Guys why me?

She had been a big fan forever and then Luke and calum form a crush on her when they meet and then her and Luke start to become a couple and Calum is fine with it but when Luke invites her on tour Calum starts to form a bit of jealousy but no one finds out

And the fans start to hate on her will it be like to stick up for her or Calum

Read to find out


2. when the concert starts~chapter2

As I walked in I got a picket of chips, apple, chocolate bar and a bottle of water and while I was sitting in my front row seat and as I was drinking my water I saw the one and only 5SOS running through the isles playing what it seemed tips and I screamed louder then I ever have before and they all stopped and looked at me in shock "oh my gosh I am so sorry I didn't mean to scream it's just I loves you guys sooo much" I said with excitement but embarrassment.

As the boys looked at each other and grinned Luke said "it's ok sweetie" and my heart dropped. And all the boys got into a little group and started whispering to each other and Calum said "would you like to come backstage in out holding room with us considering we have like 3 hours until we're on stage" And clearly I was gonna say "YES OF COURSE I'D LOVE TO!!" And the boys giggled and led me to their room.

Luke's pov~

She was so beautiful with her long straight hair and beautiful green eyes. "Earth to Luke" Calum said "oh sorry just was thinking" I said trying to hide that I was staring at her Calum smiled at me clearly knowing that I like her. "So who's your bestfriend" I asked her trying to change the subject "we'll I don't really have many friend but I have my best friend in the world she's like a sister to me her names kaitlyn and my best (boy) friend in the world is Shannon he's like a brother to me" she said while smiling. God her smile was so cute! "So were are you from claire?" Calum asked "we'll I am from on of the worst places in Sydney" she giggled "and that place Mount Druitt~Shalvey" she said while laughing. " it's not really that bad I used to live near mount druitt " I said "yer and when we finish tour that's were we but most our our stuff at westfields" Calum said.

Calum's pov~

She was so beautiful with her long blondie brown straight hair and her green eyes. I thought to myself . "So I am a really big fan and I know you get this a lot but I love you guys soo much use are so perfect and always make me feel happy" she said and I felt a rush of happiness inside my body "well we don't really get it a lot actually but thank you so much and how do us idiots make you happy" luke said as we all laughed "we'll that's it use are idiots and it makes me laugh and the stuff you say is so funny and cute and when use sing use sound amazing and all of your smiles are amazing and I'm like most girls in the world who wish you guys would actually notice me as more than a fan" she said tearing up " you are more than a fan to us now your like a friend and now that tonight's our last concert until next year since we love pretty close we can hang out" Luke said as we all smiled and nodded. And her smile could light up NYC when she heard Luke say that "and I know it's kinda sad that we don't know our fans individually but we do love them all if we could meet them all 1 by 1 we would" Luke said.

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