffer so.."

"Oh yeh i heard, okay well check you later hun" she walking away.

I turned around to face forward but i bumped my head into someone's chest. 

"Oh shit sorry." i said rubbing my forehead.

"Did my huge chest hurt you, if so i apologize" i looked up to see O'Brien looking down on me.

"Pfffffft HA! More like your bony chest structure almost poked my eyeballs out." I said while poking him the chest.

"Ouch stop it!" he sulked.

"ohoh I'm so sorry did I hurt you? You poor girl" i said while sticking my bottom lip out and then laughed.

"Shut up" he pouted "Since when did you wear makeup?" he said turning my face with index finger and thumb grabbing my chin to face him. I slightly blushed and then i saw his face turn a sudden red once he realized how close our faces were but didn't move.

"When did you grow taller than me?" i said while slowly pulling his hand off my chin and walking off to my locker. I put in my code and opened the door putting my bag in the locker and getting the necessary. Biology book and... 

"hey do you think we have English class today?" I said turning to O'Brien who was still standing in the same spot rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. He looked up at me and walked over to me.

"Shit you're right. I wonder if she decided not to come today." I don't know why but he wouldn't lift his head up. I bend down to get into his eye sight so that he would at least see my face when i spoke to him. 

"Wanna go check out the absent list with me?" His eyes widened and he shook his head.

"uh yeah l-l-let's go" he stuttered and sped off and so I jogged to catch up with him. 

We made it to the front desk where we searched for Mrs Houndish's name on the Absent List hoping she was to frightened to come back or quit or even better got fired for the little 'assaulting' incident. 

"I don't see her name anywhere..." i kept searching but i couldn't find it anywhere. I then felt a sudden gaze on me, i turned facing O'brien and caught him staring at me. "...were you even looking for her name?" I said just staring into his light blue eyes making a light heat rush throughout my face changing my cheeks from light brown to a light red.  O'brien didn't break his stare from my eyes and i felt like he was coming closer and closer.

"I- um I was-um just.. loo-" I felt O'brien's hand stroke mine and his body crept up against mine. Wait. What the hell is going on right here? I was frozen shocked by the development here until i felt his other hand rise to my face and came to my senses.

"Wait -" I grabbed his arms but i was interrupted by Sprouse catching on in the whole situation.

"Sorry to disturb you guys but just a quick reminder that we are still at school." I saw more than a couple eyes turn their focus to us and started gossiping. My face flushed at the thought that other people just witnessed that scene. Ugh how embarrassing. I started messing around with my hair which is a habit of mine when i'm nervous or shy.

"Umm there was an eyelash on her face.." O'brien said loud enough for everyone to hear but it was quite obvious that that was not the case. Nice try O'Brien.

"Yeh sure" Sprouse didn't really seem to give a care in the world completely ignoring the ever so "crafty" and "original" excuse by O'Brien. "In case you guys were wondering, Mrs Houndish has already resigned so there's no English class today and also, Tezzy." I snapped back to reality


"The principal wants you to go see him at that time instead."

"But the meeting was supposed to be during lunch" i said confused.

"yeah umm.. I think he wants to give you some type of work to do viewing it is kind of your fault that she resigned."

"Oh fuck... Ok Thanks."

"But everyone loves you for it" Matt said appearing out of nowhere shooting both his index fingers at me and winking while walking away. "See you at the party!!"

We all just waved and smiled at him. I heard the first bell ring.

"Okay i'm off to biology. See ya" i felt so awkward saying goodbye and walking off. I entered class and as usual i went to the middle row seat nearest to the window. And straight up layed my eyes on the first distraction i could spot. I watched a group of birds all fly in the one direction.

Seriously. What the hell was that back there. That's never happened before, i mean never with O'Brien. We've always been close but not like that. I even felt my face turn into a strawberry and i'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat when i felt his touch on my bare skin.  Do i like him? No. Haha. No.... omg...I don't know. I'm probably just overthinking things. What if he really was trying to take an eyelash off my face but i just assumed otherwise. Yeah i'm just being silly.


*Bell rings signaling the end of biology class*


I immediately made my way to the principal's office hoping i wouldn't catch O'Brien coming out of his class even though i didn't quite understand why i was avoiding him since nothing happened... but yeah i just don't want to relive that awkward moment we had earlier. I rushed through the office shut the door behind me and peaked through the cracks of the curtains searching for any sign of him but he was nowhere in my sight. Phew.

"Nice of you to have made it, Teisha" I heard Mary in the background shuffling papers together before stapling them into place.

"Hmm? uh yeh t-the principal wanted to see me..?" I said walking up to her desk.

"He's waiting for you in his office" She directed me the way to the office with a whip of the head not taking her eyes off of the paperwork.

The door was already slightly opened but seeing i'm still a bit intimidated by Mr Malwisky i knocked on the door and walked in after the "You may enter Miss Campbell" i sat down quite nervous and i felt my head go blank. Usually i have a ton of different type of comeback scenarios running all around my head but this time they all seem to be too tired to function. My heart started pumping faster and faster by the second at the thought of what he's going to say to me.

"Okay Miss Campbell.. may i call you Teisha from here on out? You do come here quite often i must say. It's already a handful giving you daily lectures so shortening your name to one word would be a small help." He looked at me with his face angled downwards to the table and his eyes staring over his glasses barely hanging on his nose.

"Uh-u y-yeh sure" i couldn't stop tapping my leg

"'yes' would be better" he said rising his eyebrows keeping his eyes down onto his paperwork.

"Y-yes sir" I thought adding sir was a good choice.

"Aahhh excellent" got to stay on his good side.

"So, I'm pretty sure you have heard about Mrs Houndish's resignation by now since information travels fast in this school?"

"Umm yes i heard so"

"I believe it was the right choice. Mrs Houndish has come to an age where life catches up on you and the minor problems become major problems. You end up blaming other people for their action other than your own therefore her resignation benefits both her and the students' safety at this school. As we discussed yesterday, it was not the correct way to solving the situation. Although." I felt a sudden rise in temperature and sweat dropped down the sides of my face, "The way you treat teachers, especially in this case is almost unforgivable young lady. Disrespecting a teacher, no, any human being in this case, is a very low thing to do. You must reflect on your behavior and learn from your mistakes." I didn't have anything to say and i am certain that when i leave this room my head would be filled with things 'i should have said'. So i just nodded in agreement with a "yes sir" each time he finished a sentence.

"I'm going to save the rest of this conversation for later.. Right now i'm going to give you a job to do. I want you to go help out the lunch lady, Mrs Pellington prepare the canteen until your next class is due. I'll be coming over to check up on you to verify that you are well respecting the adults around you and my orders, are we clear?"

"Yes we're clear"

I left the office and made my way to the canteen.

"Hey Mrs P. I'm here to help out under principal's orders" I said sighing.

"You sure seem excited." I gave her the 'really?' sarcastic look making her roll her eyes. "Anyways, do you mind going to the back? There are boxes filled with food to bring here."


I walked through the kitchen towards the back in search for the boxes of food but i couldn't find them.

"Ummm.. There are no boxes here Mrs P!" 

"Oh yeah sorry! They're actually still at the front desk, do you mind?"

I sighed "Nope!"

I took my time going to the front desk trying to kill time so i wouldn't have to do much since i only got an hour. I wandered my eyes to the ground watching my feet as i continued to walk until i reached a new set of feet but i was too late to react and bumped into the person whom these feet belong to. Who happened to be the guy i was planning on avoiding for the rest of the day. O'Brien. My mind immediately ran through the scene from earlier this morning causing my face to heat up and my heart beat slowly rise.

"Oh h-h-hey! again" I felt so awkward and confused with myself. I don't understand why out of all the time i've known him i now become aware of him. It's all because of those weird moments we had!

"I've been looking for you.." He said tilting his head to the side like a shy little kid.

"W-what for?" Oh my gosh can i just act normal for pete's sake!

"I needed to talk to you... About this morning.."

"Ummm yeah! Thanks for r-removing the eyelash" I started laughing like an idiot. This is so uncool of me. 

O'brien shook his head while slightly smiling in disagreement. 

"Yeh umm.. there was no eyelash." Deep down inside i already knew that but refused to accept it. He took a step closer to me, i was going to back up but i was blocked by the lockers hitting my heels so i ended up standing up against them.

O'brien closed in even more putting his right hand on the lockers behind me right next to my head while looking down at the floor nervous.He brought his eyes back up and stared into mine. He wandered his eyes around every corner of my face and then bringing his other hand to my face brushing my cheek with his long fingers. At each brush my cheek grew a darker shade of red and my heart beat rose. 

"I can't hold back anymore..." he whispered approaching his lips to mine. He stopped at what felt like a millimeter away from my mouth with our noses rubbing against each other and his eyes were drawn to my lips. His hot breath blowing onto my lips sent electric vibes throughout my entire body. I wanted to eliminate that little space between our lips that kept me from kissing him though i was resisting and bit my lip in frustration mixed with temptation. Which i think may have triggered something in O'brien because he immediately pressed his lips against mine but ever so gently like he was trying to cherish the moment. His left hand moved from my cheek to the back of my neck pulling me in closer for him to get in better. Once again he carefully placed only the tips of his lips onto mine teasing me. It was like he was holding back, waiting for me to close the deal. I started coming back to my sense when i realised that our breathing was abnormal and heavy due to the tension. I backed up looking at him waiting for him return my gaze. And as he did i told him still breathing loudly:

"I..ummm need to get back.... to the lunch... lady.." Both breathing heavily we struggled to release ourselves from eachother and bring ourselves back to the real world.

O'brien stood silent and awkward as i started to walk towards the front desk. He began to leave also until he stopped, grabbed my arm forcing me to stop and asked:

"I'll see you at the party..?"

I nodded 'yes' in response. And he left with a smirk on his face.

I picked up the box of food at the front desk and returned to the canteen. For the rest of the day, even though i didn't come by O'brien my mind was filled with him and was constantly playing over the scenarios of this morning while at the same i was trying to figure out what exactly was going on and why all of the sudden. 

I guess things will be cleared out tonight.




Okay so umm this chapter is super long and i feel as though it's quite boring which is why i attempted to spice things up a little at the end.. Oh and i know it's with Dylan O'brien and 5sos hasn't yet made their appearance in the movella but don't worry! if you decide to continue reading you will soon find what you came for! ;)


And one last thing, i actually wrote another movella called 'Incidents' make sure to check it out! (personally i think it's a better story lol)



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